Friday musings

Holy Hoffmania. Here is a fabulous link about America’s living legend.

The new season of “Lost” hasn’t even started and I am already pissed. The third season starts October 4, runs 6 episodes, and then disappears until January. Does Mr. Shife need to choke a bitch? I wish they would just follow the format of 24 and start in January and just run non-stop episodes until May. Here’s a link if you want more info.

Ever watch “The Colbert Report?” Better Know a District is one of the recurring segments on the show. It offers a humorous explanation of a different Congressional district in each segment and includes an interview with that district's member of Congress. Last night (7/20) Colbert interviewed Robert Wexler from Florida’s Fightin’ 19th. Well Colbert always asks these political figures loaded questions and usually portrays them in a horrible light. Last night was no different as he got Wexler to admit he liked cocaine and hookers. Wexler is running uncontested in November so Colbert said let’s pretend what you could say that would totally derail your campaign and ruin your chances if you were running against someone. So he told Wexler to finish the following sentences, I enjoy cocaine because and I enjoy prostitutes because. It was awesome.

I heard two things last week that had me rolling.
I was flipping through channels and stopped for “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” Steve Carrell’s character was talking about how a girl he met at the speed dating was “hurtin’ for a squirtin.”
And on last week’s episode of “Entourage” Ari told his staff to find Drama a job, any job. He provided an example of the type of work he deemed acceptable – a porn shoot where he was getting gang raped by a gaggle of silver-backed apes.

Have a good one.