Pardon the Pun

Sorry about the lack of posts but I just regained consciousness from a Nyquil-induced coma. Sweet Linclon's mullet that stuff is wicked. I have never spent time in a Native American sweat lodge but after basking in all of Nyquil’s goodness I am pretty certain those little green pills are the equivalent. But on to more important matters …

I have a dilemma that maybe you can help me with it. I am playing co-ed softball and I am trying to come up with a team name. There are three finalists and would like to know which one is your favorite.

  • Ambushed Paddington – This term has been mentioned a few times here but I have it linked it in case you don’t remember.
  • Scared Hitless – A pun on the phrase scared shitless.
  • With Ourselves – So if you someone says “Who do you play this week?” the person’s response would be “We play With Ourselves.”

And let’s keep the fun rolling. Here is your 30 Rock quote of the day:

Jack: Steven's good man he's on partner track at Dewey and he's a Black.

Liz: A black that's offensive.

Jack: No, no. That's his name. Stephen Black... good family. Remarkable people the Black's, musical, very atheletic, not very good swimmers. Again I'm talking about the family. Black is African-American though.

Liz: Well I don't care about that.


  1. With Ourselves--it's a perfect name. And not so obvious.

  2. I like Scared Hitless.

    What about The One Hitters?

  3. Anonymous3/13/2007

    I vote for With Ourselves.

    That rocks.

    Nyquil is liquid evil. I hallucenate on that shit. Don't take it unless I am near death. Crazy ass dreams from it too.

  4. One week until the new RCPM album comes out!! I've been listening to all their albums again to build up the hype. I'm so excited!! What about you? Did you preorder? Are you going to their concert in Boise on April 4th?

  5. ooo I like: Scared Hitless!! LoL Keep me posted on the decision! How is the marathon training going?

  6. How about the name "Nads"? Then when people cheer you on from the sidelines, they can shout out, "Go Nads!". Hahahaha...or maybe that's just me. Also, it's reassuring to know I'm not the only person who gets high off cough medicine.

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  8. I going to have to throw my vote in for Scared Hitless. I once played on a team called "The Untouchables", and I think that meant we never touched home plate.
    And believe it or not, my brain bowl team in high school was called "The Nads", simply so our rallying cry could be "Go Nads!". When we actually won, they changed our name to "The Nas" on the school's announcements.

  9. Yes, "With Ourselves" is the name. You've got it wrong in your post though as "With Yourselves". That wouldn't work quite as well.

    As for the 30 Rock quote, it starts out funny, but I don't understand why she says she doesn't care about that. Am I stupid? What doesn't she care about? Is that the point? Bleh, this is probably why I don't watch the show.

  10. OOO i vote for with ourselves, that's hilarious you can't lose with it! Scared Hitless is funny too though.

  11. actually it would just be "ourselves"

  12. I'm gonna have to go with "With Ourselves". That is just to cool to pass up.

  13. Anonymous3/14/2007

    Great, so now you fix your error, and I look like a tool for pointing it out because now it's not there and blogger doesn't allow people to edit their own comments. thanks a lot mrshife, thanks a lot.

    oh, and no your comment didn't come across as mean-spirited, but since you asked, that makes me think that you did mean it as mean-spirited, so now i'm confused.

  14. My grandma calls every group of people The ------. As in: The Gays.

  15. How about Shared Scitless? As in "when Fiona is up to bat we'll all be shared scitless... No? Ok.

    How about we could be "The Blacks?" hee hee.

  16. i vote for with ourselves. we've all played with ourselves at one time or another.

    maybe the 30rock guys can replace the dems and debate this point on the fox network.

  17. Your bracket is up on my blog, good luck!

    Since I am commentig twice I am voting again because I couldn't decide this time I vote for
    Scared Hitless!

  18. Anonymous3/15/2007

    haha I like em but I think the most flattering to your own team would be "With Ourselves" I dig it. Alot. :P

  19. I'm sorry I missed this! I would have gone with "With Ourselves." Makes for quite a better pun/joke. Even more so if the person saying it, doesn't get it!!!! :D

  20. Anonymous3/28/2007

    I came here for the 30 Rock quote. Nice blog.


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