Might as well

  • I might be inclined to watch this upcoming new show on NBC called “Journeyman” if it was about a guy who traveled back in time to try and save Journey from breaking up. Unfortunately, it is about something else. Don’t stop believin’.
  • I might have a man crush on David Beckham.
  • I might have huge arms in 8 weeks. At least that is what the Muscle & Fitness magazine I bought told me on the cover.
  • I might be watching gay porn, err, “300,” this week as it is now out on DVD.
  • I might be a giant.
  • I might be wearing Aqua-Man underoos and a trucker hat that says “I Brake For Clam Bakes.”
  • I might be taking a break from Diet Coke.
  • I might have read the fat basset’s personal journal. His latest entry said – What gets me hot: Country ham, farting into the heating system, and rubbing against Granny’s leg while she naps.


  1. Ooh, so which is it? I'm going with the David Beckham thing. That dude is smokin' hot, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

  2. I thought your man crush was on the Hoff because he has body hair.

  3. I bought "300" as well. I haven't watched it yet, but that means I can delete the file I downloaded back in April.

  4. Anonymous8/01/2007

    Beckham is hot.

    I want to see that new show this fall on CBS called Cane with Jimmy Smits http://www.cbs.com/primetime/cane/ Looks pretty good.

  5. I'll be watching the porn this weekend. Would it be gay porn for me as well?

  6. Hmm I heard Andy Roddick interviewed about muscle and fitness when he was on the cover, they airbrushed him.

    What nonsport does Beckham participate in again? I think the spice girls reunion will last longer then his popularity in the states.

    that's all have a good day Shife

  7. there must be more than one david beckham. the one i saw on tv looked like a real momma's boy. wouldn't even play with a mildly sprained ankle.

    now zinedine zidane, he can play.

  8. 300 does look very Gay. I took my shirt off and rubbed oil on my chest while I watched it.

  9. Journeyman? Can we say - Quantum Leap??? But that *might* be cool to reunite Randy J and Steve P et al!

    Bend it, Shife!

  10. you still don't have my undivided attention.

  11. Anonymous8/07/2007

    hahahaha oh man how does your wife ever keep a straight face?! you crack my chit up :P

    i read that Journeyman completely wrong, I was like "no way, that would kick ass!" haha


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