Happy Frickin' New Year

Well I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season. Sorry I didn’t have time to visit each and every one of you to wish you Season’s Greetings but the fat basset has been the focal point of our lives right now. So here is a quick recap of the Mr. Shife’s holiday season.

  • I think I ate a million sugar cookies. I swear I am shitting sugar cubes and farting sugar granules.
  • Quincy peed on me. We had to give him a sedative so he would be relaxed when we traveled …. well he was relaxed all right. When I picked him up to put him in the car I felt something warm running down my pants. Awesome.
  • Speaking of Captain Furry Pants, he is doing very well. Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. Quincy is starting to act like his old self, but we still have to keep him confined for two more weeks. It is difficult because bassets are stubborn and our dog is about as stubborn as the day is long.
  • We gave an awesome White Elephant Exchange gift at my father-in-law’s Christmas Eve party. His side of the family is pretty much Republican, conservative, cowboy/farmer type so we thought a 2007 “Brokeback Mountain” calendar would be the perfect gift. And it sure was. The whole room was howling when it was unwrapped.
  • Does anyone know about a gift card exchange? I got a few that I would love to unload in exchange for some different ones.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Shife spent New Year's Eve by going out to lunch and a movie with some friends, and then we spent a quiet evening at home with the fat basset. Pretty lame as far as excitement goes but nothing beats ringing in the new year with your loved ones.

Well Happy New Year and see you out there in the blogosphere. And remember what the Dude said when you take on 2007, "Not on the rug man!"


  1. I'm no scientist, but I think it's impossible to fart sugar granules. I mean, wouldn't they carmalize in your a$$hole from the heat of the fart?

  2. I'm so glad Quincy is doing better.
    I wish for you and Mrs to happy a Great 2007.

  3. Oh shit you know what I mean.

  4. Quincy's a mess, with all his puking and pissing....

  5. Anonymous1/01/2007

    Thanks for the New Year's wishes. I've been so bad about posting on my blog! I'll get back to it at some point when I can get all my shit together. By the by, my friend and I are contemplating going to Circus Mexicus in May. Any advice? -- SwedishNurse

  6. woohoo! Happy New Year. I'm glad Quincy is doing better.

  7. This year's off to a great start already. Go Broncos huh? Hoo yeah!!!

  8. Happy New Year to you as well. Glad to hear Quincy is doing better. Now if I could only sedate those cats of mine...

  9. If you're farting sugar granules, we need to get a sample to take to a urologist or something. Or maybe a fartologist.

    I'm thankful Quincy is recovering. I too have a bassett...a female. Stubborn and bossy, in that hound dog way.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Happy new year! Glad to hear Quincy is doing well. :)

  11. Sounds like you had an eventful holiday season. Glad to hear Quincy is doing better!

    Your white elephant gift kinda reminds me of my $10 for my work holiday party. I went to the Dollar Tree and stocked this basket with TONS of stuff....later I heard that the woman who got it didn't like it. Oh well, guess that's what happens when you pick the last gift on the table. :)

  12. Happy New Year!!!
    I ate a million buckeyes!!

  13. happy new year!

    i'm up to almost 2 million red santa ju jubes. ruby gets the greenies.

    hope quincy has an excellent 2007

  14. Wow. I just came back to your page after like a year, because I saw one of your old comments on one of my old posts. Yeah, I read my old posts sometimes . . .

    Anyway, it's good to see you're writing again, and apparently farting sugar granules, which I find is a GREAT trick at parties.

  15. Yep, we spent the New Year's in as well - had to actually wake him up - woohoo go me ! lol Gift card exchange, funny you mentioned that, I was curious too - have to check on that.

    Do they actually make Brokeback calendars? Bwahahaha that is great.


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