What Did You Say?

This new gal Mackenzie stopped by the dumb, white guy's blog, so I went and visited her site. She had a pretty interesting topic about sex and things that are said during the whole intercourse experience. So that got me thinking .....

What are four words you DO NOT want to hear in bed?

For example, I imagine hearing "I'm Rick James, bitch" or "I'm an uncle fucker" or "I love Star Jones" would probably make the cash and prizes write a book called "I Am Never Getting A Hard On For This Guy Again."

How about you?


  1. I don't know. But in a sorta related story..my ex bf once rolled over from sleep while I was awake next to him watching tv and he said, "are you Claire Huxtable?" Believe me there were many questions asked.

  2. 4 words i think everyone does "not" want to hear....hmmm

    "I Have A Headache"
    "Are we There Yet?"
    "It's Just an Itch"


  3. from your previous post:
    That is a huge hole.

    "i love you __enter_wrong_name__"

    "i thought 4 inches was average" (ok, few more than 4 words but you get my drift"

  4. Four words? How about three words?

    Is that it?

  5. Women dont want to hear ~ "Am I in yet???

    Men don't want to hear ~ "Are you in yet????

  6. Just a guess but I'm thinking "I have genital warts" would be a turn-off for most.

    By the way, Laurie, I greatly enjoyed the randomness of the Claire Huxtable comment.

  7. "Who are you, again?"
    "I love you, *someone else's name*"
    "The condom just broke"

  8. PS - I know Cranberry already said the I love you one, but damn if it's not TRUE.

  9. "Call me David Hasselhoff."

  10. "Is it in yet?"

  11. "What the hell is that?"

  12. Doug already said mine, except I was going to say, " a guy who says I am the Hoff" as he comes!!! Also, I agree with the other girls on "that's a huge hole" and also I would hate to hear that "you're just like your sister"!!! (The rodeo position!)

  13. I'd rather be blogging.

  14. Did you just pee?

    You hate to have to ask that one. Unless of course your into that golden showers!

  15. meghan - it's alright for the repeat sista!

  16. I used to date a guy that would yell out "I Win" when he finished while doing it doggy style. It made me laugh though.

    I don't like any words except dirty ones while having sex. I want no chit chat and no conversing otherwise.

  17. "you MUST be joking"
    "do you smell that?"
    "why is that green?"

  18. you're blocking the camera.

    oh i'm sorry, you said Do Not want to hear. LOL!

    yours are all great. the only thing i don't want to hear is him laughing like a school girl when i want to Get.it.on.

  19. Geez...there are soooo many things that would NOT be good to say OR hear during sex.

    "What's your name again?"

    "I'm finished, are you?"

    "Suck my toes, baby."

    "Lick my ass, baby."

    "Oops, that just slipped."

    "Have ya douched lately?"

    "Ew. What is that?"

    "You need bigger tits."

  20. Are you done yet-
    Yeah I would hate that...

  21. "Who's your Flavor Flav?"

  22. "I have to fart"
    "No jack hammer, please."
    "I'm really a man"
    "This is so boring"
    "I'd rather finish myself"
    "No, please not there"
    "Your mom was better"
    "Oh, that's just a nubbin'" (anyone used to watch 'Friends'?)
    "I have both parts"
    "Got any "D" batteries?"
    "Spank my bottom, Nana!"
    "Could you try harder?"
    "Does it get bigger?"

    Hee hee...this was fun :)

  23. "What's your name again?"

  24. "I want a baby."

  25. "Change for a Twenty?"
    "The test was positive."
    "I love you Oprah!"
    "In, out, in, out."
    "Let's try that again."
    "Have a bag handy?"
    "Which end is up?"
    "Hi, I'm Dennis Rodman"

  26. what is that smell ?

  27. okay.... these are two very real ones... i do believe miss cranberry knows the story behind one of them.

    during sex: "GAME ON!"
    after sex: "DISENGAGE!"

  28. Hm. None of these things that I see are worse than my Claire Huxtable thingie. I have yet to see something worse.

  29. "Is that a twinkie?"

  30. I'll break it down along gender lines.

    For guys:
    "Is it in yet??"

    For girls:
    "This never happened before...!"


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