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Sorry about my absence from the blogging universe but I had some major projects at work that required a lot of my attention. I don't have too much to blog about because I did absolutely nothing this weekend except catch up on my TV shows (I heart TiVo) and watch some movies. But here is what I have.
  • NASCAR. The Super Bowl of the sport was this weekend, Daytona. I just don't get the appeal. Can someone give me one compelling reason to even care about a sport that is just one big left turn?
  • The Winter Olympics. Not too enthusiastic about the Olympics this year. I have watched a few hockey games but that is about it.
  • I guess we should be grateful that Vice President Cheney has gone a whole week without shooting another person. The press was pretty brutal on Dick. I just wish they would use this same kind of tenacity towards President Bush and Iraq.
  • I highly recommend two movies, "Swimming Upstream" and "House of D." They are both out on DVD and are excellent films.
  • Hollywood has finally done it. They have released something compelling enough for me to drag my ass to the theater, "Eight Below." I plan on bringing a box of tissues. I have Monday off so Mrs. Shife and I are celebrating President's Day at the movies.
  • Speaking of President's Day, is there one holiday that is not completely commercialized? I am so glad that we can honor two great men by having huge linen sales.
  • Mrs. Shife and I are currently training for a half-marathon (13.1 miles) in May.
  • We finally named the two new additions to our household. Mrs. Shife got a pair of goldfish for Valentine's Day and after several days of debating they were tabbed Bud and Sissy. They are named after characters in a movie. I will send you a virtual hug if you can tell me the film.

Have a nice day, and as always, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Urban Cowboy!

    bring me some chapstick...my lips hurt real bad...

  2. You are awesome.
    Here is your virtual hug.
    Awww, wasn't that sweet of me.
    Have a great birthday.

  3. The winter olypmics are just Bleh! Does anyone actually care?

  4. You're more courageous than me. Someone warned me how depressing 8 Below was and now I'm running in the opposite direction.

    And you know my stance on the winter games...can't wait till 2008! (Hey, that rhymed.)

  5. Steph -- I am finding it difficult to give a shit.

    Nicole -- It better have a happy ending or somebody is getting punched in the babymaker. And no that didn't rhyme.

  6. Oh man I didn't get here in time, I knew Urban Cowboy!!! :/

    LOL@ Left turn sport - what I find curious is that their 'superbowl' race is the very first one....IRL has theirs in middle...others at the end obviously...guess they wanna start off with a bang. I wish I had seen more of the Olympics - I think my head has been up my arse lately

  7. Tina -- You still have time. I think they are on for another week.

  8. Saweeet, thanks, think I'm taking a mini- vacation Wed/Thurs too...no work, no hubby - jus me me me :p

  9. Meaning I can watch some Olympics...geesh I'm tired lol

  10. I don't get the NASCAR thing either. It makes no sense, yet I enjoy it somewhat, mainly because I see it as the Redneck Depopulation show. The more fiery wrecks, the better.

  11. I don't get NASCAR either. If you're gonna race a car, do drag racing. I mean you go from point A to point B in a few seconds and that's it. You're done. None of this round and round and round for HOURS crap!!!! I think I'd rather watch paint dry.

    And I don't think there are too many sales for Arbor Day. Just a thought.

  12. Tina- neener neener!:P

  13. Nascar is just another excuse for rednecks with mullets to get drunk in public.

    I thought you were gonna say they were named bud and weiser?

  14. I could never understand the appeal of NASCAR myself.

  15. Easy. You go to NASCAR for the wrecks.

  16. I only like to watch the snowboarding ones! On the Winter Olympics, that is.

    Thanks for the film recommendations, I'll put it on my rental queue.

    BTW, you should try see Hacks!

    ... and lastly, good luck on the training!

  17. I love any holiday in which I can partake in saving money! Love those white sales! I'm off to Kmart to stock up on Martha Stewart linens....maybe after that I'll stop by the White House and let Dick Cheney use my ass for target practice.

    I just endured a weekend FILLED with SpongeBob and The Hoff. Oh, boy...let me tell you...it was thrilling! My kids watched the SpongeBob movie over. and. over. and over......

    Excuse me while I spoon my eyes out with a spork.

  18. THAT is SO cute!
    You named them after Urban Cowboy?? :)
    Will you put a little trailer in the aquarium???

    Training for a 13 mile marathon? Holy Buddha. You are . . . driven. And that's what I would have to be - driven.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only person that wants to see Eight Below. And yes, I just admitted that.

  19. OMG. My uncles watched Nascar all-fucking-day long yesterday! How white trash it that?! [I can say that cause I'm mexican, right?] LOL... anyways, quit working and start blogging!


  20. I guess I didn't make it in time. I knew Urban Cowboy too!

  21. OK although everyone already said it.. if we know it do we get virtual hugs too?
    And way to go on the marathon!

  22. Ooh, I saw Swimming Upstream, because it has Jesse Spencer (from House) in it. He's so hot!

  23. I don't name my pets unless they live more than a week! We'll see. I have 5 new fish to name on Tuesday.

  24. Urban Cowboy is one of my favs. Saw it twice in the theater when it came out.

    Yes, bring your tissues to see "Eight Below". I cried during the damn trailer.

  25. i care about the olmpics - go CBC go!

    we have our own version of the golden girls - our women's hockey team. yay!!!

  26. I watched the Olympic hockey too but I wasn't thrilled. I liked watching the skating when I was sick in bed...lol "linen sales" Lincoln and Washington are so thrilled that everyone get's new sheets every year... I love your movie recommendations, so I will add SWIMING UPSTREAM and HOUSE, but I have never heard of either!


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