The Best of 2006

So here are my picks for the best of 2006. Let me know what you think, and if you want you can even tell me what you think rocked in that year wedged between 2005 and 2007.

Best new TV show -- I really liked 30 Rock but I had to go with Heroes.

Best movie -- I thought Borat was awesome, but Little Miss Sunshine won me over.

Best musical discovery -- I had heard of Tenacious D but I never heard any of their music until this past year. And I am a huge fan of the D now. These guys rock.

Best food discovery -- Sushi. The thought of raw fish going down my throat has always sounded disgusting but I gave it a shot in '06 and I was hooked.

Best sex move -- Ambushed Paddington.

Best moment -- It was pretty awesome when the Cardinals won the World Series, but I enjoyed it more when I pulled off Mrs. Shife's surprise 30th birthday party. It took months of planning and secrecy but I did it and my lovely wife had no clue.

Best Musical -- David Hasselhoff: The Musical. I swear I can't make this stuff up.

Best Divorce -- Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

Best Dog -- Quincy

Best Best Western -- Follow the link

Best Movie about Bowling -- For the ninth year in a row, The Big Lebowski

Best Blog Reader -- You

Best Time to End This List -- Probably right now. See you later!


  1. I remember seeing bad review for Tenacious D, but I know I'm going to like it, because I like to rock.

  2. I'm a longtime fan of the D. I can't believe you weren't a fan before '06. I should have taken you under my wing long ago and shown you the way of "The D". Have you seen their "Time Fixers" video from iTunes? If not, let's talk. I might be able to get it to you...

  3. I pretty much agree with your picks. I can't say Heroes was my pick because I'm deeply ashamed to say I haven't seen an episode yet.

  4. Anonymous1/07/2007

    I loved Little Miss Sunshine.

  5. Tenacious D rocks! I saw them in concert when they opened for Kid Rock. What a night!

    I'm going to have to try some sushi.

  6. I have to be the lone dissenter here it seems.

    Sushi seemed gross in theory.
    I tried several pieces . . and it was gross in practice.

    I tried to like it, really I did.

  7. Great list my friend.

    I think it's awesome how you pulled off mrs shife's birthday surprise.

    There is a hoff musical? is it called Hoffsical?

    Britney and Kfed a close second for best divorce?

    BTW how is Quincy?

  8. Anonymous1/08/2007

    OMG@the Paddington!! Hahaha I can't think of a thing now - why do u do this to me?! haha

    Actually I havent seen those two movies. Did get to see Pursuit of Happiness and Good Shepherd - great great movies. Guess I partied too much to remember anything else and for some reason Paddington won't get out of my head lol

  9. did you actually watch that "Jump in my car" video with the hoff? Good lord that was all kinds of terrible.

  10. every year me and ruby try to pee on someones carpet. we also each have coffee tins to spend eternity in.

  11. Good list! I agree with most all of them....not sure about the Paddington thing...sure not like the bear I used to read about when I was little.

    I tried to like 30Rock, but I just kept waiting for it to get funny. And Little Miss Sunshine ROCKED! Sushi is great too, but think it might make a second appearance if eaten prior to seeing DH: The Musical.

    Have a great day! :)

  12. Little Miss Sunshine was pretty great...

    They have sushi in Idaho????????

  13. Tenacious D is excellent! discovered them back in 2006 myself. Look here for some tasty Tenacious D grooves


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