25 Reasons Why I Love the Hoff

So are you sick of David Hasselhoff week yet?
Only one more day to go.
  1. He is a sweet dancer
  2. Pac-Hoff
  3. Hoff Invaders
  4. I am compatible with the Hoff intellectually and emotionally
  5. Word Search
  6. Hoffer
  7. I can find out where the Hoff might be
  8. I can ask him all of life's really important questions
  9. He has hofficial merchandise
  10. He has 147 songs online
  11. He is a movie star
  12. He has been to the same rehab facility as Mary-Kate Olsen
  13. He may be plotting world domination
  14. Ice-T is going to produce his rap album. Yes, a rap album
  15. He can be your idol
  16. He is going to do Madonna
  17. He has a big band
  18. He is the International Star of the Year
  19. He ended the cold war
  20. He might be the anti-christ
  21. 80 million Germans can't be wrong
  22. I can buy his clothes
  23. He was in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
  24. Knight Rider the movie in 2006
  25. I can give him an O face


  1. I actually played Hoffer. Fullfilled three minutes of my life. Thanks!

  2. hoffical merchandise....sign me up...i want a david choke-a-chee tshirt...

    Do you agree, that hoff and parker stevenson make a better couple than parker and shaun cassidy in the hardy boys?

    hearty boys..

  3. Oh. My. God.

    You've left me speechless. Do you have people doing this research for you? I ask because this cannot be the work of only one man. Unless, of course, you are really Hoff.

  4. Bloody hell. Whatever your job is, I want it!!


  5. Angel -- You are welcome.

    LB -- The Hoff and anybody make a better couple. Hell, the Hoff just by himself can beat couples.

    Scarlett -- Sadly, I devoted 2 hours of life after work last night to find these delicious Hoff gems. And I believe, it is Oh. My. Hoff.

    NM -- You can't have it, it is all mine. Muhahaha.

    Vince -- I am on it Vince.

  6. Hoff Invaders.

    No work will be done today. I WILL destroy the Hoff.

  7. The saddest part is, back in the early 80's, I had the same haircut he had... :(

  8. Andraste -- You can't destroy the Hoff.

    SSG -- And you looked fantastic.

    Armaedes -- 120 fun-filled minutes.

  9. And this whole week, every time I come here, I keep hearing Norm MacDonald's voice in my head... "Germans love David Hasselhoff".

  10. I'm addicted to Hoffer. Thanks Shife!!! Can I get a version for my cell phone?

  11. This is classic man, I might shed a tear when Hoff week is over. The dancer one cracked me up!

    BTW how old is Quincy?

  12. Jon -- That almost made the list of 25.

    Angel -- I don't know but I think we need to make a call to Motorola or Verizon.

    Phats -- I am crying right now. The big fat basset is 8, which is 8 in human years.

  13. Michael Knight: You are about as much fun as a divorce, which is not a bad idea!

    K.I.T.T.: I want custody of me!

    Hoff weak just wouldn't be complete without some Knight Rider quotes...

  14. roflmaoooooooooooooooooo oh my this is funny

  15. Is next week Vanilla Ice week?

  16. Now you've got me curious about the Hoff. I bet under it all, under all the hair and fluff, he's probably a regular guy just like you and me.
    Oh who am I kidding? He's probably prissier than I am. I can smell that 80s mousse all the way over here.

  17. i am only 46% compatible with the hoff, but through this quiz i found out that i am 100% compatible with Joey Fatone!!!!!!!!!! Sweet hey?

  18. Just when I think the limits of scary can never be reached . . . where in the hell do you get this stuff?

    I wish I was Mr. Shife.

  19. SC -- Thank you for making Hoff week complete.

    PE -- Thank you for your kind words.

    Phats -- Sorry, even I have limitations. I think this may be a job for you and Nutty.

    DB -- He is actually Gary Coleman underneath all that hair.

    Cher -- You are one lucky lady. You and Joey can share a 100 Grand candy bar.

    MD -- I have a secret lair of Hasselhoff stuff. You can be me for Halloweeen if you want, all the kids will be doing it.


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