I was cleaning up my blog, and looking at some posts that never saw the light of the day. And then I ran across this gem.
First things first, I swear on everything that is holy that I am not the author of this question. Secondly, guys like this should not be allowed to procreate. And finally, there is never, ever, I repeat never, ever a good reason to put chemicals on your nuts.

So here is the link to the guy's question and the answers to his query, or you can read just the question below.

I used Nair For Men Roll On and got some serious burns or something. I have no idea why really. I have used it before on my genitals and all went well, but this time things went awry. I think that I may have had it on a little too long, but I'm not sure. The hair didn't come all the way off, and I got some red patches on my scrotum. I just treated it best as I could, and tried not to touch the affected area because it hurt like I don't know what.... Just really bad! ON Friday, I wasn't sure if I wanted to wear underwear, but I had to go somewhere, so I went ahead and put underwear on. Later that day I pulled my underwear off and too my surprise the underwear had stuck to my sore affected areas. I was like what the...?? So I had to like peel them off. This is really detailed, but my on my underwear, I could see where the sore spots had been sticking. It like made wet or temporarily stained spots. It hurt so bad too. The bottle says to call a physician if one runs into problems, but I don't really want to do that if at all possible. Just because physicians around here hate looking at genitals, and I want to save them the trouble. I have had this now for like 2-3 days and it's getting a little less painful. The redness is still there though. I have just been putting neosporin stuff on it. Should I just swallow my pride and modesty and go to the doctor? If I made an appointment, it would most likely be a few days before I could be seen, so should I just wait it out, or go to the ER or what????? Has anyone else had a similar experience with depilitories??? In reality it hasn't really taught me a lesson because I still like the feel of smoothness or less hairiness.


  1. Anonymous11/13/2006

    LMAO!! WTF is right! The guy thought that the directions and safety precautions applied to him, and not a woman's bikini line? Interesting. I don't even use that crap! Chemicals baaad...dumb guys worse! hehehe

  2. I put cologne on my genitals once. It had an odd feeling, but somehow stimulating too.

  3. Anonymous11/14/2006

    What a fucknut! Next time shave.

  4. OMG! Now they're gonna have to put one of those absurd warning labels on the Nair product. "Warning: Men should not apply to genetalia!"
    LOL!! Too funny!

  5. HAHA niceeeeee what a smooth move by this guy. So funny.

  6. Tina -- The world is definitely full of stupid people, and I think they are mostly dudes.

    Angel -- That might have been too much information.

    Denise -- I don't know if it is safe for that dude to handle a sharp object.

    Cheryl -- You are probably right. But men don't read instructions anyway, right?

    Emily -- You are right, Nair and your nuts should never be in the same sentence. I think this guy might be taking a dirt nap by now.

    Phats -- It is funny but also quite disturbing that this guy is that dumb.

  7. So he likes the smoothness of his baggats??? What is wrong with him.

    He should just buy one of those little personal hair trimmers. They work well.

  8. alcohol can make people real creative. it's just too bad that most sober people don't understand the brilliant ideas alcohol can inspire.

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  9. Anonymous1/02/2007

    yo i just did thesame thing right now u aint da only 1 man


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