Dream It You Dreamers -- Part Deux

I had another epiphany last night while I was getting my Hello Kitty tattoo removed from my right ass cheek. Go ahead laugh it up, but I am not ashamed. However, it did lead to a few awkward moments at The David Hasselhoff Man Camp back in '97.
OK, I am getting off track.
Last week, I asked everyone if they had the power to reunite or resurrect one band who would it be. Well, everyone made their choices, but now it is time to make another choice -- where would your ultimate venue be to witness the reunion or resurrection of your band?

So bloggers, if you could pick one place for a night of debauchery where would you go?

So my choice would be Australia, that's right Darius I want to party with you. And I have to amend my selection from last week for the band. Scratch Guns N' Roses. I was reminded today that seeing Metallica's original line-up would be a much better choice than GNR. For those of you who don't know, the original bassist Cliff Burton was killed in a bus crash.

P.S. This just in, Fox has cancelled "Arrested Development." Fuck you Fox, you prick bastards.


  1. Mine would be in the Carribean! Actually anywhere near the beach!

  2. I would have to say...
    Ireland if it was abroad and Franklin Field at University of Penn if it had to be at home.

  3. What about meeeee!! Come partay with meeee!! You are more Aussie like than some Aussies. Maybe you should speak to your parents, get a DNA test or something cos I'm sure you got some down under genes goin on!!

  4. For me, still the Doors but either Rome or Rio.

    Blonde, you're from Philly, too?

  5. I'm always wanted a concert in my backyard. So, for me, it would be the 2 Skinnee J's throwing down in a crazy ass concert in my backyard.

    Think "Old School" only better music.

  6. Neurotic Missy's got it right. It has to be the Caribbean. Pick any island. Beaches? Check! Booze? Check! Food? Check! People willing to party at even the suggestion of a drop of a hat? Check!

  7. Vince -- You expect not to ask after you drop this bombshell, come on fess up.

    Steph -- I am sorry, I would party with you as well. I forgot that you, Auburn and Scarlett (not The Scarlett) are from Oz as well. I honestly feel a connection with Australia. I have always wanted to go there.

    The Scarlett -- Yes, the Blonde is from Philly.

    Max -- It could be Maxapalooza.

    Totolehero -- I think the band you are speaking of is from Worcester, Mass.

    Neurotic and Dorna -- The Carribean it is, but which island?

  8. K, well I want to ad to my choices... My Beatles in my livingroom and it's just me. ANd they are in their hay-day. Or Metallica in my garage and it's just me and it's them now-but Cliff is there from then... get it? James is so hot... Ok maybe not the garage...

  9. wait. I want Jason Newstead there too...

  10. In my own backyard...it would soooooo piss off my nosey neighbors, plus I'd be the coolest gal on the block !!

  11. I would have to say Australia too, in Sydney.
    And since we get to pick a new venu, I'm going to axe Abba and pick Asia instead. I'd love to hear "Heat of the Moment" live.

  12. Odd answer, but it would have to be The Masquerade in Atlanta on North Ave. It's a really cool club, built out of an old mill. Kind of looks like a heavy metal ski lodge.

  13. Put up another Shrimp on the Barbi!

  14. F03 -- Nice choice.

    Fiona -- Make up your mind or you will get the hose.

    SuperSpy -- But I thought you already were.

    Angel and Luke -- We are going to have to get a boat.

    Jon -- A heavy metal ski lodge. Now that is a mental image.

  15. My dream would be to have New Kids On The Block reunite in a hotel room in the Caribbean....and I would be their personal slut.

    No, not really! Hehehehe

    I'm torn between Australia and The Bahamas. Decisions, decisions! What's a girl to do?

  16. Anonymous11/11/2005

    Ummmmm.......because pink floyd does the monster light shows--it'd have to be in a stadium type place. Some really cool big venue in Vegas--that's where I'd want to see 'em. OH Wait! I know! Amsterdam. Absolutely perfect.

  17. It'll be in my pants. And you're all invited.

  18. I totally want to see Trixter perform at the Paramus Mall (made famous by Tiffany) in NJ.

    I plan on getting all done up as a Round the Way Jersey Girl- wearing my hair slicked back, big hoop earrings, and wrestling shoes...

    you shouldve left the hello kitty tat...thats hot...

  19. Sugar -- You dream it you dreamer.

    Mental -- Oh heck, why not do them both. After you manhandle NKOTB in the Caribbean you will need some down time so off to Australia for a little R & R.

    Ginny -- Amsterdam was one of my finalists as well. I heard they get a little crazy over there.

    T. Leach -- I heard your pants were lovely this time of year.

    Seahag -- No you getting done up as a Round the Way Jersey Girl, now that's hot.

    Armaedes -- Should I go for the obvious Uranus joke? Hell no. The first shout out to the Slovenian capital deserves much better.

  20. Led Zeppelin in my hometown but back in 1981, when I would have been hot enough to get backstage. I am DEFINITELY dreaming!!! My second choice would actually be yours, but I don't know about Australia. I don't know any venues there.

  21. Best concert I ever saw was Tom Petty in Redding Ca. 1980something. It was during the time that Refugee was the big hit.
    Might be a toss up between him or Peter Frampton in the 90s. It was awesome. Stevie Ray Vaughn even came and played in our little town. My husband got to see him because he was working as security. I always regret not going to that concert since he died not long after that.

  22. I'm going to go old school. I wanted a Boston band, it should be a Boston venue. Let's make it real. The Rat. It doesn't exist anymore. There's a huge, modern hotel where my 20's used to be.

    Scruffy the Cat, at the Rat. (That's The Rathskellar in Kenmore Square, for those not in the know.)

  23. DT has it then, a global party.

  24. Are you serious?!?! They CANCELLED Arrested Development?! How can they do that?! It's only the best show in TV these days!

    Is it b/c there is only a minute amount of us quick-witted individuals who actually get this show?

    is it b/c the idiots at Fox don't get it?

    Is it b/c there were only 3 episodes shown before it was pre-empted by the stupid World Series?

    I'm SO distraught now! Whatever will I do?!??!!

  25. shife, can i also be granted the wish of having Slaughter open for Trixter?

  26. ST -- Don't worry about Australia, my friend Darius has us hooked up.

    SG -- London it is.

    DT -- You are the man, so I had to come party with you.

    DG -- It is a tragedy on the highest level. I just hope another network picks the show up.

    LB -- You betcha.

  27. Well if I have to be partisan about it, it'll have to be St Lucia. Come on down! We could tear up Pigeon Point together. And if it's a Friday night we might not even make it as far as the concert, what with the weekly block-o-rama in the way. :D

  28. Ok, number fucking one: I hate tattoos but having a hello kitty tattoo on a guy's ass? That's about the funniest fucking thing I can THINK of for a guy to do. You should have kept it. I would have PAID to see that one. Why in the hell would you remove it - I mean, how cool was that?

    Number two: the new photo of you? the one with your wife? you are SO cute in that pic. I had NO idea. hubba hubba! With all due respect to your marital status and fidelity of course. I only gaze from afar...


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