Evidently a bug crawled up my ass

because I don't have a lot of postive things to say. I guess I am trying to get all my negative energy out before I head home for the holidays. And don't worry, I have an appointment to get the previously mentioned object removed from my rectum.
  • I hate fantasy football. I watch games I don't care about just to see if some dude scores, and then some ass bag from ass hat university has the game of his life and catches 3 TDs. If you couldn't tell I lost in my fantasy football playoffs this weekend but I am not bitter or anything.
  • I hate the lack of professionalism some announcers have during NFL games. My team is the Arizona Cardinals, they suck and it sucks for the announcers who have to cover their game but at least get their names right. And at least say something that makes sense. One talking hair-do commented that a certain player was great in college, and then he followed it up by saying he was great in high school. Well, no kidding. Usually, that is how you get a football scholarship by being great in high school, and then if you are great in college you usually make it to the NFL. Unless, I am unaware of a new trend in football where really horrible high school players are infilitrating the NFL scene.
  • I might be grumpy because I am still dealing with this cold. Seriously, doctors and scientists can clone humans and animals, but they can't figure out how to cure a cold.
  • I think all the uproar about saying Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays is horse shit. Gimme a break, there are so many more important things that we should focus on during the holiday season than if it is politically correct to say Merry Christmas.
  • I guess I wasn't the only one not excited about "King Kong." It didn't quite make as much money as Hollywood anticipated. Boo-hoo. How about make something flippin' original that actually has a plot and is not special-effects driven?
  • This just in from No Shit magazine, I was not named the Time person of the year.
  • Anybody excited about the season finale of Nip/Tuck? Any guesses on who The Carver is?
  • Speaking of TV, I am looking forward to the new season of 24 and The Shield.

Well, I feel better now, and I hope you have a lovely day.


  1. I could be wrong, but wasn't King Kong done at least a couple dozen times ? Isn't there any original plot idea anyone can come up with ?

    As for the "Merry Christmas"/"Happy Holidays" thing, I've kind of softened my view on that a little bit, but still I think companies/government bidies should not mandate what to say. Just put out a memo saying, "Just say whatever greeting you are comfortable saying and be sincere about it, and there'll be no problems."

  2. Awww Shifey, hope you get those cranky pants off soon. ;)

  3. a ha! so your coach is denny "where's the buffet" green. we know him well here in minnesota...

  4. Sorry to hear you still have that cold. Have you recovered from your Vitamin C overdose yet?

    As far as the politcally correct holiday greeting thing goes, obviously it would be inappropriate to say "Merry Christmas" to some one who is say Jewish or Muslim as they don't celebrate Christmas. However, we shouldn't also have to go around all the time stressing about trying to figure out everyone's religion (or lack thereof). I think the really stupid debate is the whole thing about the "holiday tree." I mean come on people, how exactly does a decorated pine/fir tree fit into Hanukkah or Ramadan? Clearly it should be called the Christmas tree. But then I guess the question really is, why don't we routinely have public displays for holidays celebrated by religions other than Christianity?

  5. And by way of redundancy, bah humbug!

  6. Anonymous12/19/2005

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  7. I can't believe you're still sick!! Hope you finally start getting over those cooties, Shife.

    I have a few ways of getting around the "political incorrectness" of Merry Christmas (as if):

    1)Merry Christmahannukwanzaaka
    2)Murry Crimmus
    3)Complete silence

    One of them's BOUND to please.

  8. I find that the best way to watch 24 is-
    1. get the entire series dvd set
    2. have lots and lots of food handy
    3. have lots and lots of beer handy
    4. make sure that the whole weekend is clear
    5. turn on tv/projector and watch the entire thing on one go



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