Random Acts of Shifeness

Well the madness has begun and I am busy trying to keep track of my 37 different brackets. Yes, 37. I know I have a problem. I think some survey estimated $3.6 billion in worker productivity will be lost during the tournament and I am doing my part to contribute. But I did manage to come up with some more unsystematic thoughts.

  • Happy Birthday to Mrs. Shife tomorrow. She turns the big 30. I think the fact that she has been involved with yours truly for nearly 10 years is a bigger accomplishment but enough about me. Happy Birthday, my lovely wife, you are the best.
  • I watched “A History of Violence” yesterday, and I was a little disappointed. The movie got a lot of rave reviews but I just didn’t see it. It was OK but I don’t think it was worth such lofty praise.
  • My Final Four picks – Iowa, Ohio State, UConn, and Memphis.
  • I experienced the smell of dead mice for the first time in my life. The wedding we attended last weekend was at a small country church. Some of those little rodents decided to take up residence in the walls and floor and then die. Not a good smell at all.
  • The reception for the wedding was held at a farm’s shop and if you had to relieve yourself there was an outhouse. No big deal, but it was late so they put a giant spotlight inside the outhouse for lighting. There are just some places that should not get a lot of light – outhouses, strip clubs, and adult bookstores are a few places that come to mind.
  • The Sopranos returned with a bang. It was a great episode to start the new season.
  • The Shield’s season finale is Tuesday, and it is going to be an interesting episode. And after watching last week’s show, I will never think of sweet butter the same way.
  • I am looking forward to seeing “V for Vendetta.”
  • I am not looking forward to seeing “Basic Instinct 2.” As a matter of fact, I am not going to see it at all. Seeing Sharon Stone naked 14 years later is not worth the price of admission and I am pretty sure the plot of this film will not make the Mensa society jealous.
  • I love baseball, but my love for the sport is starting to wane. I am just having a hard time getting excited about this upcoming season.
  • I almost forgot. Someone asked about our half-marathon training and we are up to 7 miles this week.

Have a great weekend.


She said…
V for Vendetta looks really cool. I'll probably try to see it this weekend. I think I have A History of Violence in my Netflix cue. I'll have to wait and see it, then I'll tell you what I think of it.
I'm going to see "V for Vendetta" when I'm off Monday. Fascist governments, revolutionaries, bombs, and Natalie Portman--I'm there, dude.

And I loved "History Of Violence," because it showed the duality of human nature, and also showed how violence, as deplorable as it is, can't be avoided (such as protecting your family). It was basically reinforcing something we should all know: Violence is within all of us. Maybe I'm just too deep, I don't know. I loved it, though.
nicole said…
First off, Happy B-Day to Mrs. Shife. Awesomeness that you guys have kept it going that long. You're an inspiration!

Second, I'm in TOTAL agreement with you on "History of Violence." Eric and I went to see it in theatres and were literally cursing on the way out. It had so much potential yet we thought it sucked viciously. So what was all the critical hoopla about?

I'm dying to see "Vendetta." PRAY it doesn't let down like "History" did!
Jon said…
I'm probably going to see "V for Vendetta" as well. That is, if I can overcome the fact I'll have to sit next to the loudest people in the theater, which I inevitably will. I think I have a gift for that.
White Dade said…
Does Boise even have a team? How could you not love baseball, Shife? Honestly. Borderline un-American.
lilly said…
I agree with you final four picks.. Hopefully Ohio State takes it, but if not Uconn is okay!
angel, jr. said…
You caused image related impotency by writing the words Sharon Stone naked 14 years later.
I'm hoping it only lasts 24 hours.
angel, jr. said…
Oops and Happy Birthday to Mrs. Shife!
Denise said…
Happy Birthday Mrs. Shife!

Pissing in the spotlight? Interesting.
Duke, Duke, Duke. Mr Shife. I know you don't want to hear it as a TarHeel fan. I hate the Blue Satans as much as you do, but they always find a way to go the Final Four.

And try college baseball. I'm a huge fan (and I think Vince is as well). You'll get used to the "ping" instead of the crack of the bat. NC has a good baseball team this year.
missy said…
Happy birthday to the wifey! And I am also looking forward to V for Vendetta! Loved the comic book! I just saw 21 Grams from my online rental... good film!

Well done on your training!
Steph said…
I can't get past the jogging thing. You are certifiable. ;)
the_mrs said…
Did the outhouse have one of those "moons" on the door? :)
Blonde said…
Happy Birthday to MrsShife!

That wedding sounded like my worst nightmare. Dead mice and outhouses? Not the ideal romantic wedding atmosphere.

I have too many MM pools going to. I am so ashamed. Happy St. March Madness Day!
Jon said…
And as far as office pools, I still haven't forgotten or forgiven the year I lost the top spot to the freakin' UPS guy.
leo myshkin said…
i love the sopranos but i'll have to wait for sonny to get a dvd copy. paulie is my hero. i want to have those grey wings on my head just like him in a few years.

i forget what tony got carmella for her last birthday. a fur coat or maybe a night with furio.

have you heard "woke up this morning" by r.l. burnside?
The Phoenix said…
Happy Birthday to your woman...congrats!

I'm looking forward to "V for Vendetta" also. How is it Natelie Portman is still gorgeous with her head shaved?

My money is on UConn.
none - ya said…
Happy Birthday to the Misses! Good luck with the training and....

"Here's to the girls that kiss so sweet, they make things stand that have no feet."
Lordofsnag said…
Dead nice is soo much nicer than wet dog...yuk..yuk
Luke said…
Seeing V for Vendetta tonight! Have fun! Happy birthday to the Mrs!
Rocky (Racquel) said…
Happy birthday to Mrs. Shife! Glad you have that to celebrate since Iowa blew your final 4 picks!

The only time I have ever peed in a spotlight is when a California police helicopter spotted me illegally tinkling on a beach one night...OOPS!
Tina said…
oooh basic instinct 2?? yikes

Yea I saw Sopranos and must admit I have the other seasons to catch up on LOL wished I had watched it.

Happy b'day to the Mrs! :)
DaMasta said…
I'm not that excited about the next baseball season, either. What a shame. I guess cause the Rocket isn't pitching for us, and now with all the drama over Bagwell, I don't know how we're going to have a good season against you Redbirds. Sheesh. I guess I'll have to start rooting for them again.. [yes, I have redbird gear. i used to be in love with a Cards fan.]

cranberry said…
you don't like peeing with a spotlight on you? hmmmm.
Design Goddess said…
Feliz Cumpleanos Senora Shife!

One time at Girl Scout camp....a girl dropped her flashlight down the hole in the outhouse. Kinda gross!
cranberry said…
v for vendetta is sooooo good.

what's a revolution without dancing?
Big Ben said…
Nice pick with Iowa - Steve Alford, come on. I'm a Jays fan so I am excited about the season, Yankees suck!
Phats said…
Damn it Shife your tarheels screwed my bracket!!
Happy B-day Mrs. Shife!

Most of my friends are turning 30 this year too! I'm the only youngin' (25) so I get to rub it in.

I'm afraid I'd have to pass up a wedding where peeing is done in an outhouse.
Even if it was my own flesh and blood.
LBseahag said…
dead mice and Shife Wife's birthday all in one post? you are a romantic~!
The Scarlett said…
Happy B-Day to Mrs. Shife.

I avoid March Madness. I got a vaccine when I divorced the first Mr. Scarlett.
I love the smell of dead mice-they've killed like 32 mice in the new digs, in two months. INFESTED.
Terence said…
Even w/ 37 brackets, the way this year's tournament has gone all of yours are probably just as busted as mine.

F4: Duke, Uconn, Gonzaga, Ohio St.

I'm already down to 3 :-/
Anonymous said…
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Luke said…
With all the controversy with baseball as of late.. it is no surprise your excitement has waned.
I miss that you don't post everyday!!! I understand, but I still miss your posts!!! Happy Birthday Mrs Shife!!!
Phats said…
Shoot I took work off for the tournament
I loved History of Violence and I'm pretty sure you convinced me to see V for Vendetta.