My Big Fat Rant

I am going to take a break from my usual attempt at trying to make my fellow bloggers laugh because something chapped at my ass today, and I would like to vent.
I was on the elliptical machine at the gym trying to release the remaining toxins leftover from this weekend when the beacon of journalism integrity came shining across the television. Ah yes, another idiot-winning episode of Entertainment Tonight. Usually I don't give shows of this ilk much attention but the music wasn't doing it for me today so I found myself being sucked into this trash. What I found particularly interesting was an undercover report where one of the talking hair-dos donned a fat suit and trolled around New York City. This so-called journalist was ready to expose the real world that fat women live in. This story featured the rail dressed as an obese woman while an undercover camera crew followed her around and caught all the snickers and stares on camera. I know you are pissed that you missed this groundbreaking episode of ET. But what really boiled my blood was how she concluded her segment. She said that by going undercover she was fighting for obese women everywhere.
By throwing on the Michelin Man outfit and documenting people making fun of your fatness you think you are helping the plight of fat women everywhere.
Maybe next week you can dress up as a flamboyant homosexual and tell us you are fighting for homosexuals everywhere.
Do you want to fight for overweight women?
How about reporting on how the portion sizes in restaurants are out of whack? Or how you can Super Size yourself a heart attack? Or that a large soda is now as big as Anna Nicole Smith's cup size? Or that the number of Type 2 diabetes cases in America are rising at an alarming rate? Or that obesity is slowly becoming a public health crisis? Or that we need to encourage physical activity? Or that we need better nutrition guidelines? Or how many premature deaths can be attributed to obesity? Or that your show glamorizes the dangerously thin Hollywood types thus sending the wrong message to young girls?
Entertainment Tonight please stick to what you know best and that is blowing sunshine up celebrities asses and leave the undercover journalism to shows like 60 minutes.
This is just my opinion and thanks for listening.


  1. I myself think that the snickers and coments "endured" by fat people is healthy.

    I'm a little overweight, but when I was at my peak weight, an "unhappy" customer called me a "fat fucker" which promted me to go on a diet and lose weight.

    It's one thing to accept and be happy with who you are, it's another thing to accept an unhealthy lifestyle. No one worries about the ridicole and names alcoholics or drug addicts "endure" and rightfully so.

  2. Hey, they could pre-empt ET with Mr Mehoff...hehehe

  3. First of all,making fun of overweight people is unacceptable. I get so angry when I see and read it.

    People that wear the fat suits (asshole Tyra Banks and that douche Jay-Dr.Phil's son) are not helping matters. They are just exposing the ugly and not making changes. The celebrities that are featured daily on ET have eating disorders are just as unhealthy as someone overweight. It is a vicous cycle and I could go on about this forever.

  4. What's up with this trend? I'm not talking obesity ... I'm talking about thin people donning fat suits to make a point. Apparently Tyra Banks did it for her show (and I only knew this because I saw it in VH1's The Best Week Ever. Why do we need to be reminded that fat people face ridicule and discrimination? To me, it is like assuming that we are all too stupid to realize this. And, please, when Tyra Banks pretends to have felt humiliation (!) and then wants sympathy and comfort(!) from fat people because she temporarily experienced their pain ... I'm sorry I just had to take a minute and wipe away a tear.

    A fat suit is easy. I want them to do anorexic. Now that would be interesting. We have a woman that we see at Whole Foods that we call "The Potato Woman" (or 'TPW') because she spends something like 40 minutes going over each and every potato to pick the perfect one for her only meal that day. I keep thinking that there will be a day when TPW won't be at the store anymore. And, as a former anorexic myself, I pretty much understand what this is like.

    Anyway, I say that the fat suit is a cheap ratings booster. We've all seen the fat suit. We've all seen Shallow Hal. We don't need another talking head pretending to go undercover with this 'groundbreaking' exposé.

  5. I just wrote an advertorial on this very subject entitled, "Dying off the Fat of the Land."

    Yeah, the whole "fat suit" thing has run its course. We don't need to see someone parading around in one to know that fat people are perceived as slobs. We already know it.

    That's enough serious out of you, young man.

  6. I'd leave a comment, but this is one of my "buttons" so I'm going to let it slide.

  7. I think everyone here has already covered everything I would say on this subject.

    Darius, no need for flame proof trousers, because you're right. Everywhere you go in America, you encounter something I call the "New American Landscape." Entire strips of road, miles long, with nothing but fast food and shitty chain restaurants on either side. And they cater to people who don't take responsibility for what they put in their bodies...the people who blame the fast food suppliers for their obesity, or worse, for their kids' obesity.

    We've had enough people try to sue the purveyors of shitty "food product," (whatever it is, it is definitely NOT food) that we've had to enact a LAW preventing people from suing these companies. I remember a woman couple of years ago, trying to sue McDonald's because HER KIDS were fat. For Chrissakes, woman! COOK for your own kids, steam some fucking broccoli, make a salad...she's the one who should have been locked up for allowing her kids to eat enough of that crap to be obese.

    I used to eat that stuff as a kid. It was a TREAT, when we were on the road and that was what was available. It was NOT a major part of my diet, even when my parents were so tired they could barely see straight, there was always wheat bread and peanut butter. Jesus Christ.

    On the other hand...maybe it's natural selection. Only they're not dying fast enough, and having too much time to breed and pass these awful habits on to their spawn.

  8. Oops. I guess I DID have more to add, after all.

  9. Fighting for Fat Women? How about fighting for fat men? The injustice of it all! She is discriminating!

  10. I think almost every person at one time in their life has faced some form of discrimination because of what society views as the "norm"..whether it be because of race, sexual orientation/preference, fat, skinny, bald, disabled, etc...It's a cheap ploy for ratings to "pretend to walk in someone elses shoes" and then act as if they TRULY understand the hardships they face...

  11. I totally agree. Of course, I've had a grudge against "Entertainment Tonight" ever since the news station I was laid off from replaced the newscast they cancelled with ET.

  12. You know, she put that on thinking she was doing a great segment but really she was just tattle-taling on the general public. We all know fat people get laughed at, criticized, are made to feel less than human (I know i'm an offendar and I am not proud of it...) but honestly I can't help but think that her little dog and pony show was just so she could feel better about her RAIL thin self. She gets to go home and take it off. Did she ever stop to think that poeple were laughing because she looked rediculous? and not like a real obese person? I aggree MrShife, why doesn't she report on the culprits, the solutions, the death rate, ways to help? Why doesn't she go and research and report on great health programs? ET already makes me sick. It's a show for the wannabe's who think that stars are God's gift, where they can obsess about a star's every move. If I were an obese or overweight person I'd be offended. That did nothing. She may have a better understanding but all it proved is that she dressed up, no one knew who she was and she got laughed at. Way to go brainiac. MrShife I wish you would send your topic today directly to them.

  13. Well said --- Tyra Banks did the same thing recently, I will give Tyra this she is 5'11 and 150 lbs -- most models at more at 110 lbs.

    You are right about portion size --they give you enough for two people.

    good post

  14. CH -- Good points and I agree with you.

    ST -- I think I used more brain power writing my jerk off script than they have ever.

    DT -- You are correct, sir. And I think you can put the flame-proof trousers away unless you are smoking in bed again.

    Blonde -- Thanks for the input, and I hope I didn't get you too riled up. And sorry about the Eagles game last night.

    The Scarlett -- Fat suits should be reserved for dressing up as Fat Elvis on Halloween and that's it.

    T. Leach -- Yes, sir. I will return to the absurd and weirdness immediately.

    Max -- You and your buttons.

    Toto -- It is a sad state of affairs.

    Andraste -- Well said and it is a New American Landscape.

    Vince -- I already told you, everything I do, I do it for you. So I guess a penis pic is coming. Yes that was intentional.

    Angel -- Excluding men only adds insult to injury, and completely validates the absurdity of the report.

    SSG -- A very cheap ploy, and at the expense of a majority of their viewing audience.

    Jon -- Now I have another reason to dislike that show. Those bastards put you out of work.

    Fiona -- Good points. I think I might drop those ET people a line.

  15. Thanks PE. I didn't get you on my last one, you snuck in there while I was typing. Yes, at least Tyra doesn't look like she skipped food for an entire month.

  16. Anonymous11/15/2005

    I’ am going to leave that fat thing alone. How in the world did you just apologize for that Cowboys game last night? I hate the Eagles and that stupid Mcnabb and his wanna be micheal jackson dance. It's there fault they lost nice pass Mcnabb hahahahah Roy Williams is the man. The eagles r a bunch of cocky bitches and got what they deserved. It was great to see Mcnabb get rocked at the end. Go Cowboys. Hey Bro looks like the glass slipper my fit for both my Teams. White Sox Chmaps 2005. Dallas Cowboys???

  17. i'm posing as a guy who incessantly bangs a cowbell just to see the reaction...

    hey! colorado hurricane was snickering at me!!!

    i think vince just made a sarcastic comment about cowbellin'

    you're all so insensitive about cowbellers!!!! *crying and running away*

  18. Gawd, I miss White Castle...

  19. I was stuffing my face with cheese pleasers and rockets reading this whole post. If I reach 200 lbs this pregnancy it will be my OWN fault. I cannot blame the media, magazines or (as much as I'd like to) Tyra friggin Banks. I make these choices. I put the food in my cart. I put the food in my mouth. NO ONE ELSE. I say ridicule away and feel free to do so to my face. Although I may not hear you because I am crunching on handfulls of hard candy. (Oh by the way, it will also be my desicion to hit the gym once this baby is out too.)

  20. Wow, I like the emotion mrshife!

    I feel the same way when I see shit like that on tv too. I'm like, "give me a freakin' break man"!
    I can't wait for the day when being crazy thin is a bad thing! Wonder if it will ever happen though.

    Hollywood can go f**k their self with their damn lindsay lohans and nicole richies!

    In my opinion! :-)

  21. Is it me or did you change the picture in the previous post?

  22. No, it is a new one Angel. Vince demanded a new penis pic, and he can be very demanding.

  23. Occassionally, I will watch these types of shows. Lately, it happens to be "Insider". They have these anorexic twins on there that I could not watch, I had to change the channel.

    I just want more COWBELL!!! Jamwall, your funny, don't run away, you make me laugh

  24. so how come they haven't gone the extra mile and actually GAIN the 100 pounds or so to really see how they're treated as fat people? Now THAT would be groundbreaking.

    yes, portion control needs to be implemented, yet we, as Americans, love to get more for less. We hunger for more even when we are fully satisfied. If we would just simplify our lives, we would probably enjoy life a little more, be inherently healthier and be singing Kumbaya around the campfire.

  25. its your fault mr. shife!!! i did a parody of this ET thing on my blog!!!

  26. Well what about the movie Shallow Hal? I thought that was fucking disgraceful! Could not see the humour at all. I do believe even Oprah has had someone conduct this " experiment" for her show. And she should really know better.

  27. I'm as pissed as you, but I also can't figure out why skinny people are suddenly obsessed and surprised that skinny people are mean to fat people, and that they are treated differently.

    These are the people that have been starving themselves all along because deep down they already know that they don't want to be fat for these exact reasons.

    These are the people that say Courtney Cox is beautiful and not that Courtney Cox is sick and needs help.

    I don't get it. What do they want from us?

  28. Hey wasn't this Tyra Banks? I saw a thing on her doing this for her talk show and the kicker of it all was after she went out in the "fat suit" she had two overweight women on her show and she was actually crying about the way SHE was treated in a fat suit and they were comforting her. I was like NO WAY! It's crazy.

  29. Anonymous11/17/2005

    well said. I am so sick of the crap our "journalists" pass off as news. It is all showbiz now days.

  30. Did you catch the Tyra episode where she pulled the same stunt? I only saw clips but it looked equally as ineffectual.


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