More Random Thoughts from Mr. Shife

I am back and thank you all for your warm wishes. I am glad to see that everyone played nicely while I was gone. I feel much better but I had a lot of alone time, well it was me and Quincy but he didn't have much to say except that he believes that children are the future. So I had some more randomness that I would like to share. Enjoy and remember that all employees must wash their hands before returning to work.

  • Why have all the girls gone wild?
  • Are there classic rap stations?
  • I once hitchhiked to Canada.
  • It is hard to be taken seriously when you put on your winter coat, jam your hands into your front pocket so that your arms are fully extended and then start running. Try it.
  • I am enjoying "Invasion" much more than "Lost."
  • When I go to the movies and the theatre isn't so crowded I like to sit right next to complete strangers and make them feel uncomfortable.
  • I have world-class eyelashes.
  • If you could have your own personal mascot, what would it be?
  • Mrs. Shife and I are planning on spending Thanksgiving 2006 in New Zealand.
  • I am considering joining the Big Brother program.
  • It would tough being a fat girl named Candy, but I think it would be tougher being a fat guy named Candy.
  • The best concert I ever saw was Metallica at the George, Washington. The venue is called the Gorge at George, and it was outdoors with absolute awesome scenery.
  • Take your vitamins, it is the cold and flu season
  • I do not have names for my penis and testicles, but I do occasionally call them my cash and prizes.
  • My pseudonym is Bob Galliono.
  • Aren't you glad you made Priest Holmes your top pick in your Fantasy Football league?
  • I could never be a furry.
  • Some times you have to give the people what they want.
  • I believe Ryan Reynolds can play a smart ass like no other.


  1. My personal mascot would be a couture-wearing pug named Chutney. He would be fabulous and would encourage me to never settle for being mediocre. I'm still looking for a theme song.

    My pseudonym is Katie Scarlett. I have others but they continue to be closely guarded secrets.

    BTW, I love cash and prizes. It goes along with the phrase "money shot."

  2. They do have a classic rap station on that music choice channel (for those with Direct TV). Haven't listened to it since I think their only two CD's would be Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer.
    How'd you come up with that psedonymn?
    And about Lost, how many story lines can a bunch of people stuck on an island have. Pretty soon their going to have to call on the writers of Gilligan's Island.

  3. Goddamit Priest Holmes. He was my pick at number four overall. Luckily I was able to pick up Larry Johnson in a later round, so I'm not completely screwed.

  4. Or am I copying him?

    The only reason I go to concerts is for the scenery. I am gay like that.

  5. I love your blog. Sometimes I get a wee bit serious and this definitley snaps me out of it. I love your commenters too. Everyday I see someone new that has something to add that makes me laugh and also makes me venture to their blogs.

    Vince, I saw your "babies", niiiice :)

  6. Mr Shife -- you always make me laugh!! Damnitt, though, if I wasn't going to do my own Random THoughts today but I thinking no way could I beat yours!!! GGW? We like showing our boobies and getting our groove on!!! Cash and Prizes? Didn't you go to the Blogdreamz site and get some new names??? I agree with Vince, though, that Bob Galliono is better name for your "boy parts." I am suddenly very sad that I have no mascot and I must resolve this frightening dilemma immediately! (A lioness? A purring kitty? A Cobra? A three headed Hell hound? Mr SHife, I won't be able to get a thing done today!) Glad you are better!!! PS-- METALLICA RULES!!!!!!!! And I enjoy the scenery at their concerts too, but I usually call it "all the long haired good looking rocker dudes" But I'm NOT gay like that, hehehehe....

  7. Dude, totally not gay, and I say-let the girls stay wild.

  8. Ha ha, what ST said-ha ha! GGW showing boobies-priceless.

  9. Excellent choice for a mascot, Scarlett. I myself would have a pot-bellied basset motivating me.

    Vince -- Bobby G. has been my fake name for so long I just don't think I could make the transition.

    Nutty -- I was thinking about joining the Big Brother program not the TV show, but thanks for thinking I could make it interesting.

    Angel -- Bob is my favorite name in whole wide world, and I can't recall where I picked up Galliono.

    Max -- My little brother picked Priest first as well, but didn't pick up LJ. And guess who has him? That's right me, and I am not trading him. Little brother has to learn a valuable lesson about Fantasy Football, always pick up the back-up RB.

    Sugar -- I just love the sense of humor he portrays in the movies especially Van Wilder and his TV show 2 Guys and A Girl.

    Dashababy -- I am here to entertain. It sure beats working.

    ST -- Your comments always make me feel appreciated. Thanks for the love.

    CS -- Yes I imagine we can let them stay wild a little longer.

  10. I once seen a fat guy running with both his hands in his pockets. Well unfortunately, he fell right on his face! :-)

  11. I like Cash and Prizes ... my favorite euphemism for masturbation (I smell a new post for you) is "Badgering the Witness."

    I was able to acquire Priest a few weeks ago in a trade. I was adding him for depth, as I've already got Shawn Alexander, Warrick Dunn and Thomas Jones. There goes that plan.

  12. Mr Shife, I started liking the name Bob, after I saw the movie "What About Bob". I'm naming my first son Bob, not Robert, just Bob.
    I like coming back to your comments, your responses are just as funny as your posts.

  13. So YOU'RE the jerk who sits next to me in the theatre! ;)

  14. Anonymous11/10/2005

    Ok smartass, and i had TO surpised you did not add that too. It's ok just remember how bad i can killed you in basketball(i dont want everyone to laugh at you so i want tell them the scores..hahahah)I won that Wiffleball game too..and i wont mention that Chucky cheese incident either.hahahahaha little bro rules...

  15. Deshaun -- I think they should have marathons where people run like that. It would be awesome.

    Leach -- I love that euphemism. And indeed a light bulb did go off after I read that.

    Angel -- I actually wanted to name my dog Bob, but Mrs. Shife said no. According to her, basset hounds must have a more regal name.

    Luke -- Yes, it's me. Just be glad I don't ask you if want extra butter on your popcorn.

    Anon -- I am old so I don't recall what you are talking about. And Chucky said it was consensual; I have the legal documents to prove it.

  16. Lmaooooooo, I got to the part about the winter jacket and had the mental image in my made me think of those speed walkers and how funny they look..(not bashing speed walkers, just sayin...LOL)

  17. My personal mascot would be a cat naturally. It is all about the pussy.

    New Zealand? That is a FABULOUS trip! I need to find a husband like any brothers that are funny, love midgets, dogs and Blonde's that put out?

  18. I just don't think I described the winter coat idea well enough or me and Superspy are just really twisted.

    Excellent choice for a mascot, Blonde, and I don't think my little brother could handle you. But he does like the Sixers.

  19. The winter coat leaves me intrigued, I shall try it in the morning

  20. I was a Big Brother a one time. The time spent is very rewarding.

    I think the problem with a "classic rap" station is most people who listened to old school rap either graduated to "adult" music, gansta rap, or maybe they're dead

  21. I am a furry...

    and soon i might change my name to candy from all of the fast food weight im gaining...

    new zea? thats gonna be an awesome trip..

    gotta go, im gonna go running with my coat pockets...

  22. Okay, I totally love the euphemism "Badgering the witness." Correct me if I am wrong, but that would make a sports cup "Witness Protection" (I'm not atheletic).

  23. i think you should join the big brother program too. but only if you teach your little brother all about blogging and it doesn't take any time away from us....your fans.

    don't you have a little brother? how many do you need?

  24. The level of discomfort you can cause other moviegoers is directly proportional to the number of other people in the theater. The fewer other viewers watching the film with you, the more uncomfortable it is for the person you sit smack down next to in order to watch the movie. It makes your motives seem that much more questionable.

    Also, I think the venue should be called: "Gorge "on" George"

    But that's just me.

  25. No classic rap stations yet, but give it time. Give it time.


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