Happy Anniversary

I usually devote this space to my idiotic ramblings and sometimes amusing anecdotes, but today this blog of mine is dedicated to the most important person in my life, my lovely wife. Today is our third wedding anniversary, and on this day three years ago you made me the happiest person in the world. So Mrs. Shife here is your first surprise on our anniversary.

To My Wonderful Wife
Mrs. Shife

How do I begin to tell you how lucky I am
to have you in my life?
I'll start by saying what a gift you gave me
the day you became my wife.

You're my best friend in the good times
and my rock in times of sorrow.
You're the reason for sweet yesterdays
and my promise for tomorrow.

I never thought I could feel this loved
until you became my wife.
You made this year and every year
the best one of my life.

Love always,
Mr. Shife


  1. What a sweet poem and tribute to your wife! :) Happy Anniversary to you both! To many more!

  2. Dude! I can't believe somone actually married you. Cours'e i often think the same thing about myself.

    Congrats and nice poem. I have my tenth anniversary next month.

  3. Congrats you two!! In 14 more years you'll catch up with us.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. Congrats to you both.
    Mrs. Taylor and I are about two weeks away from our second anniversary. Which reminds me, I need to figure out something to do for her. Mind if I change a few words on that poem and give it to her?? (Just Kidding).

  5. congratulations on picking a good one.

    any idiot can get lucky and pick a good one but it takes a wise man to realize he has a good one and appreciate her.

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary! that is a lovely poem Mr.Shife. you have a very lucky lady in your life indeed. and we, as your loyal fams are thrilled to know that you are indeed happy...

  8. What a great way to show your love. Happy Anniversary! :)

  9. Hope you had a splendid anniversary! What a sweet tribute to Mrs. Shife! Best wishes to both of you.


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