Halloween 2006

Well here are some photos from the Shifley's Halloween Extravaganza. I should have some more later, but the photos are still trickling in. It was a great night, and I hope everyone has a great Halloween.

Nacho Libre and Mrs. Shife, who is Monica Lewinsky.

Mrs. Shife and Mr. Shife, who was Captain of the Fallopian Swim Team.

And here is the other side of my costume. Yes, indeed, I wore a Speedo thong.

Taking a little drinky while I am rocking the mic with a buddy.

And this is, in my opinion, the best picture of the night. The St. Louis Cardinals celebrating their World Series Championship.


mist1 said…
I was on the diving team. We didn't wear thongs. I knew I should have been a swimmer.
angel, jr. said…
More pregnancies would occur if those swimmers wore thongs.
Max said…
Nicely done Shife. That is a pretty clever costume.
tina said…
OMG That is so funny and creative! Then again, that is you - awesome! glad you guys had a great time :)
Denise said…
LMAO at your costume!!! You're a genius. Love the thong!
Luke said…
Great costume!
My only joy this Halloween was walking into my state office wearing my V for Vendetta mask again. It still rewards me with looks of puzzlement.
Phats said…
OH MY GOD nice costume that is awesome. Looks like you had a lot of fun, and we won't be asking your wife for her dress.

Happy Halloween and GO CARDS!
cranberry said…
please put the thong away until next year.

ruby rocks said…
cool, the fallopian swim team.

reminds me of george costanza:

"my boys can swim!!!!"
Tina said…
Still laughing hahaha

Have a nice weekend!
Design Goddess said…
Is this the same thong as previously seen by your sister-in-law??? :D

I sure wish I was closer so I could attend one of these bashes. Although, I fear my costume would never be up to Shife standards. :(

My Halloween was spent sick in bed for the 3rd day. Didn't really appreciate that trick!

Have a great weekend!!!
Nutz On A Roll said…
what a great costume!! lol Oh and yes Go Cards!!! Is it weird I almost started crying when they won?