Wishful thinking

So imagine, if you will, that you just won $5,000 from the lottery. What would you do?

  • Pay off bills
  • Take a vacation
  • Buy a really big TV
  • Rent out a movie theatre and watch “The Big Lebowski” for 3 straight days
  • Amass a midget army and take over a McDonald’s play-land
  • Sing a duet with your favorite “Baywatch” star
  • Get a subscription to USA Today for about 27 years
  • Get some hookers and some blow
  • Book the world’s greatest live disco band … twice
  • Give yourself bigger equipment … if you know what I mean

Well these are just some suggestions but I would love to hear what you would do?

As for me, I do like the idea of gathering a midget army, but I think I would book a vacation anywhere Mrs. Shife wanted to go.


  1. We're currently in this situation, sort of, with our tax return. We will either be paying off a credit card, or perhaps buying a new couch and/or mattress. Pretty exciting, huh?

  2. I'm with The Duck.
    My debt to income ratio is pathetic lately.
    I would have to pay off bills.

    What I would WANT to do would have a shopping spree in my favorite store: Borders.
    Tons of books and music cds.
    Any and everything I wanted.

    Oh . . oh . . heaven.

  3. I would use it to pay off one of my student loans. Sigh. But it's a nice thought.

  4. Midget armies are really expensive. Have you priced them lately?

  5. Who or what would you invade with the midget army? What would they be armed with? I think a few would have to have big-ass maces they could barely swing around.

  6. I would build a time machine and rule the world!

  7. I would definitely go on vacation= but first I'd buy a sweet Dig cam to take awesome pics while away- somewhere I wouldn't usually be able to afford like going to China, Thailand Vietnam and Australia.Yeah that would be awesome.

  8. Anonymous2/07/2007

    hahaha i cant believe that is on ebay, wait is that real?! lol $5,000 is not enough to dent my debt, so fug it...me and J would go to New Zealand baby - thats what I'm talkin bout! :)

  9. Well I would love to win $5,000. I would pay off some debt and I've always wanted to go to Mexico!

  10. Anonymous2/08/2007

    Did you, the wife and Quincy win the lottery?

    To me it is found money, play money in a way, so I would do something or buy something for my friends and family.

    I do this when I win money in Vegas

  11. How many hookers will $5,000 buy anyway???

  12. Buy enough used equipment to start a pirate radio station or perhaps buy myself a night with Dirk Benedict.

  13. I would bring all my nephews and nieces and young cousins to Toys R Us and let them go apeshit!!

  14. Are you trying to tell us you won 5,000$? I only play the big money games shife haha

    I would probably rent out the US Open tennis complex and invite mr federer for a match!

  15. Well, single Jon would have said "hookers and blow". But married Jon would have to say amass the midget army.

  16. Congrats to the Tar Heel men, Duke on the bubble perhaps?

  17. The Heels pulled it out even though they didn't play that well. But a win over Duke is awesome no matter what. And Duke does have a tough road to hoe but I think they will get in just on their heritage.

    Also, since you were the second person to ask, no I did not win the lottery. Just wishful thinking.

  18. i'd buy the lovely mrs myshkin a one way ticket to the south pole. if there was any money left over, i'd throw in a propane heater.

  19. A trip to Jackpot with KnitTech and our friends, a trip to Costco (The 200 dollar store) for meat to grill, and palet of briquettes. Yea I would be happy.

  20. I would invest it and make millions off of it....I could do that, couldn't I??? :D

  21. There will be a continuous showing of BL at a party next month on March 9th. http://www.thelebowskifoundation.com/ It's not an entire weekend's worth of continuous showing -- just 8 PM - 1 AM -- but it's a start!


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