That's All Folks

After much consideration I have decided to take a break from blogging.
I know I have said this before but the other times were because of situations out of my control like work or family.
This time it is coming from me.
I am not having fun and it feels more like a chore than a hobby. The passion is gone my friends.
I really cherish the time I spent on here and of course with all of you who took the time to become part of my life. You guys are the best.
I am still going to visit your blogs to say hi and see how your life is treating you, but you won't see anything new on Confessions of a Dumb, White Guy for a long time.
All I ask is that whenever David Hasselhoff or a midget is on your mental radar you remember that dumb, white guy from Idaho called Mr. Shife.

Take care my blogging buddies, and as the picture says, May the Hoff be With You.

Mr. Shife


  1. Anonymous4/23/2006

    Please tell me you're kidding!

    Well, I'll miss you. I loved coming over here to laugh my ass off. My blog door is always open to you.

    Good luck and see ya later.


  2. Anonymous4/23/2006


    I'm really, really sad to hear this but I understand. We'll keep you in our blogging hearts...

    WE'LL MISS YOU, SHIFE!!!!!!!!!

    I think this moment calls for a Farewell Montage of sorts. I'm sure it would involve lots and lots of the Hoff. ;)

  3. à bientôt my fellow hoffifiliac

  4. Dude, that is sad sad news, but you've got to do what is best for you.

    Promise to keep in touch! I want to hear about the RCPM concert this week, because surely it will be awesome. Have you listened to the four new songs they released, "Four Unlike Before"? If not you should!

  5. well..that sucks..i just found you and now your leaving..
    drat..darn. shucks, shoot..doggoneit..
    see shocked me cussless.....keep in touch...and you will be missed...

  6. Oy!! That soooo sucks! I love your funny stories! But, I do understand...that's why I take the attitude of "I write for me" and if people don't like it or don't visit often, I don't mind and I only write when I feel like it.

    It's my creative outlet. But if it feels like a chore, then yep it's time to stop.

    Damn I will miss you though. Take care. (and I just don't believe it, so I will be checking back haha) :)

  7. I understand. I too have a case of the Blogger ass, mostly because I can't publish anything due to a shitty server or something of the sort. Nothing like watching 0% reappear magically after typing a new post. Oh well. Hope all goes well for you, Shife, and take care.

  8. Anonymous4/24/2006

    Wow. Good luck in whatever you do, it's been fun reading!

  9. i completely understand.. have a good rest.. you know that you'll be missed though... and i hope you will drop by for real.... and leave me funny comments...

  10. You will be missed. I understand...I really do.

    It's not goodbye, it's see you later.

  11. This is a very sad day, I hope you change your mind sometime, but I understand :)

    I have always loved your blog always been one of my favorites hope you keep popping by, and give nutty and I an update on your going ons :)

    Miss ya already!

  12. I'm hoping this isn't really good-bye, just a break. You know Rachel Green and Ross Gellar went on a break that lasted approximately six seasons (if you don't count when they made Emma).

  13. Hey Matt,
    This is one of those, "It's not you, it's me" type talks, isn't it? It's ok, I understand :)
    Breaks are good.
    I was there a month or so ago and it felt really good to get away from the blog. I know what you mean.(Ok, so it was a very short break)
    So whatevers' goin' on with you, I pray that it gets better. You have told us a little about your health issues so I hope that gets better too and we hope to see you around blogland.
    with much blove and admiration,

  14. Hopefully, the desire to write on here will strike you again. Until then, my friend, it has been a pleasure. I do hope you will visit here and there. And make sure to make yourself known if and when you do return.

    Take care buddy.

  15. that's what they said about my dog!!! he's just taking a break. but no, he never came back.

    thanks for the laughs - we'll be waiting.

  16. Damn, Shife. It's always the good ones who quit. Again, I will take a break from my commenting hiatus to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your take on life. Really, one of my favorites and it's sad to see you go. Please feel free to sotp by whenever, and I hope your new lease on life treats you well.

  17. I will miss you Mr. Shife.

  18. I am so sad about your sabatical. But I understand.

    I will miss you terribly.


    Take care of yourself, MrsShife and my darling Quincy.

  19. I get it, I don't like it and I will miss you but I get it. Take care of yourself and the Mrs. Please don't be a stanger (well stranger than most...) If anything big comes up we wouldn't mind a surprise post. Really! Loads of love to you and we are really going to miss you, you are one of the greats!

  20. You will be missed!!! Hopefully you will be back!!! I promise to always think of you when you I see a midget or the Hoff!!!!

  21. I'm really sorry to hear that Matt. I do know you'll be back at some point, and hope it's soon. Do continue to check in on me. Believe it or not, I found it a very high compliment that you listed me first on your links.
    Hope to see you soon.

  22. I'm saddened to hear the news, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?! It's been great reading your blog and getting to "know" you and Mrs. Shife through it. Take care and I do hope you pop in once in a while! :)

  23. me: "Shife, I am a blogger!"

    you: "Nooooooooooooo!"

    ;) luv ya, shifey! don't be a stranger!

  24. OH JUST GREAT !!!....I come back and now you're leaving????....well, fine !!..LOL

    I can understand how you feel, I've been bogged down by blog lately...its supposed to be a fun outlet but sometimes real life gets in the way...Good Luck to you and Mrs Shife and hope to see you around the water cooler...

    *sobbing*, Its like the final episode of Seinfeld

  25. I too am experiencing the mid-blog crisis as well. Hope to see you back soon as well.

  26. Godspeed Mr. Shife. Come back soon.

    *plays "The Final Countdown" by Europe*

    I love how we're all acting like this is it -- completely ignoring that you first sentence says its a break. Come back when you're ready my good man.

  27. Shifey, You were one of the first blogs i ever read, and you one of the first people to comment on mine.
    I'll miss you so much, you are one of the funniest bastards on the web.

    Have a good break and i hope you pop in from time to time to let us all know how you're going.


  28. Damn! I took a little break myself and came back to find one of my funniest blog buddies is taking a break. I'll keep an eye out for Hasslehoff if you keep an eye out from Doug Martsch from Built to Spill. Does he live in Idaho?

    Anyway, enjoy your break. This gives you a good chance to chill and just "hang out w/ your wang out."

  29. Dang, Shife ... it's come to this. Your blog is now the safe harbor for spammers wanting to help you get a degree (Stinking spammers!)

    Love you, Shife. Hate the Spammers.

  30. Ironically someone told me a story about midgets today and I actually DID think of you shifey!
    Take care and feels so much like adieu...fighting to keep the tears back and refrain from the cheese talk- ahhfuckit- you rock, keep rocking and keep practicing your sense of humor so you never loose it!

  31. were/are the best blogger...EVER!!! be good.

  32. I took a break from blogging, too... and I'm the same... the passion is gone and it's more like a chore than a hobby.

    I also have stopped caring how many people give me comments, you know what I mean?

    All the best... I hope you do something good with the extra free time you have! xx

  33. I hope you watch the Surreal Life cause if you didn't, you missed the midget who does porn! (that got your attention, now didn't it?!) :)

  34. aww....I miss you already, Shife!

  35. I also took a break but I'm back.
    I know what you mean but when I was gone I kind of missed it.
    I hope some day you will be back also.

  36. Well Shife, it's been good. What more can you want?

  37. Yay you posted :) hehe yes I've still been stalking your blog ;)

  38. you caught the same sickness I caught....blogger overkill...hope you come back with a "z" formation!

  39. heeeeeeey...

    i was just thinking about you last night... nothing naughty or anything... just wondering how you are.. so i decided to check up on the blog... just in case.. and indeed.. you posted a thing... of course with the Hoff...

    how are you...??
    i hope you're well....
    miss you... just a little bit... not too too much... ;)
    how's the missus ?? how's the dog ??

  40. I miss Quincy and tales of the Hoff.

  41. LOVE the Hoff updates...and that video??!! Let's just say I'm in love!

    Did you hear how he injured his arm while shaving?! He's so suave!


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