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Drum roll please. Here is the moment one of you might have been waiting for.
Well for the last few weeks I have been doing "At the movies with the Dumb, White Guy" but I wasn't really satisfied with it. So I have decided to take it in a different direction and include more topics like TV shows, DVDs, and anything else entertainment-related that pops into this head of mine. The one problem I am having right now is what to call the darn thing and that is where you hopefully come in and help me name this new creation.
So it is going to be every Friday, it will cover entertainment issues and it will be me, the dumb, white guy. Some initial ideas were "Mr. Shife's Instant Entertainment" or "Media Day with Mr. Shife" or "Mr. Shife's Live Nude Entertainment" or "The Dumb, White Guy Monologue."
You are my only hope, please help me.

On with the show.

What's new? Doogal, Running Scared, and Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion.
What does this mean to me? You won't be going to the the movies this weekend.
What should I do Mr. Shife? Get wasted.

What's new? Rent, Domino, North Country, The Weather Man, and Ulitmate Avengers: The Movie. (Sorry no links for the new DVDs. Too many and I don't even know if you care about the links)
What does this mean to me? Well since all the new releases suck goat balls this week you might be making a trip to the video store or waiting for your shipment from Netflix.
What should I do Mr. Shife? Well if you are not going to follow my advice of getting wasted I think you should check out The Weather Man. Nicolas Cage does good work and this film looks interesting
Mr. Shife's DVD of the week: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of Were-Rabbit

Mr. Shife's TV Spotlight
24: Jack kicks ass as usual but it looks like Lynn McGill (aka Samwise Hobbit dude) is going to cause some problems around the office. It looks Curtis might have to put a cap in his ass.
Lost: Repeat this week but there's a new episode on Wednesday that appears to focus on Claire.
The Shield: Does anybody like this show? I am a big fan and I am really curious to see how this season is going to play out. Will Vic go to jail? The latest rumor is one of the main characters is going to die.
Grey's Anatomy: We discussed the episode a little bit earlier this week. It appears that George is heading for heartbreak. And according to an interview in TV Guide one of the interns is leaving. Any guesses? I am thinking Alex.
Mr. Shife's Favorite TV moment of the week: An easy one this week, George and Meredith doing the naughty dance.

As with anything this will probably evolve over time but before we can begin this beautiful journey together, we need a name.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Bullshit, dude! "Domino" might be a wet goat teste, but it's got the lovely Madame Keira blowing shit up and rolling around in the buff, which is reason enough for me.

    That being said, I don't want to come across as being shallow or anything.

  2. Rev -- Madama Keira isn't too bad on the eyes but I don't think the Domino look does it for me. That hair cut just makes her look awful. And her boobs could be bigger. What were you saying about being shallow?

  3. Mona -- That might work. I figured the Internet would keep you guys up to speed. Well at least you will know what movies and TV shows really suck.

  4. In France everything is like a year behind..or at least a season- so you can call it "blowing the whistle on what those Europeans aren't gonna get for another six months"..or not.

  5. Maybe something like, "This is entertainment, because Mr. Shife said so."

    Or not. It's a bit long.

    In any case, I think the aggressive approach is the right one. Don't SUGGEST entertainment ideas, REQUIRE them.

    For those of us who have faithfully watched 24 since its inception, does anyone else feel like this season's a big letdown so far? Checking my email has been more exciting lately...

  6. Pollyanna -- I have watched 24 from the beginning. There have been 2 episodes this year that I loved and the rest were just OK. The show likes to take risks but the plots are so similar from season to season. I wish they would get more creative in that area.

  7. I am all about getting wasted. If you get wasted and download some porn, some of those new DVDs could be the distractor--the show you are pretending to watch.
    I'm thinking it will be an intern that is a side character. Like that new character, what was her name that was hugging everyone on her first day.

  8. Shife: Too small or not, they look nice to me, and to be honest, I never noticed she had hair to begin with. I think we can safely forget the whole shallow thing, of course.

  9. Umm I can't think of anything creative to title it.

    I thought the rev was suggesting the bullshit dude?

    Love grey's anatomy!

  10. Phats: I have lots and lots of bullshit to suggest. Read my blog and you'll see I'm steeped to the gills in it.

  11. And I hit enter without putting in my suggestion for a title. I promise, last comment for today.

    Try out "White Guy Entertainment," "Entertainment Shifley" (a nod towards EW with your own spin on it) or "Mindless Vapid Distractions," because that's about the only thing coming out these days. However, the last one might get confused with QVC by those not hip with your take on things.

    Good luck with finding the right title.

  12. Angel -- I don't think that gal was an intern my friend. I believe she was an attending who replaced Bailey while she was on maternity leave.

    Rev -- You are geunine American hero. And thanks for your input regarding my title.

    Phats -- The Rev is right, there is plenty of bull shit on his blog.

    Sugar -- Thanks. And I will be watching that movie this weekend but dammit I don't need to cry at anymore movies.

    Ann -- That is still a good deal for losing for a tooth.

  13. Leo -- Thanks for the ideas. They made me laugh. I don't know how many people actually know who Barney Fife is anymore. The only Barney most of them know is the purple dinosaur.

  14. Friday Night Shife...that's all I got right now. If I think of more you'll know where to find them!

  15. How about "Weekend Entertainment with the Dumb White Guy"?

    Either that or:

    "What to do if you don't have beer money this weekend"

    PS the Rev takes BS to heavenly levels and the snow in The Weatherman is sooo fake - it was filmed in Chicago and to make it look like winter they covered the area around the ice rink with a white plastic tarp! Bah!!

  16. Being that at one point I planned to work as a copywriter, this naming thing should come pretty easily to me.

    But I'll's NOT, dammit!

    Here are some (pretty lame) attempts:

    1) "Watch It with The White Guy"
    2) "Shife Says it Sucks"
    3) "The White Guy's Guide"
    4) "Shife's Highlights in Television (SHiT)

    Whadya think??

  17. too funny, man. i love the shield.

    also -wasted is good advice, i think!

  18. Can´t think of a title that isn´t too naft!

    But then maybe it´s the altitude messing my brain!

  19. I have a friend who is obsessed with "The Sheild"
    And I thought it was a story about a maxi-pad....

  20. Two Thumbs Up with a Dumb, White Guy

    hmmmm...thinking....need something funny....ummmm....

  21. Save your $8.50 - Theatrical Confessions of a dumb, white guy

    ummm still thinking....not funny enough lol

  22. How about Ejaculatory Capsules?

    I'm stretching any integrity I have remaining.

  23. I like "LIVE NUDE" as a title!! I LOVE Wallace and Gromit! Did you see the first three little shorts? Did you like CHICKEN RUN??? Anyhow, I think the expanded feature is good-- pop by Denise's blog for a dinner recipe and check yours for a DVD!!!

  24. Hollywood Sludge

    The Good, The Bad, and The Shife

    Hollywood Voyeur

    That's all I've got right now.

  25. :) Wallace & Gromit are tops.


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