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I was tagged by The Nutmeg Hotline. The second time this week. I almost feel like I am the prom queen. Anyway, the list is 10 Things I Would Bring Back, and I believe the hardest part was keeping it to 10. Enjoy, and your comments, as always, are welcomed and appreciated. Now go take on the day. That Dr. Laura still inspires me to this very day.

  1. I'm Rick James, bitch. I really would love to see Dave Chappelle's Show back on the air.
  2. The original Guns N' Roses back for a summer outdoor concert tour. For 3 months they could set aside their differences and just rock the fuck out.
  3. My carefree college days. I could drink like a fish and sleep till noon and not have a care in the world.
  4. Codpieces and fanny packs. Do I need to go into detail on these awesome fashion accessories?
  5. Butt rock, the big giant hair from the '80s and sweet smell of Aqua Net in the air.
  6. Janet Jackson Halftime Shows.
  7. Voodoo curses. Who doesn't love the voodoo? There is just not enough voodoo these days.
  8. Mondays. Everbody hates Mondays, but everyone Thanks God It's Friday. Poor Monday. We need to start a TSIM (Thank Shife It's Monday) revolution. Who's with me?
  9. The fashion of Magnum P.I. The big busy mustache, the short shorts, the shirt unbuttoned down to his penis. Come on that is a great look. I know I would be liberated and sexy wearing that ensemble.
  10. Harland Williams. I miss you, please come back and make me laugh.


  1. Magnum PI would be a good look for you. You could glue on chest hair and get a tan. Awesome.

  2. I'm all for bringing back the 80's rock, but on one condition: no spandex.
    Spandex on men is a bad idea.
    The make-up and hair is ok though. I just always like a story Dee Snider told once:
    "My son came up to me and said, 'Dad, is it true you used to be a transsexual?' And I said, 'No, Daddy was a transvestite'."

  3. OOOHH! Aqua net! How could i have forgotten about such an amazing product? I LOVED the smell! Definately a bring backer...

    I had to click on the link for cod pieces and it confirms to me how truly funny you are! As if they had a name! Never mind actually calling them COD PIECES!!!

    I'm with you on the Harland Williams, voodoo and Mondays...

  4. No tan, I will just be the pasty Magnum P.I. That will make me much more sexier.

    Yes spandex on men is not a pretty picture.

    And I loved Harland Williams in Sorority Boys (what flavor is it, big juicy cock) and Dumb and Dumber (he was the state trooper that drank pee) and There's Something About Mary and Rocketman.

    Yes, how cool would it be to wear a cod piece to the office or to the mall.
    Maybe we can have voodoo Mondays. You put a curse on somebody every Monday. It will give people something to look forward to.

  5. That is sweet...

    what 80s hair bands are your fave?

    Mine is totally Danger Danger...and Bulletboys...and Trixter...and Slaughter...
    I CAN'T STOP!!!

  6. I liked Poison, Cinderella, Skid Row, etc. I actually had a video of me and my cousin lip synching "Fallen Angel." We totally set up his backyard to look like a stage and rocked out. My hair was dyed blonde and all spiked out. We had bandanas all over us and ripped jeans. My guitar was a hockey stick and my cousing played drums with two snorkels. Unfortunatley, my mom sent me the tape while I was in college and some of my fraternity brothers got ahold of it and had a good laugh for a long time. We also lip synched "Sweet Child of Mine" from Guns N' Roses on the same tape. I have no idea what became of that tape. Someone has it and I don't know who.

  7. Kenny Davis: You guys gotta get me out of here! There's this guy Nasty Nate who wants my cocktail fruit, and everyone here likes fresh fish! Then The Squirrel Master came out of left field and told me I'm his bitch! I agree bring back Harland Williams...

  8. I would love my carefree BUSY, but fun college days back as well! :)

  9. Here's the deal. If I could bring back anything. Any one thing...

    Snap bracelets.

  10. Anonymous10/12/2005

    You forgot the banana clip and the "A" team!
    Peace out home boy...rocker dude!

  11. I'm glad Dave Chapelle is gone. Even though his replacement is obviously lacking (what the hell is the DL anyway?), I still prefer it to every white middle-class male between the ages of 18 and 34 screaming "I'm rick james bitch!" all the time.

  12. I'll second the Janet jackson halftime show.

    It beat all the cheezy boring halftime, "Up with People" type shows hands down.

  13. What's this? We have the power to bring shit back?

    If this were true, I'd have to bring my Grandma back. I'm sure she'd like to know the Red Sox finally won a World Series. And to see her great grandkids for the first time.

    I'm Rick James bitch! ;)

  14. They don't call her Ms. Nasty for nothing.

  15. Just a girls opinion here but that boob looks like it has expired. Not pretty.

  16. I love me some Voo Doo. I'm also intrigued by Hoo Doo which seems to be some sort of even creepier subset of Voo Doo. Who knew?

    Not that I practice any of that. Nope. I just like the idea of a chicken bone or graveyard-dirt-at-midnight having some sort of power. That's it ... I'm a power freak!


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