I do believe that the acronym LOL has been quite exaggerated. Seriously, how often have you laughed out loud while reading whatever clever message has appeared before you on your computer. Do you really laugh out load?
I do believe society has taken liberties with LOL, but that is besides the point. The actual point is that I actually did have a LOL moment and I want to share it with you. So I am watching Real Time with Bill Mahr on HBO and my LOL moment happens. It goes something like this.

"I never thought I would tell an accused child molester this, but pull your pants down!!!"

And if any of you have seen John Mark Karr, you know that this mentally disturbed person thinks that wearing his pants around his nipples is perfectly acceptable. I know this picture is not the best portrayal as to how Mr. Karr likes to wear his polyester blend, but the dude seriously has his pants hiked up around his aerolas.
That is all. Sorry I may have had a few cocktails and probably should be in bed. Peace out bloggers.


  1. I "LOL'd" a little on this story myself.

    I ask people if they are literally laughing outloud or not?

  2. Phats you are the man.
    I am glad you are making the world a better place by asking people if they are laughing out loud. I do believe we can start a revolution by putting these bastards in their place. Let's do it. Now.

  3. I "LOL'd" while listening to Glenn Beck's radio show and they came up with the nickname of "Captain Highpants" for JMK!!!

    And I really don't care for lol. I never use it. Except for now in this comment that is.

  4. I just found out what LMAO meant!! Who invents these acronyms and how come no one told me?!

    Maybe his nipples are cold?

  5. Anonymous9/10/2006

    Somehow I didn't add your blog feed back into my reader so I was missing all the good stuff!

    But I'm back now... :)


  7. I don't like any of those short-cuts people use.

  8. He looks like Mr. Rogers.

    When did you come back to blogging???? I've missed you! So, can I add you back to my blogroll????


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