Random Acts of Shifeness

  • I spent Thursday afternoon at one of the local parks because my department was having a teambuilding day. One of the activities we played was badminton. Someone suggested that we should play left-handed. I thought why not. I attempted to hit the badminton left-handed. I missed. But my follow-through connected squarely with my cash and prizes. I hit myself in the balls with a badminton racquet. Oh what a feeling.
  • Man I want to be an astronaut. Not only do you get to wear diapers, but evidently you can also get hammered while you are flying around in space. The story is right here. Talk about the right stuff. Your new space shuttle name is Buzz. Why Buzz? Why not!
  • I now pronounce you stupid. I saw the latest Adam Sandler movie “Chuck and Larry” last weekend. It was pretty unsatisfactory. It had a few laugh out loud moments but for the most part it sucked. So that is strike two on the movies I was looking forward to watching. First I was disappointed by “Knocked Up,” and now this one. “SuperBad” is my last hope.
  • I got the good news this week that I get to get my wisdom teeth pulled in August. I know you are all incredibly jealous. Please don’t envy me.
  • Not much else to say except have a good weekend and enjoy the cartoons.


  1. see, here is a perfect example of a major cultural difference between you and me. you say BAD-mitten. I say bad-min-ton. However, I guess considering the topic of conversation...your mitten was bad. very, very, bad. ouch.

    wisdom teeth pulled hey? well lets hope they aren't the secret to your sense of humour....like the dude who cut his hair and was just wiped because it was the secret to his strength.

  2. I'm drunk right now. Why can't astronauts give into the drink now and then? People are so judgemental of us, and by us I mean high funtioning alcoholics

  3. holy dick and balls comics batman!

    sorry to hear about your experience with the racquet by the way. that's what you get for listening to those coworkers. hopefully someone had the foresight to videotape it though so you can at least win some money on america's funniest home videos or something.

  4. I actually had a half gallon of orange juice fall off a shelf and hit me in the balls once. It took probably a half hour to recover.

  5. Great temperature gage thingy.
    I don't think badminton should be played no matter what the circumstances.

  6. i hear the tooth fairy pays a fortune for wisdom teeth.

    general anesthesia or dreamland?

  7. Anonymous7/29/2007

    Hahaha "cash and prizes!!" and you earned them right in front of your co-workers, how awesome! LOL

    Sorry to hear bout your wisdom teeth :(

    Tks for the laughs as always :)

  8. I certainly hope I never get the card that says Bangkok while playing charades.

  9. Anonymous7/31/2007

    hmmm I'll just wait and rent the chuck and larry movie. I kind of want to see that movie HotRod when it comes out.

    Good luck with the wisdom teeth. That was such a great experience for me!!! LOL

  10. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the wisdom teeth!


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