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I ran across a podcast called "Never Not Funny" that mentioned a particular phrase that I thought was quite amusing. So a dozen is 12, a baker's dozen is 13, and a lazy baker's dozen is 11. I have no idea why I find the concept of a lazy baker’s dozen comical, but I do. So in honor of the term and in an attempt to get this particular blog mentioned on this fine podcast, I proudly present in no particular order Mr. Shife's 11 coolest tribute bands.
  • The Dan Band – "Total Eclipse of the Heart" never sounded better. These guys rocked "Old School,” and sing other songs made famous by women.
  • Super Diamond – No this is not Screech’s gay porno nickname, who seems to be a giant douche bag in real life according to the Wikipedia entry. Super Diamond is a tribute band to Neil Diamond.
  • MiniKISS – The rock-n-roll greatness of KISS combined with midgets. Seriously, is that awesome or what?
  • Hair Supply – In case you ever wanted to bang your head to Air Supply – a heavy metal tribute to the two-man band that make “Siegfried & Roy” look straight.
  • AC/DShe – For those about to rock, I salute you with this all-female AC/DC cover band.
  • Ambushed Paddington – These guys are nuts. Oh wait; this is not a tribute band but the name of finishing move when you are having sex. I guess it is a tribute, sort of, to teddy bears. An Ambushed Paddington is when you pull out just when you're about to "finish" and you finish all over her teddy bear.
  • Slippery When Wet – Not another sex move, but actually a Bon Jovi tribute band. It is your chance to break out your ripped pants, let the mullet down, and fill the air with Aqua Net all over again.
  • Mandonna – An all-male tribute to the Material Girl. Personally, I think Madonna got plenty of tributes from high school males back in the day if you know what I mean. I always felt like I was touched for the very first time.
  • Dread Zeppelin – This band plays Led Zeppelin songs in a reggae style with a lead singer who looks like Elvis Presley. Almost as cool as the KISS midgets.
  • Gabba – This group perform the songs of ABBA in the style of The Ramones. Interesting but weird. Kind of like my fascination with David Hasselhoff.
  • Beatallica – A satire tribute band that plays music made from combinations of songs of The Beatles and Metallica. I can’t say this would be my favorite combination, but it sure beats hanging out with Mark Foley at a Boy Scout Jamboree.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to everyone. And remember it is probably the only time of the year where it is safe to say "Just spread the legs open and stuff it in."


  1. Ah! The Dan Band is awesome!

  2. haha I liked MiniKiss!!

    Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you and your wife had a good one

  3. Anonymous11/21/2006

    I love tribute bands and all of their cheesiness!

    Screech. Ew.

    Have a great Thanksgiving! "Just spread the legs open and stuff it in." Heh.

  4. I was hoping to get some feedback about an Ambushed Paddington. I don't need the details, but I just want to know if people had heard of it. If it is widely known then it ruins my plans to name my softball team this.

  5. PK -- They are indeed. If you are in Vegas for New Year's Ever they are playing at the House of Blues.

    Phats -- Same to you my friend. Good luck to the Boilers in Hawaii this weekend.

    Denise -- Yes indeed Screech has really gone off the deep end.

  6. dread zepplin does it for me.

    i can see bob marley on a stairway to heaven leading a pack of buffalo soldiers.

  7. Anonymous11/21/2006

    Happy T-Day to you, too!!!! :)

    And I have to say those tribute band names are almost more creative than the originals. Good sign that the music will sound pretty good. ;)

  8. Anonymous11/21/2006

    Oh and agreed on the Kramer thing. His "career" should totally tank after this fiasco...

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours :)

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

  11. I think that phrase is funny too. I'm going to use it when I bring home a dozen Krispy Kremes with one missing (due to the drive home).

  12. Midgets playing KISS???

    I think I'm in love.

  13. Funny stuff, dude!

    You'll have to stop by for some squeezins, ya'll...


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