Random Acts of Shifeness

  • In case anyone is interested, the fat basset is doing well. He visits the vet Tuesday, and hopefully the doc will give Quincy the clearance to go out on his own. For the last 7 weeks, we (and when I say we I mean mostly Mrs. Shife) have had to take him out when he visits the great outdoors to relieve himself. So if he gets the OK, he can start using his doggie door again. Boy aren't you glad you came to the blog for this exciting bit of news.

  • Evidently I hate myself because I started training for a half-marathon again. I ran 5 miles Saturday, and in 16 weeks I will be running in my second half-marathon.
  • I love movies, but I have not been to the theater in awhile. Nothing has really caught my eye and inspired me to fork over $10 bucks. But there are two films on the horizon that I will be seeing for sure -- Reno 911: Miami and 300.

  • I talked about this before, and maybe it is because I have been to our local mall more often than usual, but I am really tired of seeing teen's underwear. I know I am older and maybe I have turned a little conservative as I matured but I just don't need to see Robby's pants around his knees so his exposed Fruit of the Looms make me want to kick him in the nuts. Or I don't need to see Suzy's g-string running halfway up her back because her pants are so low. I don't think it is unreasonable that when I see you are using your undergarments as a fashion statement that I can just walk up and cut the waist band with a pair of scissors.

  • I have discovered a new show on ABC that I am enjoying, "The Knights of Prosperity." Unfortunately, one of my least favorite people, Dustin Diamond aka Screech, will be guest starring on a recent episode. Now if that dude happened to get anally assaulted by a herd of wild monkeys plagued with rabies and scurvy, I would not be too upset about it.

Have a great day, and I almost forgot to mention what happened to our house. We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture.


  1. i am almost dying to see 300. i mean really... dying. i cant wait. CANT WAIT!!!!!!

    stop making mrs shife do all the work. its very unbecoming in a man who regularly wears a toupee to make his woman do all the work.

    take it from me... im not a real suzy homemaker.. i just play one on tv.

  2. Okay, if you're old, then I am, too. I can't deal with the underwear thing! I don't want to see it!! If I did, I would buy you a drink and take you to my house.

    I'm so glad Quincy is doing well! And you're my hero for the running thing! Seriously. I made this semi-New Year's resolution to write 40 minutes a day, read 40 minutes a day and perform cardio 40 minutes a day. Yeah, it lasted until the family emergencies started hitting.

    I couldn't run 5 miles if I was tied to a car and my life depended on it.

  3. I pulling for ya Quincy.
    I wish malls would have a dress code.
    No underwear hanging out.
    School have it.
    We should start a no underwear hanging out ban.
    You know like the no smoking ban.
    That just erks me I wonder what they would say if I walked around like that.
    OMG I don't even want to think about that. YIKES

  4. Hi Mr Shife
    I am glad to hear about Quincy, that's great!

    My brother in law was just talking to me today about The Knights of Prospertity. I had never heard of it haha.

    I hate going to the movies, and generally don't go, but I can't wait til the Simpsons Movie comes out.

  5. 300? Really you guys? The thing looks way too full of special effects to me. Everyone in it looks like they're out of a video game commercial or something. It sounds like it's a pretty good story, but the visuals are turning me off. Although that's probably the reason most people want to see it, so I guess I'm just weird.

  6. Yeah for Quincy!!! Pretty soon him and Roxie can play! woohoo

    I just seen Smokin' Aces Friday night. It was okay. I'm not into Heros anymore....I lost interest.

  7. The Reno 911 movie is about the only one I'm interested in. And I didn't even know it was coming out until last week.

  8. Wanna see 300 and Reno 911. I'm sure you'll see them way before I do, so you'll need to do a review.

    Happy for Quincy....

  9. Good for Quincy!!!
    I want to train for a marathon,but I've been quite lazy lately. Maybe it's all the doritos I've been consuming. There must be something in them.

  10. count me in for 911. i hope they get a jet ski and truck full of fireworks.

  11. Glad to hear that Quincy is getting better. The Reno 911 movie looks like it will be good. Its tough to find ones I'm willing to pay to see. Especially when if you wait 3 months you can buy it on DVD for the price it would cost to go see it in the theater with the wife..

  12. here's another way to think of this issue: If there were no undies, then you'd be seeing crack! which is the lesser of the two evils??? :D


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