Random Acts of Shifeness

Hi, how are you? Well I am just super, thanks for asking. Here is what on my mind this week.

  • Spring sucks. I have had enough rain and cold. I want some sunshine on this old cranky ass of mine. And yes I will be bitching about how hot it is in about 3 months.
  • It is a battle of the sequels at the box office this weeked. A bunch of cute prehistoric animals in "Ice Age 2" versus a tired beaver in "Basic Instinct 2."
  • Seriously is anyone interested in seeing Sharon Stone naked again?
  • I am really looking forward to hearing what Bill Maher has to say about President Bush's immigration policy on his HBO show.
  • Way to kick off the 2006 Major League Baseball season Bud Selig. Let's start a steroid investigation three days before the regular season. Baseball really knows how to run a great product into the ground. When does football start?
  • The new season of South Park has been quite amusing.
  • I have seen "V for Vendetta" twice and I hope to see it a third time this weekend. I seriously have not seen a movie that has rocked my world like this in a long time. The last one that I can remember would be "Infernal Affairs." It is a Hong Kong police thriller not the Richard Gere movie. I linked it in case you wanted more information.
  • Has anyone else noticed how quite a few bloggers have taken a break or just flat out disappeared? I know there are at least 5 people on my links list that have been missing for some time.
  • Here is a great list, Pimp Daddy Swank's World of Comedy Porn Titles!
  • Here is another list, a list of bad predictions.
  • And finally here is my bad prediction -- David Hasselhoff and I will run away together and start a midget escort service.

Have yourself a wonderful little weekend.


  1. I totally agree enough with this bull crap spring so far, I want warm weather especially when my ass is outside in it all the time.

    Passing on Basic Instinct 2

    Not a baseball fan, but will generally root for the loveable losers, the cubs.

    I thought you were going to say get married to the hoff, had me worried

  2. tired old beaver..heeheee..hooboy..i like that one...hey wait a minute...im a tired old beaver...but it may be old..but it aint wore out....

  3. i have done some reading here....and i like it...u kinda silly..but your ok....

  4. Damn, you crack me up!
    Spring is already here in TX and I'll be bitching about the heat in approx 2.2 days from now!

    You adopted your basset hound? That rocks! Shelter animals are the best.
    You have a wonderful weekend and pet the hound for me!

  5. Tired old beaver. Hahaha.


    I am definitely passing on that movie, just because the first one was so goddamned awful I don't see the point in subjecting myself to that sort of torture.

    "Inside Man" is worth going to see though. One of the better movies I've seen come around lately.

    I'll probably go see "V" for a third time also.

  6. Anonymous3/31/2006

    "And finally here is my bad prediction -- David Hasselhoff and I will run away together and start a midget escort service."

    Which just proves my theory that Germans and Mr. Shife love David Hasselhoff.

  7. Thanks, I will be impotent for the weekend. You used Sharon Stone and naked in the same sentence.

  8. It's warm here in Missouri today, but super windy.

    Basic Instinct 2...um...no.

    Have have at last 5 bloggers on my list that have disappeared or on hiatus. I haven't been doing this for a year yet, but I have seen them come and go so quickly.

  9. 21 days of rain this month in my town, here in sunny California.

  10. Um, yeah, what's with the massive blogging break? I've noticed the same thing...

    And I'd like to place an early order with you and the Hoff. I prefer extremely overweight Eskimo midgets who speak Cantonese.

    Charge him to my account.

  11. I understand the lack of posting, and yet still checking a page. My wife updates her page about twice a year.

  12. Anonymous3/31/2006

    You got that "tired beaver" line from David Spade, didn't you??? I've got your number, Shife!!!

  13. Yep. Cat's have got it down on life. They are happy all the time and could care less what you think about them!

  14. My basic instinct is to not waste my money on it!

    It was 60 here with some showers today, but it's clearing quite nicely now!

  15. I heard last week that the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Hoff got a restraining order against your idol, Shife. You might want to rethink your entrepreneurial endeavours with him - he'd be bitch-slappin' your midget ho's 'til they went on strike!!

  16. Hahaha tired beaver...you crack me up!

    Tks for the reminder on Bill Maher, love that guy, have his book :)

  17. How could you possibly hate Spring? And baseball. And bloggers who take time off. Random acts of curmudgeonry is more like it.

    Because God knows I never complain about anything.

  18. I love Spring but I hate the allergies that come with it.

    NO ONE wants to see Sharon Stone's old and cobwebbed cooch. The sequel is just 15 years too late. She is an annoying twat.

    The town where I live is having a Basset Hound parade on April 22nd. Quincy would be king.

    Have a great weekend!

  19. Let me know if you and David (Michael Knight) need an investor for your midget escort service. That is really filling a void in the paying for dating world. Little people need love too, and some regular sized people need to love midgets. Hey, there is a midget bar on the south side of Chicago, and I hear they have a little bar that the patrons saddle up to.

  20. Dude, as usual you are rockin my world in so many ways!! I will have to see V for Vendetta this weekend! Yes i think all bloggers have been needing a break... Dude, do you mean to tell me you and the Hoff WILL NOT be starting a dwarf dating service???? You're harshin my buzz, man...

  21. Please make a DVD of your Hasselhoff encounter. I'd pay top dollar to watch that. Kinkeh!

  22. i saw V for Vendetta, though only once. i must agree, however, that it is an amazing movie, especially considering that for a big budget movie it pretty much spells out current problems with politics and the scare tactics used.

    i don't know if i was one of the five but thanks for the porn listing. i'm going to see if i can find Crouching Penis, Hidden Vagina.

  23. I'm back! But i was only away for a few days... but then, I will be away again for about 2 weeks unless I find internet connection in Egypt and Snowdonia.

    I have been looking at my link list, too, and I have to admit, taking out some... do you think that's ok?

    On you question about eggs on toast, I think they are called "egg on toast" :-)

  24. Anonymous4/03/2006

    I'll take cute prehistoric animals over a tired beaver any day! I wasn't all that impressed with the beaver in her younger days either.

  25. Anonymous4/03/2006

    I hate the Stone entity.

    BTW, your comment template is messed up.

  26. Wait... now it's okay.

  27. Anonymous4/03/2006

    ??? If you click to comment directly from the original post, it is indeed messed up. Sorry about the multiply commenting, I'm just picky about templates.

  28. The comments appear to be working OK now.

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Shortly after I started my blog, I noticed that a lot of the sites that inspired me all started and closed down at the same time... they all opened on August 2005, and suddenly went dead in either December or January. Creepy.

    I recently posted my thoughts on V for Vendetta elsewhere, but I thought I'd reiterate some of my thoughts, since it's great to run into a fellow enthusiast:

    The really interesting thing about this movie is that it's an adaptation of a graphic novel from the 1980s that was a then-current critique of Thatcherism in England. The screenplay changed a few elements of the plot, but (in my opinion) kept the overall message of the original work. This is a decent action movie, but the main reason I loved it is that it's chilling how relevant the vision of a dystopian future - written 20 years ago - is today.

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