Happy Anniversary to Me!

Holy crap.
It has been one year since I began the blogging journey.
I have come a long way baby, and it is kind of funny how this blog evolved.
When I first started I was just going to write about me and my beloved dog, Quincy.
The adventures of a boy and his fat basset hound if I recall correctly. Well, that got pretty boring pretty fast. I love Quincy dog but he doesn’t deviate much from his normal activities of eating, sleeping, pissing, and shitting.
So I started writing about my so-called life and along the way I met a lot of neat people, and I just wanted to thank you all for making this blog experience fun and worthwhile.
Without you, Confessions of a Dumb, White Guy would be a pretty lame place.
And I proudly present my first-ever post, and please be kind to me.
Just remember how good you were the first time you had sex. Exactly.
Have a great day.

Did you honestly think I wouldn't mention the man?


  1. Happy Anniversary to you!!

  2. Happy blogaversary. You were one of the first people to comment on my blog and i loved you for it. How you found me i dunno but i'm so glad you did.Clicking on your profile and finding your blog has given me no end of laughs.

    Love ya Shifey!

  3. Happy First!! Here's to more Hoffs and years and years of blogging (you) and entertainment (us)!!

  4. Congrats!

    BTW, best first post EVER!

  5. lol Happy Anniversary to you --- so glad you blog, because you bring a smile to my face daily. This is one of the funniest blogs out there ----

    Love the Hoffster

  6. Happy Anniversary! Let's keep going till the silver anniversary!!!

  7. Congratulations, and many more. Start a dog blog, maybe about a basset hound. That might be fun. ;)

  8. Happy Anniversary!

    What gift do you give someone for their first blog anniversary???

  9. I was fucking great [pun intended] the first time I had sex.

    Blogging? Not so much.

    Happy Bloggerversary to you!

  10. SN -- Thank you. You will have to tell me how to say it in Swedish someday.

    Steph -- I think we can thank our good pal Darius for our paths crossing.

    Rev -- Gracias.

    NM -- I am going to take it one day at a time. Doing this for years seems crazy at the moment but I never thought I would do it for one year.

    Scarlett -- Thanks.

    As seen on TV -- I hate you.

    Princess -- I am glad I can make you smile.

    MD -- Thank you very much.

    The_Mrs. -- It was different that is for sure.

    Duck -- Whatever. My so-called life hasn't gotten cancelled yet.

    Angel -- Silver. Is that 25? I don't know how exciting I will be in 25 years.

    Twisted -- Thank you sir.

    Luke -- Quincy is already famous enough. I don't want his head to be as big as his belly.

    Mack -- Thank you very fucking much.

    Blonde -- I believe it is paper so I guess that means cash or airline tickets. Or you can just send the Hoff.

    Damasta -- Well I guess I will take your word on it.

    Armaedes -- He is the wind beneath our wings.

  11. Happy Blog-a-versary! To think my first post on my first webpage was almost 4 years ago. That page is gone now, but still lives on in some form thanks to Archive.org (which is a great site if you've never checked it out).

  12. I only come here for the Hoff.

  13. Hey, Matt, I just gave 'as seen on tv items' a Tabasco enema in your honor for your bloggaversary. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

  14. Hey Happy Anniversary Shife! I feel horrible I didn't get you a gift.

    I am glad to have stumbled upon your utterly hilarious blog!

  15. Hey, your blog is the funniest damn thing I read every day-I'm glad you been up one year, and that I can pull your stuff up over here in Iraq-keeps me sane-and that you comment on mine.

  16. Did you just say I was lame in bed?

  17. BRAVA, SHIFE!!!

    Aww, I'm SO jealous -- one year?? I won't be there till May!

    And for a guy that just started 12 months ago, you've got one hell of a huge audience. I know of MAGAZINES that don't enjoy this kind of circulation. I wanna be like you when I grow up... ;)

  18. Congrats on the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY !!

    *sniff* it seems like just yesterday you were posting about cabin fever and....oh wait...that WAS yesterday...oh well....here's to many more years and the hope that Hoff is still around !

  19. Ha, cool post. Happy Bloggerversary.

  20. Congrats!!!

    And after reading that i am proud to say my sexual experience i just laid there like a corpse...

  21. Happy Anniversary! Congrats! God bless.

  22. Funny then, funny now!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and give Quincy a treat for me! I am glad he is so inspiring!! What would the blogosphere do with The Shife!!! I would never have developed my Hoff obsession!!!


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