Random Acts of Shifeness

Work has kept me busier than a one-armed arm trombone player with crabs again this week, but I still had a few minutes to come up with some completely unsystematic thoughts.

  • Evidently the marriage vows “for better or for worse” do not apply to the movie, “Jackass Number Two.” Mrs. Shife has communicated to me that she will not see this movie with me. The only way I can drag her to the theaters is if I watch the 59-hour BBC version (OK it is only 5 hours, but these types of movies work like dog years for guys. To you it is only 300 minutes, but to us dudes it is like 2100 minutes) of “Pride and Prejudice” with her. I honestly don’t think 90 minutes of juvenile humor and groin kicks equals a Limey marathon. So does anyone want to see “Jackass” with me?

  • Speaking of Mrs. Shife, here’s a shameless plug. My wife and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary this Monday. I am not sure what you get your sweetie for #2. So Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife.

  • The season premieres of “The Office” and “My Name is Earl” were awesome, especially “The Office.” I have been giggling to myself all morning thinking about Michael, Dwight and the gaydar. I was a little disappointed with “Grey’s Anatomy.” I just thought it wasn’t as good as it could have been.

  • If anyone is in Boise on Oct. 27 you are cordially invited to Mr. and Mrs. Shife’s Second Halloween Extravaganza. I got my costume picked out this year but mum’s the word until after the party.

  • Summer is over officially Saturday. Bummer. I am not ready for the cold weather yet. And I am definitely not ready for the annual every single tree in the neighborhood has its leaves fall into our yard event.

  • Here are some signs that you are getting old: “A $4.00 bottle of wine is no longer "pretty good shit," and “I just can't drink the way I used to” replaces “I'mnever going to drink that much again.”

  • Seeking recommendations for Reno/Lake Tahoe? Me and Mrs. Shife are going there for Thanksgiving and are trying to decide where to stay, Reno or Tahoe? I am about the gambling and the nightlife, and Mrs. Shife wants to hit the slopes. So we are in a bit of a quandary on where to stay.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Oh yea! First to comment! Woo hoo!

    Happy anniversary Shifes!!! The traditional gift is cotton and the modern one is china. So I guess you could get her a China flag made of cotton. That way, you're covered. (and I don't blame her for not wanting to see JA2)

    I missed My name is Earl. :( And I agree, Grey's was a big letdown.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I gotta see that movie. I may still have a little crush on Steve-O. Especially after seeing him with Nicole Richie.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!
    I want to watch "Jackass 2" really badly too. And everyone I know thinks they are too grown up enjoy it. Maybe you and I should do what Mulan makes me do when she's watching a movie on televsion--she calls me and makes me sit on the phone with her while she watches it. She says it makes her think she's watching it with me. We should mobile-to-mobile watch it.

  4. Jackass....I am there! (no, I didn't call you one, really I didnt ;) I'm hopin to see it tomorrow - so if u are in Richmond, well there ya go ;)

    Happy Anniversary! Me and J are at 3 1/2

  5. I guess I should feel lucky that my wife actually wants to see Jackass 2.

  6. OK for your anniversary DO NOT take her out to see Jackass.

    Do NOT take her to a rib joint where she will get all greasy.

    DO buy her flowers.
    Red roses, OR by now you oughta know her favorites...so get those...dont get cheap...but remember you can buy lovely flowers at the grocery store nowdays and you wont have to second mortgage your home.
    While in grocery store, head over and pick up some champagne or wine, and some good chocolate and strawberries. Dont you dare buy her a hershey bar!
    Now, as for the gift, if its cotton or china, i'd say you skip the china and go to Maceys or some other fine dept store and buy her a really sweet piece of lingerie.

    I didnt say a red lace tacky g string and matching bra with holes!
    I said SWEET piece, something lovely that she will look sexy in.

    OK I think I know what Im doing. Ive been married for 18 years.

    Just remember, you are gonna have to do some stuff that she wants that day! LOL

  7. I bet seahag would go see the jackass movie with you! she loves that shit.

    I am not that big a fan, but I wouldn't take the trade, talk the mrs into something haha a less boring movie perhaps?

    go with Tahoe!

  8. So which QB would you play Shife

    Leinart or Warner?

  9. I still think it is too early to bail on Warner, but the offense for the Cards has looked horrible the past two weeks. And if the QB is going to make bonehead mistakes like that it might as well be Leinart because he is the QB of the future. I am looking forward to seeing him play, but I am not sure if he is answer right now.

  10. I dunno i'd give warner one more game, and then yank him if he is smelling the field up.

    Happy Anniversary btw ;)

  11. Happy anniversary to the Shifes!

    Have you seen the original UK version of The Office? Also, another UK tv show worth watching is called Extras. I can send you a copy if you want!



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