Holy testicular fortitude, it is Tuesday!!

Just a few thoughts from the dumb, white guy.

  • Happy Birthday, Pops. Today is my dad’s birthday and I just wanted to let him know that he is one cool dude. Brief history of Mr. Shife, my biological dad left me and my Mom when I was a baby, and even though that wasn’t very cool, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. My Mom met my Pops a few years later and they got married, and I was adopted. He has always treated me like his own flesh and blood and I hope I can be half the man he didn’t have to be. The song “He Didn’t Have To Be” by Brad Paisley is a fitting tribute to my Pops. I swear the song was written specifically for him. Anyway, Happy Birthday Dad, you are the best.
  • I had a Yoo-Hoo for the first time ever yesterday. Not too shabby.
    I had grand plans to write a funny little story about Yoo-Hoo, a few good men in my underpant’s navy, and how Mrs. Shife couldn’t handle the truth. But Mrs. Shife said it was a little too obscure so I had the trash that plan. Basically Tom Cruise’s character in “A Few Good Men” liked the Yoo-Hoo and everyone knows the line from the movie “You can’t handle the truth.” It would have been a beautiful thing but my editor said no.
  • Two quotes to consider this season when you are out and about dealing with Christmas madness. (And special thanks to my friend, Swedish Nurse, for the second quote.)
    “One can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who think can do nothing for them.” – I don’t know who is responsible for this gem.
    “Most humans have an almost infinite capacity for takings things for granted.” – Aldous Huxley, English critic & novelist.


  1. Shife..Happy Birthday to your father. Sounds like a great guy. Funny enough, my own father used to use that quote �One can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who think can do nothing for them� all the time...and it was proven during his wake and funeral when sooo many people came up to me to let me know all the acts of kindness my father had done for them...without ever mentioning it to anyone. He was cooler than I even thought he was.

    Yoo hoos are great..and not too fattening. You'll be addicted if you have one today.

  2. FO3 -- I know I am thinking about Yoo-Hoos right now.

    Duck -- Liar.

  3. take my quiz (friday the 9th's post) without looking at the comments. some of the comments give the answers away

  4. happy birthday to your dad. i love stories with happy endings. my dad is one of those men too. he is an above and beyond man.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad !!

    Yoo Hoo's are great, just make sure you shake em up ! ;-)

  6. Psssssst..we ARE talking about the drink, right??? :-P

  7. I like the quote one can judge a person's character by the way they treat a person who can do nothing for them. It makes me think of something I learned--watch the way a person treats a waiter/waitress, it's the way they view the world.

    Happy Birthday to your Pops. I feel it's people like him that make the human race continue to thrive.

  8. You come down here, in your faggoty white uniform and your Harvard mouth, and extend me some fucking courtesy!

    You want to investigate me, roll the dice and take your chances.

    Is this what I was called to Washington for, Danny? Phone calls and foot lockers? What do you want to know next? What's my favorite color?

    Love that movie.

    And love Papa Shife.

    Happy Birthday, you magnificent bastard!

  9. and i love you T Leach.

  10. Happy birthday to your pops! That's a great song by Brad Paisley.

    YOO HOO!! I love that stuff mmmm good. You had your second yet??

  11. Well, that first quote clearly doesn't relate to me.

    I treat EVERYONE like they can do nothing for me.

    Well, they can't.

  12. LOL...your reference to Tom Cruise. I was once in love with that man....now the mere mention of his name cracks me up. He's such a joke...a filthy rich joke though.

    Yoo-Hoo tastes like Poo-Poo...in my opinion.

    Happy Birthday Mr. Shife's Dad!!! That's a nice song.

  13. Durnit, now I want the Yoo Hoo/A Few Good Men story.

    Darn your editor all to heck! (though, she probably saved us all) I trust the opinion of any woman smart enough to snatch you up.

  14. Cher -- I took your quiz and got a 60. Now you know why I am a dumb, white guy.

    SSG -- Yes, we are just talking about the drink. No yoo hooing under my roof, I think it might be illegal in this state anyway.

    Angel -- You are a smart guy.

    Vince -- You need to take care of those yahoos so you can have a yoo-hoo.

    T. Leach -- That scene is classic. Jack effin rocks in that role.

    Cher -- I think you are trying to win votes for Phat's contest by telling everyone you love them.

    Phats -- Still at number one, my man.

    Damasta -- Honesty is the best policy.

    Sugar -- I am checking out "Brave New World" as soon as I can.

    The Mrs. -- Thanks for stopping in and I have been missing out.

    ME -- Yes, this was Tom Cruise before he went and got all crazy.

    MD -- Don't lose hope, there is a possibilty I might still make the story work.


    Testicular fortitude...?

  16. Happy Birthday to your father man.

  17. Happy Birthday, Mr. Pops Shife...

    and wow...you got all deep at the end...

    have another yoohoo...

  18. I dunno, Yoohoos always tasted a bit wierd to me.

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  20. Your Pops sounds like a great guy.

    I've never actually had a Yoo-Hoo. I'm aware of it but I've never been compelled to try it even though I am rather fond of chocolate.

  21. Shife...you need to watch this. Volume up.


  22. I've never had a yoohoo. I don't think I want to either. Was it nice?

  23. Happy B-day Pops!!!

    ...and yes I remember that line and Yoo-Hoo reference. For once I would have actually "got the joke".

    p.s. I missed you when you were absent....

  24. Well i'm a day late but, Happy Birthday to your pops!! That little bit on your father was well said.

    Love that title too! ... "Holy testicular fortitude"
    Gotta love it! :-)

  25. Ah you have such a way with words. It really and truly makes me jealous.

    And some words of advice for you: Just go for it!! (the second yoo-hoo and the few good men story)

    I will be checking back to see how the second one is and to read the story.

  26. Totally lost on the yoo-hoo thing. It seemed to have a lot of innuendo, so I am very disappointed in myself. Your Pops sounds awesome!! Belated birthday wishes to him!! And I loved those quotes!! I'd never heard the second one!!!

  27. A Brave New World is a great book!

    What's a Yoo-hoo?


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