Isn't it Ironic?

Sometimes the stuff that I become obsessed with drives Mrs. Shife crazy. This past weekend, I bugged her endlessly about certain people and if they died a certain way, would it be ironic.
For example, Jim Fixx, author of the best selling "Complete Book of Running," which started the jogging craze of the 1970s died of heart attack ... while jogging.
So in Mr. Shife's Fantasy World and Land of Make Believe, which of these deaths would be the most ironic?

  1. Star Jones while wearing her fur coats is clubbed to death.
  2. Britney Spears dies of exposure.
  3. Steven Spielberg dies from a shark attack.
  4. Paris Hilton is struck down by a random thought.
  5. Bill Gates falls out of a window.
  6. The inventor of Immodium AD dies from explosive diarrhea.
  7. A president of a company that sends out massive amounts of spam chokes on a Spam sandwich.
  8. The Unabomber has a mail bomb returned due to insufficient postage.
  9. Barry Bonds has his head shrunk.
  10. Ronald McDonald dies from Mad Cow disease.
  11. Ashlee Simpson fakes her own death but no one cares.

I kind of lost steam at the end here, and I am sure some of you have some good ones so as always your comments are welcomed and appreciated.


  1. I of course vote for Star Jones.

  2. I love the random thought one aswell.

    How about Colonel Sanders dying from Bird flu! BAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!...wait. I think he's already dead :/

  3. Ashlee, faking her's. I still love her "singing" on Saturday Night Live. Can't wait for it to come out on DVD.
    And as for "GERD" being her reason? What does an upset stomach have to do with vocal cords--I can correlate that, but can't correlate anything else I learned in medical school.

  4. I got one: O.J. Simpson trampled to death by a white bronco.

  5. I like your thinking FO3, and I was trying to get think of a good bird flu victim, Steph, but the only thing I could come up with was the San Diego Chicken mascot.
    And Darius, you are too stressed.

  6. One more: Billy Joel killed by a drunk driver. (that's it from me, I promise!)

  7. I'd love to see the explosive diarrhea death! LOL Yes, I'm that disturbed.

  8. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME LMAO FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!!! You are one SERIOUSLY funny dude!! YOU ROCK... but I do pity poor Mrs Shife sometimes...hehehe... I loved the Spam sandwich and Ashley Simpson-- but I think it would be more ironic if Jessica died--somehow ironically-- and then Ashley faked hers for publicity. Then we would be rid of them both.

  9. Charlton Heston being gunned down by the "Thugs of the Constitution."

  10. Arm-quit picking on her? NEVER!!! MUhhahahahaha!!

    As I'm sure you imagined, the Star Jones thing made me laugh, but I read the headline a little differently. it said "Star Jones eats herself alive" (although, my memory is a little hazy. it might have been Carnie Wilson)

    I also read these:

    Tom Cruise dies from fatal blow to the head after tripping over his words.

    Glen Close attacked and killed by rabits.

    Leonardo DiCaprio drowns

    Tara Reid dies when she tragically forgets she is a functioning retard and smashes a beer bottle over her head

    Nicloe Richie gets blown over in gust of wind and falls to her demise

  11. Celine Dion is crushed to death on stage by her ego.

  12. Mental -- Well you came to the right blog if you are indeed disturbed.

    Sorry Armaedes, but Star is going down.

    T. Leach -- I knew I could count on you for a gem

    Cher -- I honestly think the Tara Reid one has a shot.

    Vince -- Or if he died while in bed with a hooker dressed as Ronald McDonald.

    ST, Sugar, and toto -- You guys are the best.

  13. Cher -- Or her heart gives out, thus it can no longer go on.

  14. Funny stuff there. You got me laughing this morning.
    How bout Superman dies after a fall from a horse?

  15. Gene Simmons could choke on his own tongue.

    I love Mr. Shife's Fantasy World and Land of Make Believe (MSFW&LoMB. It is a land in which all Star Jones Haters (SJH) can find a safe haven.

  16. lmao this is very funny -- I needed that today ---- nice blog :-)

  17. haha! cool site, mrshife!

  18. Thanks for the dropping my blog, too! I have you on RSS feed now, so I'll be watching you!

  19. Seen your comment in neurotic missy's blog and stopped by. And I must say, I love this blog already! I'll be checking you out daily man, so keep on posting!

    Anyway, my pick would be, Bill gates falling out a window. That shit was so funny when I first read it!

  20. While visiting a liquor bottling facility, Senator Ted Kennedy drowns in a vat of alcohol ?

    Oprah gets trampled by cattle ?

    Michael Jackson dies while being molested by aliens ?

  21. You do realize what this means....your death is going to be caused by drunken midgets running you down.

    I will probably choke to death on a hairball (like a cat) since I have an open dislike for hairy men.

  22. that kicked ass...

    ashlee simpson...hee hee..

    and she dances a jig in the coffin...that's what we call rigormortus, little Connor and Breeanna...(cuz none of her fans have real names, they were born in the 90s)

    and i second darius torque..

    i hope condoleeza rice swallowed some of that after she gave him the biggest and longest knob-slobbner of her life..

  23. I gotta vote random thought. Big laughs here man.

  24. Lmaooo...this is a great post !!

    I'd like to envision all of these...I'm warped that way, but I'd really like to see Star Jones buried under a pile of Payless shoe boxes while she screams in terror ;-)

  25. MrShifes readers die laughing.

  26. Dashababy -- Very nice and I believe you have a fan in Vince.

    Scarlett -- You are always welcome in MSFW&LoMB.

    Neurotic and Deshaun -- Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime.

    Hurricane -- I like your choices, and I was going to do an Oprah one but Mrs. Shife had no idea about the cattle thing and she is my barometer.

    Blonde -- You are absolutely correct. No more Little People of America conventions for me.

    LB -- I am still jealous of your White Castle adventures. I hope you have recovered.

    CS -- Glad I could make you chuckle, you deserve it.

    SuperSpy -- I like your Star Jones death scenario as well.

  27. MrShife's fellow bloggers die of bordom due to lack of posting on his part.

    "Here we are now....entertain us!!"

  28. woah... i needed to refresh my computer in the worst way! there's two other posts i haven't even read!!


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