Sorry this is not a post about dropping a deuce. But if that is your thing feel free to check this out. It makes you wonder how you made it this far in life without a Bathroom Louie. That is all the research I can do without running across something really disgusting.

Well today’s topic is about me. I ran a half-marathon last year, and was disappointed in how I finished. It took me two hours to run 13.1 miles, and I knew I could do a lot better. So I ran another one this past weekend and finished in 1:39.21, which is a lot more satisfactory to me and the fat basset. FB, as he likes to be called in the training world, is a pretty demanding coach and he has been telling me to get my stinkin’ mind right for a long time. And how did I celebrate completing my run? Well I actually cried almost. I got a blood blister underneath my toenail and it hurt a lot. Not as much as riding a bike with the seat missing down a bumpy street, but it still hurt. And it did not hurt as much as getting an Ambushed Paddington on your favorite teddy bears. Just in case you were wondering.

Seriously look in that teddy's bears eyes. He is just begging for an Ambushed Paddington. It is like he is taunting you. That frickin' evil stuffed fake bear.


  1. Ohh that explains why Quincy* was at our house, he was training! Glad you did better the second time around.

    * I know it's not Quincy, it's the neighbor's FB Daisy.

  2. Congrats on finishing the marathon. I was thinking of running one. I just don't know how to get started. My buddy advised, just start running and building up stamina. I know however, there is more to it than that.

  3. Bathroom Louie would bring some class to my crapper.

  4. I would never even consider running a marathon...ever. You have my respect for that. I decided a long time ago that athletic endeavors of any kind, aren't really my thing.

  5. Anonymous8/21/2007

    ohhhh congrats on improving your time!!! you worked hard!! woohoo

  6. "dropping a deuce" = dropping some friends off at the pool.

    I think your bear needs some Zanax.

    PS stop by my blog and read "Why I Read Your Blog."

  7. Wow that's cool good job shife! I have no desire to ever run a half marathon, you're a better man then me.

  8. weird. i thought i already commented on this post... hmm, must be the brain damage.
    i think you know this about me already, but i don't even run to my car. good for you though...on all your runnin n stuff

    i am very confused why no one has even mentioned the bear. he's evil. trust me, he's one happy bear that he doesn't live in my house. i'd go straight for the eye shot. (by the way, i was really glad you specified stuffed fake bear you know, opposed to those stuffed real bears.)

    sweet blood blister under the toe action dude. ouch.

    oh ya, and the bumpy road no seat thing- that's how i became a woman. lol

    now that i have officially trashed up your blog(you're welcome), i will leave.

  9. you're a hero. improved tiem AND a blood blister? props (am i the only person in this century who uses that word? i'm such a nerd). but thoroughly impressed. yeah... wow. and my excuse next time when i don't crack 2 hours? i'm not trying to get a blood blister.

    the things i learn here... bathroom louie?


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