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It has been a random week so I am going to continue to throw out my randomness until Friday. On Friday, “At the movies with the Dumb, White Guy” is getting an extreme makeover.
Calm down people. It is not that exciting.
Seriously you have to find another reason to get out of bed in the morning.
Well enough of that; enjoy Mr. Shife’s top hits from Tuesday, February 21.

  • Another sign that I am old – cuff links. My office is business professional so I have to play dress up at work. I have about 5 shirts that require the linking of cuffs and I feel 55 every time I wear them. The next thing you know I will be wearing spandex to the gym. Yikes!
  • I saw “Eight Below” yesterday with Mrs. Shife. I cried. I will admit it.
    Behind this confident and rugged exterior, is a very sensitive man. (say sensitive with a lisp please) It is not as bad as “My Dog Skip” but it still pulls at the heart strings.
  • Speaking of crying at movies, the killer ones for me are “Terms of Endearment” and “Brian’s Song.”
  • I bought some CDs to try and learn Japanese while I was driving to and from work.
    I figured it was safer than reading a book while I drove.
    I lived in Japan for about 8 months while my Pops was stationed there for the Air Force. I learned a few things over there but I wanted to try and learn some more.
  • Half-marathon training this week includes running 5 miles Saturday.
  • Quincy donated some items to the Humane Society yesterday. And of course we had to go check out all the dogs in the pound. It breaks my heart seeing all those guys in there. I would take them all home if I could.
  • Do the Dew. I have done the Dew. She is a whore.
    I think I am peeing Mountain Dew. I gave up soda for about a year, but a few months ago I got back on the Dew. I think I am up to about 50 ounces a day. I need help.

    That is all for now.
    See you later, and remember, please wash your hands before returning to work.


  1. Oh the Dew...harder to get free of than crack.

  2. Sorry ngregory00, I know you were trying to be first, but I have poor impulse control.

  3. Rocky -- It is some wicked stuff. And I think Nicole will get over it. She can't be first everyday.

    Cupcake -- The aspartame in diet pop scares me so I quit drinking the diet sodas.

  4. I'd been drinking water continuously for about a year, working out five days a week, my only caffeine or sugar an occasional Coke or Red Bull. Then one day, I slipped and had a Dew. Not long after I lost interest in working out, quit drinking water almost entirely, and I can market my dick as a soda fountain.

    So I too understand the Dew addiction.

    "My name is Silvester, and I'm an addict...."

  5. Worry not, Shife. I heard LOTS of dudes cried at "8 Below." It's just that kind of movie.

    So they've got you looking 55 in your "business professional" duds? Don't you HATE it when they punk you like that? Got any photos...?? ;)

  6. I cried in Old Yeller.

  7. I cried in "Titanic."

    From laughing so hard.

    Nothing cooler than seeing Leo sink like a rock.

    In seriousness, I have wept at the movies before. Don't be too stunned Shifey--I am capable of emotion at times! I got teary eyed recently at both "Munich" and "Syriana." By far the biggest sobmaker ever for me was "Monster's Ball."

  8. Haven't yet seen Eight Below, but I have literally cried twice during the previews while waiting for other movies. I don't even go to the pound, bc the puppies and kitties at PetSmart are enough to send me into a "this world is so cruel" tailspin. I get so worked up.
    I, too, am training for a half-marathon, and now I can abrely climb my own stairs. Seriously, my knees are shot to hell. It's bad.

    Where's your run gonna be?

  9. Rev -- Nice to meet you Silvester. Can I offer you a Mountain Dew?

    Nicole -- Sorry no photos. I got an image to maintain.

    Laurie -- No tears for me at LOTR but I did choke up a little.

    Angel -- I don't think too many people made it through that movie dry eyed.

    Rev -- I am finding out the more and more I read your blog that nothing surprises me. I won't tell anyone that you are a big sissy. I did cry tears of joy at "Monster's Ball" when Halle Berry decided she didn't like clothes.

  10. Pollyanna -- Mrs. Shife and I are running the Great Potato Race. And I know the feeling about the pound. Hope your knees feel better.

  11. I love your randomness Shifey. Funny.

  12. OMG spandex,
    Let me know when that day comes because I don't want to be there.

  13. Quincey is like the Princess Di of the dog world...

  14. I can think of worse dress codes at work...take paper hats, for example.

    Let me know when you decide to go with Spandex! ;)

  15. I love a guy who wears cufflinks. Something sexy about it. They have to be nice though--not cheesy or cheap looking.

    I won't see that dog movie becausee I know that I will cry.

    It is a shame you are married, otherwise we could have a farm, adopt 50 dogs and live happily ever after together. *Sigh*.

    I lived in Japan too for a bit. I still know a little bit of the language but not enough to communicate properly.

  16. I have friends who go through gallons of dew everyday, they look like tweak from south park...

  17. Cuff links aren't so's when you start wearing those little sock suspender thingies that you should start worrying !

  18. Steph -- I love your randomness too.

    Bozette -- Hopefully I will never cross that bridge.

    LB -- He is minus the English accent.

    Nutty -- It is good but it has been Disneyfied.

    LOS -- Age is just a number and it is important to be young at heart.

    Stephanie -- Very good point.

    The_Mrs. -- You gotta start somewhere.

    Blonde -- I know a few basics like hello, etc., but I wanted to know more. And I told you that you can always visit me when I run my own basset hound rescue.

    Vince -- I think we have already spoken on this matter.

    SC -- I think it is part of my DNA now.

    Sugar -- Eight Below will bring some tears. And I feel the same way about the pound because I just want to take them all home.

    SSG -- Is that the only thing that the old dude next door wears when he is feeling sexy?

    Mack -- My friends are the same way. They are like who is this mother fucker.

  19. "Rudy" makes me teary eyed.

    Japanese is really easy. Just sound like you're really pissed and that somebody just killed your village.

  20. So you admit to being old, a sissy, and a soda addict in the same post. I like a blooger who is not afraid to bare all to the world. Kudos to you, Shife!

  21. Phoenix -- I like your method of learning Japanese much better.

    White Dade -- Fortunately that is the only baring I will do. My public displays of nudity are behind me.

  22. I cry at E.T.

    From FEAR!!!!

  23. I just quit soda, again... Marathon running in winter in Boise? You jest, or maybe that is the reason you are crying???


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