Can I ask you a question?

Don't have too much time to blog this week because I am taking a long weekend to help get ready for my Halloween party (I can't wait to share the pictures). So I will keep it short and sweet, and ask that you bare your soul to me or you can just answer these silly questions.

  1. Favorite new TV show?

  2. Favorite old TV show?

  3. Favorite new movie within the past 6 months?

  4. And if you could go to a double feature drive-in movie theatre, what two films would you want to see?

Here are my answers:

  1. Heroes

  2. The Office

  3. The Prestige

  4. Casablanca and The Big Lebowski

Until then, the dude is not in until Monday.

Have a lovely weekend, and watch out for unchecked aggression.


  1. I'm loving Heroes too.

  2. Don't watch much TV.

    Favorite new movie would be "The Road to Guantanamo," an independent British docudrama about the infamous detainee camp run by the US in Cuba. New on DVD, so it's pretty much new to me as it never aired in theatres here that I'm aware of. Needless to say, disturbing stuff.

    Double feature would be "Falling Down" and "Heat."

  3. I haven't been able to watch any new television shows.
    My favorite old tv show: Grey's Anatomy
    I haven't watched a movie in the past six months.
    A double feature movie: "The Breakfast Club" and "Hoosiers"

  4. That scarecrow mooning us is hysterical shife!! love it.

    Here are my answers
    1. I am all about Ugly Betty, it's pretty funny

    2. I gotta go with Grey's Anatomy here.

    3. What's a movie? I haven't been to the movies in probably 8 yrs. Wait I take that back I saw Finding Nemo with my nephews.

    4. Easy. 1. would be Hoosiers the best sports movie of ALL time. The other would be Halloween the best scary movie of all time.

  5. 1. I am loving The Nine
    2. Grey's Anatomy is one of my old favorites.
    3. The last few movies I've seen have pretty much sucked, so I'm not going to answer this one.
    4. Double feature would be Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Opposite of Sex. Different types of movies, I know, but so good.

  6. 1. still haven't found what i'm looking for.

    2. south park

    3. clerks 2

    4. star trek 2 wrath of khan and one flew over the cuckoos nest.

    i'd like to see r p mcmurphy pee on nurse ratchet's rug.

  7. Hmmm...

    1. Not sure, but Heroes is good. Kinda like Runaway, although I just found out it has been cancelled. :(

    2. Boston Legal (William Shatner is hilarious!)

    3. Little Miss Sunshine

    4. Singing in the Rain & Office Space

  8. Oh...

    Happy Halloween!!

    (can't wait to see the pics)

  9. 1 - Tossup between Heroes and Jericho

    2 - Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica

    3 - My Super Ex Girlfriend

    4 - John Carpenters The Thing, Kelly's Heros


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