Bring 'Em Back or Leave 'Em Dead

I saw this on the Colbert Report on Comedy Central and it looked like it was way too much fun. So here is a list of dead stuff, who would you bring back from the dead?
  1. Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash?
  2. Bob Marley or Kurt Cobain?
  3. Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?
  4. He-Man or Thundercats?
  5. Star Jones or Ashlee Simpson? Oh shit, sorry, that was wishful thinking.
  6. Arrested Development or Chappelle's Show?
  7. Disco or Butt Rock aka Hair Metal Bands?
  8. The Tick or Firefly?
  9. Mitch Hedberg or Sam Kinison?
  10. Zed or Jame 'Buffalo Bill' Gumb?
  11. Pauly Shore's career or Axl Rose's career?

I know there are tons of things we would like to bring back from the dead but these are just a few I that came to mind. As usual, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Let's go with Marilyn Monroe, cause no one can sing Happy Birthday like her.


    Can we bring back Arrested Developement and Chappelle's Show since they are on different channels?

    Hair Metal Bands


    Sam Kinison--need my eardrums shattered again.

    Jame Gumb

    And isn't Paul Shore, he still has a career right? Minding The Store reality show.

    Hey wait a minute, we can bring back both Arrested Developement and Chappelle's Show by taking Minding the Store off.

  2. 1) Johnny Cash

    2) Bob Marley

    3) Thundercats

    4) These are my only two options? Wouldn't the world just be a better place al around?

    5) I want to say Chapelle's show, but I know he was having trouble doing it, so I guess Arrested Development

    6) Hair Metal bands

    7) Spoon!!

    8) Mitch Hedberg

    9) Just thinking about both those characters made me go 'Ew'

    10) Yup, those are dead. Clearly Axl Rose, since Pauly Shore annoys me.

  3. The only person who will never be dead is Vin Diesel. Click! Click!

  4. Elvis Presley and Kurt Cobain. They could do a duet together. Maybe a remix of "Cocaine". haha!

  5. 1. Johnny Cash
    2. Kurt Cobain
    3. Marilyn Monroe
    4. Thundercats?
    5. Ashlee Simpson?
    6. Chappelle's Show?
    7. Disco

    Pauly Shore's career

  6. Johnny Cash!!!!!

    ...and Keith Moon.

  7. ELVIS IS DEAD ?!?!?!?!?!

  8. Holy shit! Somebody brought Rue McLanahan back without asking any of us!!

  9. 1. Elvis, but only the 1950's Elvis.
    2. Kurt Cobain
    3. Audrey Hepburn. Better actress.
    4. Thundercats
    5. Seeing as they're still alive, I guess I'd wish for Ashlee to die.
    6. Chapelle's Show
    7. Butt Rock
    8. The Tick
    9. Sam Kinison
    10. Jame 'Buffalo Bill' Gumb
    11. Axl Rose

    Just my 2 cents.

  10. Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash?
    Bob Marley or Kurt Cobain?
    Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?
    These first three were really hard, but HEPBURN
    He-Man or Thundercats?
    THUNDERCATS ("Sword of Thundera, give me sight beyond sight")

    Arrested Development or Chappelle's Show? I don't know these
    Disco or Butt Rock aka Hair Metal Bands? DISCO
    The Tick or Firefly? THE TICK!!!!! I LOVE THE TICK!!!
    Mitch Hedberg or Sam Kinison? WHO?
    Zed or Jame 'Buffalo Bill' Gumb? DITTO ABOVE
    Pauly Shore's career or Axl Rose's career? AXL

  11. 1. Johnny Cash
    2. Kurt Cobain
    3. Audrey
    4. Thundercats!
    5. Ummmm
    6. Chappelle Show
    7. Disco
    8. Firefly baby!!!
    9. Don't know
    10. Not sure
    11. Crawl buddy!

  12. Yeah, I'm going to have to go with Cassius, my long-dead dog. I miss that bastard. Or maybe Grandma. I don't know. Tough question.

  13. 1.) cash
    2.) Marley of course
    3.) Hepburn
    5.) HAHA!! I am not sure they are both bad, but I guess Ashlee
    6.) Arrested Development
    7.) Disco, so I can bring out my disco stu jacket
    8.) Tick
    9.) Kinison
    10) Buffalo Bill
    11) Axl Rose of course

    Sorry I guess I had to hit refresh for some odd reason to see your new posts!

  14. Nutty 2pac isn't dead he is working in a burger king in Maryland

  15. Johnny, Kurt, Audrey, Neither, Arrested, Hair Metal, Tick, Sam, Jame, Axl.

    Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.

  16. 1-cash
    4-i was all excited there for a secind..
    5-don't know
    6-Butt Rock
    7-don't know
    8-nope, not a clue
    9-hmmm....nope, still nothing
    10-pauly shore

    i'd also bring back TLeaches dog.

  17. Elvis
    Ashlee lol
    Hair Metal
    Kinison -- he was funny as hell
    Axl Rose

  18. a) johnny cash
    b) bob marley
    c) audrey hepburn
    d) thundercats
    e) arrested development
    f) hair metal
    g) whichever
    h) mitch hedberg
    i) zed
    j) axl rose

  19. What are your choices? I want to make this experience mutually beneficial for both of us...

    Here are mine...cuz I am a giver:

    -Johnny Cash (to keep covering NIN songs only)
    -Kurt Cobain
    -Joan Crawford instead
    -He-Man (but get it up to date as SHE-Man
    -Someone please kill Star Jones
    -Arrested Development
    -Butt Rock aka Hair Metal Bands?
    -The Tick or Firefly-neither. bring back Doogie Howser, MD.
    -Sam Kinison
    Pauly Shore's career or Axl Rose's career?
    Pauly Shore had a career???
    Axel Rose rules...

  20. Sorry LB, how insensitive of me.

    Elvis -- fat or skinny I will take whatever I can get.
    Kurt Cobain -- Then he can take care of Courtney Love.
    Marilyn Monroe.
    He-Man -- I love the Kringer.
    Arrested Development.
    Butt Rock.
    The Tick.
    Sammy baby.
    Axl Rose.

  21. 1.) Elvis
    2.) Bob Marley
    3.) Audrey Hepburn
    4.) He-Man
    5.) Yep….wishful thinking! LOL
    6.) Arrested Development
    7.) Hair Metal Bands
    8.) The Tick
    9.) Sam Kinison
    10.) Leave ‘em both dead.
    11.) Pauly Shore….the Weeeezel munchin’ on some grindage!

  22. MITCH!!!!!!!

    Dang, I miss that bastard.

  23. 1. Cash - cause I wish I had more of it

    2. Marley - Christmas is coming...who else will haunt Ebenezer?

    3. Hepburn - She's just loverly

    4. man I can decide on that one...2 great cartoons...yes I was a tomboy and LOVED these cartoons!

    5. Neither

    6. Arrested Development!! Gotta do the chicken dance again!

    7. Butt rock

    8. Tick

    9. Kinison - he ruled

    10.Don't know either of these two

    11. Axl - even though he stole the swaying dance move from Davy Jones.

    And John Lennon...however I DID see him riding a bike in the K-Mart parking lot when I was a kid shortly after he had been "killed." So I assume he's still alive and living somewhere in OH.

  24. my fellow minnesotan mitch hedberg (i would have liked to see more of his comedy).

  25. Elvis
    Ashlee Simpson's Old Hair?Chappelle's Show
    Hair Metal Bands
    The Tick
    Mitch Hedberg & Sam Kinison
    Buffalo Bill
    Pauly Shore - he has a cuter butt

  26. John Lennon & George Harrison, so we could have a Beatles reunion.


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