I am crestfallen

I began the 2007 NFL season full of hope and great expectations.
Well hope and expectations just caught the 3:10 to Yuma.
Every year I do this to myself. Am I glutton for punishment? Or am I just an idiot?
You see my favorite team is the Arizona Caridnals. The Cardinals are the definition of bad. You could say they own real estate in the Black Hole of Suck.
They have had one winning season in the last 20 years.
Yes, that is correct. One.
It is like waiting for The Flock of Seagulls to have another hit.
Whoever said hope springs eternal can suck it.
Anyway they lost last night in heartbreaking fashion, and I mourn yet again.


  1. It's alright!! As long as you like watching them play. Heck, when there is no football to watch, I'll watch my cousins play football on Play Station, just to watch some tackles and interceptions.

  2. What I don't get is why the analysts keep thinking they're going to pull it together and win the division. Clearly Seattle is the class of the NFC West and is going to dominate once again this year... ;)

    I think they'll have some exciting games this year if Leinart ever pulls his head out and manages to get the ball to those receivers of his. I heard Orlando Pace is out for the season too though. That sucks.

  3. haha, but you are ever so hopeful which means you are a true fan :)

    Flock of Seagulls? what do you mean they are not cool? They are right up there with Asia :) hehe

  4. There is hope, Shife. I predict the Cardinals will have two winning seasons in the next twenty years.

    Good to see you're still in the blogging world.

  5. Hang in there Shife

    You really don't have much luck with athletic teams do ya?

  6. Hmmmm...I like the Giants. The suicide hotline may be busy when you call...

  7. maybe it's just karma for relocating the franchise?

  8. I am mourning football this season too. The Eagles will surely shit the bed as they always due. My beloved Fighting Irish already cost me alot of coin from their 2 losses!

  9. You'll get through it. I heard a grown man cry over the Bears game. I didn't know what to say. What do you say?

  10. Anonymous9/13/2007

    Hope does spring eternal. I'm a Saints fan.

  11. As a lifelong Saints fain you ain't gonna get much sympathy from me. Sure they Saints were good last year but they sure looked like hammered dog shit last week and most other years as well.

  12. i think you should stop watching sports and spend more time watching me.


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