Random Acts of Shifeness

  • I got a visit from the acne fairy this week. Evidently I ordered the Frankenstein starter kit because I got one on the side of my neck that I swear was going to transform into one of those bolts that Frankie had.
  • I really don’t care about “Dancing with the Stars,” but if they decided to make a show called “Lap Dancing with the Stars” then it might become part of my regularly scheduled programming. Well as long as Mrs. Shife said it was cool.
  • Half-marathon training update – 5 weeks to go until the race, and I am running 9 miles tonight.
  • I will be the first to admit that I was really, really, and I mean really, unhappy with Lost when it returned after its 3-month break. But the show has really found itself again and I am liking it a lot. I also started watching another show called The Riches which I find fascinating as well.
  • And do you know you can’t tickle yourself? Go ahead and try it.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I just started training for a half marathon. It's next year at Virginia Beach.
    I'm not up to anything real yet--just two miles without getting tired. I'm still fat though.

  2. I still have yet to watch Lost, despite it's constant references to Tallahassee. But I have seen The Riches, and I definitely liked what I saw. It's weird to see Eddie Izzard without mascara and blush, but it's a good show.

  3. great idea about the lap dancing. maybe you should start a write in campaign.

  4. i have a concept show in mind called "snorting housepaint with the stars...then going out for a lapdance."

    so far, charlie sheen and colin farrell have signed up.

  5. Anonymous4/21/2007

    i hear ya bout the acne - im on 2 medications, wait, make that 3 for some mid-life acne that has taken hold of my face - good thing chicks can wear makeup ;)


  6. Anonymous4/21/2007

    You are making mountains out of mole hills. =D

  7. let's not even discuss acne. ugh. and they said it end once i was no longer a teenager. a believe no one any more!

    so which half marathon are you running in? i am off to cincinnati for the flying pig in a couple of weeks but really excited about san fran in july. i got injured training a few months ago and just have not been the same since... but i keep hope alive. my ultimate dream? new york. then i'll probably never run again.

    kudos to you. the 6 miles i did today nearly killed me.

  8. Way to go on your marathon training! I have been loving Lost since it's return. Only four more episodes this season. Do you think next season will be it's last??? Also they canceled Black Donnelly's...so sad. Oh well. Have a good day!

  9. I have to agree Lost seems to finally be getting this season together. I missed a few shows prior to the hiatus and didn't really worry about it. Now I'll have to either download them or get the DVD when it comes out.

  10. Happy Birthday Shife!

    (by the way i'm so glad your Frankenstein bolt is gone-I think it would have interferred w/ last night's game. You and Frankenstein would have been the only ones able to fit in the outfield!)

  11. I'm in the midst of an acne flareup. I feel your pain!


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