Running on empty

I have been meaning to post but I am finding that I am lacking the content to make this blog even remotely fascinating. I have been pretty busy with work lately and when I get home I am basically drained of any interesting thought patterns. Plus I have been auditioning as a foot model so that has kept me quite busy as well. OK, I might be lying about the foot model thing. However, on my work bio, this is what I have listed:
Before I came to work at Spectrus Real Estate Group, I used to be employed at a fire hydrant factory, but you couldn't park anywhere near the place, so I had to find another job.
In my spare time I am currently training a pack of basset hounds to compete in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race in Alaska and I am still trying to get over my failed foot modeling career.

I am curious if anyone has seen the movie “The Departed?” If you have, I would love to hear your comments. I am still undecided. You see it is a remake of a beautiful, excellent Hong Kong movie called “Infernal Affairs” and I am just afraid of what Martin Scorsese has done to his version of the film. Knowing him and his past films, he probably turned it into a violent, bloodbath which is the last thing “Infernal Affairs” was.

My latest invention, Social Security Hit Squad. My generation is worried about having Social Security there when we retire so if we recruit some assassins to take out some old people that have been sucking down too much Social Security there might be something left for me and my friends. Don’t hate me because I want to knock off your grandparents … it is just Mr. Shife thinking out loud.

My Halloween costume is coming together nicely. I can’t tell you what I am going to be but I will give you a hint: Part of my costume incorporates a white Speedo thong.
Our party should be fun as well. I rented a karaoke machine with over 700 songs on it so I am going to rocking the mic all night.

I have not watched one new show this TV season that has me compelled to come back for another viewing. Any suggestions out there?

That’s all for now.
Take care.


  1. I too am somewhat hesitant to go see "The Departed." The cast looks exquisite, but I hate thinking of the damage that could be inflicted on the little foreign gem, "Infernal Affairs." I got the incentive to check that movie from you if I recall. Still one of the best on-a-whim purchases I've made to date. Kickass film.

  2. Anonymous10/10/2006

    Unrelated to your post but I thought I'd answer your host question over here. ;)

    I'm using Dreamhost right now. They came recommended and I've had no issues with them but Eric tells me there have been some complaints about from some folks. I guess as long as you're not starting up the next Google or ebay you'll be fine with 'em. ;)

    Hope that helps!

  3. Has a lack of any interesting content ever stopped me from posting?

  4. Hey punk. I have a review of The Departed up over at The Life and Times. I thought it was really good. I haven't seen IA, so I have no frame of reference for comparison.

  5. Yay!! Please sing "Hotel California".

  6. i saw celebrity death matches the other night. bruce willis vs ashton kuthcer. i don't know if it was new or not buy i might look for more episodes.

  7. You know, I'm liking Heros on Monday nights. But this season has been pretty hard on me as I'm addicted to a lot of the new shows: The Class, The Nine, Six Degrees!! What to do?! LOL Oh well, I thought Lost was better last night than last Wednesday.

  8. Thanks for the input, Cara, but I can't respond to you since you have your profile private. Come back and visit some time.

  9. I saw "The Departed." It was indeed a violent bloodbath. It started out fairly decently and then went nowhere fast. Seriously, I had no idea why the decision was made to kill EVERYONE off in that way. Don't get me wrong, usually I like blood and gore and all that. But I at least want it to have a purpose.

  10. I saw The Departed last weekend. I liked the movie, but yes, it was very bloody and violent. I had no idea that it was a remake of another movie. Now I'm intrigued and want to see the other one. (It comes with it's own secret decoder ring, right?) Overall, it lived up to its title...everyone departed one way or another.

    I haven't really seen anything new this season either. Kinda sad. I was hoping 30 Rock would be funny, but changed the channel before the first break. Just isn't the same since AD went bye bye. :(

  11. I just remembered a new show that's not too bad...even if it does star a New Kid! It's called Runaway on the CW network. Actually, it's on right now (Sunday at 9pm), which is why I thought of it. Have a good one.


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