The Taxman Cometh Again ...

and taketh another large chunketh out of my ass.

By the beard of Zeus, the IRS is a cock juggling thunder cunt.
Well we were expecting it, but it turned out to be worst-case scenario.
So I am going to make the best of it.
I put my cell phone on vibrate, put it between my legs, and I have called myself 89 times this morning.
I gotta go.
I think my phone wants to cuddle again.


  1. ahh...the vibrating cellphone between the legs trick. that's how i be lovin' all my long distance ladies.

  2. I feel your pain! The taxman was not kind to me at all this year. :(

  3. The three constants in life; death, taxes, and somehow being screwed on taxes.

  4. Sorry to hear that buddy. You could always just try not paying your taxes. That seems to work for a very large amount of people over here. And no, I'm not joking. I know this from working with the tax department over here. Well, I am joking about you not paying your taxes, but whatever. Sounds like you need to change your exemptions though. Unless you already have and you're still owing a ton. Then I don't know what to say.

  5. I will feel your pain next year. Our last exemption is leaving the tax shelter this June. We was told, change exemptions or else. I don't want to know what the "or else" is.

  6. wow this is a sexual post

  7. i feel your pain.

    i started looking at mine today and put everything away until tomorrow.

    filing taxes is like digging your own grave. it ain't right.

    at least the taxman should dig the hole for us.

  8. Just make sure the cell phone doesn't burst into flames from overuse.

  9. At least you have a cell phone to turn too! eh? I actually was lucky I got a refund. I will split it with you if you like?

  10. It's really an insult to cock-juggling thundercunts everywhere that you call the IRS by that name. The cell phone thing made me LMAO-- then I saw jamwall's comment and I snorted... if a woman snorts alone in a room and no one hears it, is it still a snort??? BTW, if it makes you feel better, I still haven't even started my taxes.

  11. hahaha you just made me choke on my coke - if that makes sense - good thing i spit up while no one was around

    i feel your pain - im still putting it off - thought i would bring the stuff out here with me to indiana on trip - but then i saw I have until the 17th to keep my money from the internal recking service ;)

  12. Anonymous4/17/2007

    Yeah, I received my annual ass raping without lube, myself.

    Uncle Sam can be a real cocksucker.

    I am trying that cell phone trick asap...


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