At a loss for words category – If you happen to be stuck in hell and someone pisses you off, can you really tell them to go to hell?
If you work at a hotcake store and business is booming, can you still describe it as selling like hotcakes?

In case you care category – I am up to 6 miles in my training. My mile pace is about 7:40 so if everything stays cool I should be able to finish the half-marathon in about 105 minutes.

In case you wondered category – I don’t care that Britney shaved her head but I can only imagine that the number of psychiatrists giving their expert opinion on TV is going to go through the roof this week.

Will you still respect me in the morning category – If I wore sweats to the mall that had “JUICY” written across the butt?

It might be a cinematic masterpiece categoryReno 911 the movie opens on Friday, and I will boldly predict that it will be the greatest movie ever with Reno in the title.

And finally in the do you need some Hoff news category.


  1. I would not know what it said on your sweats becuase I don't stare at men's butts.

  2. i stumbled onto a picture of deputy williams in a bathing suit. i can't describe the picture but it would probably inspire rodney dangerfield.

    i'm afraid to see the movie now.

  3. sounds like someone's awfully defensive there regarding men's butts. and by someone i mean "big" ben... ;)

    does anyone really want their butt described as "juicy" anyway? sounds to me like a condition that should be discussed in hushed voices with a pharmacist two towns away.

    that's a good mile time by the way. i wouldn't be able to keep up that pace. good on ya.

  4. Anonymous2/19/2007

    I can't wait to see the Reno movie!

    I love my Juicy Couture pants. I have a bikini that says Juicy across the ass too... you can borrow it :)

  5. I think Juicy only belongs on a chick's butt.

  6. Anonymous2/19/2007

    ya I guess we have seen Britney shave everything now - not much left to the imagination with that girl anymore - i almost feel sorry for her but then again she has money comin out of her shaved....ummm yeaaaa....

    im going to start running/jogging in mornings before work - i used to run years ago - now i hope i dont get shin splints again - that was a bitch

  7. How can that be juicy? She doesn't have an a$$ at all?

  8. Awesome on your training for the mini!!! When is the day? Also, I think you should get some Juicy sweats and model them. But anyway, I never understood why people wear clothes with words on their bum...draws too much attention esp if they have a big bum!

  9. I've certainly been waiting for the Reno 911 movie. I've been a fan of a few of the cast members ever since the days of The State.
    And I don't pretend to understand the whole "writing on the ass" pants. I'm afraid mine would say "None at all".

  10. Not being a person who does any of that "running" stuff, is 105 minutes good?

    Considering some of the stories I have read on your blog, I'm way more surprised you haven't worn a pair of sweats with juicy on the bottom.

  11. the hoff is turning up everywhere lately!

    Do you really think you can pull off sweats that say juicy?

  12. Huh...that's a little to K-Fed for me.

  13. The workings of your mind manage to amuse, confuse and bemuse me.

  14. I can't say what's more disturbing, you really anxious to see Reno or the fact that the Hoff is starring in "The Producers!?!?!" Crazy!


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