Thank Gargamel It's Friday

Well it has been a long week
and the creativity tank is empty so I am going to keep it simple today. Since there is no law against having your Christmas lights up all year it got me thinking. I imagine there are a bunch of things that we wish were against the law. So that is your mission today if you choose to accept it -- finish this sentence, "There oughta be law .... "


mrshife said…
against cancelling the greatest TV show in the world, Arrested Development.
Sideshow said…
against referencing 80's cartoons. ;-)
LBseahag said…
There oughtta be a law that Asians be be thrown in prison for perpetual turn signal and brakeriding...and death my MSG injection for Asians in car with cell phone.
Cupcake said…
against girls with too much belly fat wearing way-too-lowcut jeans, string thongs hanging out the back and short, short t-shirts.

Do they not own mirrors???
missy said…
against people who chew with their mouths open.
jamwall said…
there outta be a law against cardboard..
Father of 3 said…
There oughtta be a law against:
-Doctors making you wait any more than 10 minutes past your appointment time.
-Doctors taking you 45 minutes late, then having you wait in the exam room for another 45 minutes. (Pediatricians are the worst)
-Teens on the subway calling each other the N word and using MF and the F word out loud in front of old ladies, little kids or me.
-Having to push play on a rental dvd more than once.
-oh, yeah one more... people who comment on anyone else's taste in music. <--Don't come in my house, car or office and say "What is this crap you're listening to?" Fuck off.
T. Leach said…
Against copping out on your blog posts.
She said…
There ought to be a law against
-Anyone under 16 owning a cell phone.
-People who peel out of school parking lots at pickup/dropoff times like they're in Daytona
-hair plugs
-Plumber/repairman ass crack (I don't need to see that)
-People who bring 25+ items to the 15 items or less checkout.
Andraste said…
Paying good money to belong to a gym, and then taking the T one stop and standing still on an escalator. MOVE your fat ass!
SugarHigh said…
LMAO! cupcake stole mine!!!

against wearing fur.
SuperSpyGal said…
against blowing your nose in a restaurant, or in a store, or on a bus/train or anywhere in a public place !! just sniffle it up and swallow it ...geez !
Vince said…
...against women making any sports-related comment in public.


...against sexism.
angel, jr. said…
There ought to be a law against leaving used chewing tobacco artifacts in the urinal.
cher said…
against people who work in the service industry who are rude and unfriendly
The Scarlett said…
I'm with Cupcake on the muffin top/whale tail situation. This must be stopped.

Oh, and I hate flip-flops in the winter (or even after November 1st). And I don't want to hear, 'I just got a fresh pedi, either' because this is wrong!!!!!!!
against Vince being an asshole about girls that like sports.


against people under the age of 25 giving birth.
the_mrs said…
I have to disagree with Meghansdiscontent, but that just might be because she's talking about me ;)

Cupcake hit the nail on the head---that would be an awesome law...there wouldn't be a single teenager at the mall! How sweet would that be?

The Mr. and I also dismayed at the Arrested Development cancellation. Some people just don't get 'humor'.
Phats said…
Hey Shife
I read in some magazine might have been tv guide that two networks are thinking of picking up Arrested Development. One was SHowtime I can't remember the other. There is hope my friend there is hope!

There oughta be a law against any HS kid having a better and nicer car then yours truly, that's just not right!
cranberry said…
against sushi. 'nuff said.
Father of 3 said…
I'm against sushi with cranberries.
auburn said…
there oughtta be a law against dumb people.

I will never understand how people walk into a restaurant or bar and pick the one table that's covered in plates and shit when the one right next to it is clean and set. DAMN this sociological crap that says people subconsciously want to be where other people are/have been.
cranberry said…
this cranberry with sushi, just doesn't go together.
go tempura though!
Blonde said…
...against Hoff haters.

...against mean bloggers that make shitty comments on other people's blogs (like mine).

...against people that are mean to animals.

...against guy with small junk.
Denise said…
....against charging outrageous prices for cable when there is never anything on.

....against banks charging ridiculously high fees for overdrafts.

....against people blocking the aisles in grocery stores while they are deciding on which kind of juice or hemorrhoid cream to buy.

....against the Smurfs.

....against the "Can you hear me now?" commercial.
nicole said…
...against women hosing down the ladies room toilet seat, NOT wiping the shit up and then LEAVING without washing their skank ass hands.

i don't even know what to add! holy shit, this is one of your best yet, mrshife! too funny.

against atm fees. those suck.
after coloradohurricane becomes president (at the state of the union address):

there is a dangerous force in America today. An axis of evil. We will stop them. It's us against them. You're either on our side or there's. There is no middle ground.
Bring it on.

From this day foward, anyone who is in a long line at a restaurant or anywhere else and holds up the line because they are too busy talking on their cell phone shall be declared an enemy of the state and put to death immediately after a quick military trial at Gitmo.

The death will be painful, but not as painful as the inconsideration shown by these evil people. The instrument of the crime (the phone) will be inserted into the aural cavity of the criminal without benefit of painkillers and will continue until grey matter comes spilling out of their ear.
wmy said…
against them damn OB tampons...who wants to finger themselves everytime you have to put one it??
Just sayin...
Design Goddess said…
...against professors who expect perfect gramer, punkuashion, and spelen when they can't seem to hit spell check AND look for mistakes in their handouts prior to handing them out!

(and against cancelling AD. If someone were to pick it up, I would be SO happy!)
anywherebutTX said…
against women driving two-ton SUV's while talking on the cell phone and turning around to see what their bratty kids are doing in the back seat.

And also, against those stupid stickers that people put on their cars of a basketball/football/megaphone with their kid's name on it.

Please never let me turn into a soccer mom.......
Design Goddess said…
...against DVD players in cars that OTHER cars can see. VERY distracting!
mona said…
againts people who are narrow minded, if you are narrow minded -fuck you.
oh and there ought to be a law against Brendan Frasier.
SignGurl said…
There oughta be a law that stupid people can't procreate.

LMAO at WMY's comment about OB tampons!
Luke said…
against bellbottoms