Reunion recap

I guess I owe you guys a few tidbits from my fraternity (and that is a picture of my fraternity house at U of I) reunion. So this is what I learned:
  • Drinking all day long is a young man’s game. My friend and I started at about noon and both of us were done by 11 pm.
  • Sweet Linclon’s mullet! Hangovers can last longer than 3 days. I finally detoxed about Wednesday.
  • Sleeping in the back of an SUV is not as glamorous as it may sound. I did not have a key to the hotel room, and my buddy who did had disappeared. So I thought I would just wait in the car for him. Well the next thing I know it is 4 am and I am sprawled out in the back sleeping on a stack of cabinet shelves that we were hauling back down to Boise. I really enjoyed that 9 ply Baltic Birch. I am thinking of replacing my mattress with twigs, sticks, and whatever wood products I can find.
  • It turns out three of us ended up sleeping in the same motel parking lot. And two of us were calling each other all night long not knowing that we were only separated by two parking spots. When I say two of us I mean me and my other dummy of a friend.
  • No matter how old you are you still act like an idiot college kid when you come back to your school and have way too much to drink. One of my friends climbed up to a sorority’s roof just so he could take a dump up there. Another guy tried to jump a stolen scooter off a ramp but he fell off the edge of the jump and knocked himself out cold because he planted his face on some concrete steps. He was taken to the emergency room at 4 am, and his blood alcohol content was .25, which is about three times the legal limit.
  • Somebody always ends up going to jail. Only one guy this time, and he just had to spend Friday night in the drunk tank.
  • You can’t believe you lived with 55 guys for 4 years during college. And you really can’t believe you lived in your fraternity because it smells like beer and ass.
  • You are really glad you lived with 55 guys for 4 years during college because you will be friends with a lot of them forever.

And Mrs. Shife and I are spending a week in beautiful, historic, scenic, and iconic Central Illinois so you may not hear from me for about 10 days. I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, safe travels, and I will talk to you soon.


  1. Have a great holiday with Mrs. Shife. Wasn't in a fraternity, but my brother was--and I always enjoy the stories he tells.

  2. HAHA that's funny you were only separated by 2 parking spots.

    You should head to Indiana and hang with Nutz and i! how much fun would that be, ok don't answer that for real!

    Have a GREAT vacation

  3. Anonymous5/25/2007

    oh that is friggin awesome :P ya me and my friends did an end of semester crawl - started at 830 am and lasted until 10 pm - i had it about 630pm - it was awesome though :)

    thanks for the graphic recap - im lmao

    the house looks like it belongs in Germany for Oktoberfest ;)

    Have a great weekend

  4. beauty! thanks for the memories.

    noon to 11 pm consumption is nothing to be sneezed at.

  5. Anonymous5/26/2007

    p.s. the crawl was 2 weeks ago - so i know how you're feelin ;) hehe

  6. awe, poor mr.shife. so tired and drunk and uncomfortable sleeping on wood. this story made me cry a little. someone needs to watch your back more.

    the 2 car stall spot thing is so freaking funny. i am going to sniker about it on and off all day

  7. I wanted to say that I wish I lived with 55 guys for 4 years but that's really so slutty. I lived with some of my sorority sisters in Uni and all I can say is that I am glad I didn't live with 55 women for 4 years. Imagine all our hormones acting up all at the same time.

  8. I opted out of the college/Fraternity option. Went for a term in the Air Force and one of the main things I learned there was how to drink..

  9. Oh, the memories that post brought back :) The drunk revelry that, these days, would probably kill me. Or at least put me on the list for a liver transfusion.

    Have a wonderful time in Central Illinois!

  10. I don't think I could have drunk like that ever! Unless I was nursing a drink for about 5 hours at a time!!

    What a great house though! Too bad about the beer and ass smell. Perhaps febreze would work? :D

    The guy that ended up in jail wasn't you, was it Shife?!

    Glad to hear you had a great time. Have an even better (and relaxing) time with Mrs. Shife!

  11. I wouldn't have survived a sorority! It's bad enough to deal with your own hormones. Sounds like you had a great time. Have a nice vacation!

  12. Anonymous5/29/2007

    wow Central IL! I hope you and Mrs Shife have a great get away!

  13. Wow, Central Illinois! Gorgeous! The sunshine state! Enjoy yourselves!

  14. HAHA funny comment duck

  15. they took everthing! even the stuff we didn't steal!

  16. Enjoy the travels.

    And dude: Two parking spots? Wow....

  17. ROTFLMAO!!! Sounds like a great reunion and have fun with Mrs Shife on vacation!!!

  18. mr shife, throughout college i wanted to be in a fraternity but apparently not being a guy kept me out. so much coller than sororities i thought but i never considered the beer an ass smells...

    hope you have a super fab vacation with mrs shife.

    this morning tried to run at your half marathon speed. i am now in greater awe.

    san francisco has an awesome half marathon in july. and i can tell you that on the day you will run miles more than you ever thought you could.

  19. Reminds me of my fraternity days. As an alum, I try not to hang around the house. When I was 19/20 years old, I didn't want some 30-something hanging out with us.

    Central IL? Sounds nice. I travel in that part quite often. It's Norman Rockwell-ish.

  20. Glad you had fun with the frat boyz. Next time you have to step it up and spend a night in the drunk tank.


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