More of Me In Mexico

God, that almost sounds like a bad porno movie. Anyway here are some more pics from our little trip south of the border. I am even more wiped out today thanks to the baseball game last night. It was an incredible game, and all I am going to say about it is this: I swear on everything that I hold near and dear to my heart that as soon as Albert Pujols hit that home run and I started screaming like a mad man, my fat basset hound, Quincy, starting humping my leg. I really do love that dog.

I can shoot blinding lights out of my head. And I am not wearing any pants. Hey where is that left hand going?

This gal tried to play Whose In Your Mouth but there was some confusion and she ended up playing Whose In Your Ear.

This is where the magic happened.

This is picture of my shorts right before I dipped my balls into the ocean.

OK, here the blonde is pointing at all the people playing Whose In Your Mouth. And notice the guy wearing the 40 visor on the right. He is practicing the ancient art of Jesus Eyes. He is trying to eye fuck anyone wearing a cowboy hat, and I think he is feeling a little overwhelmed.


  1. Anonymous10/18/2005

    I enjoy dipping my balls in punch.

  2. Anonymous10/18/2005

    That's right dude, I went deep on your leg and I scored too. And you better take me for a walk tonight.

  3. You know what bugs me worse than the jesus eyes? that chuck of red hair out of place on that girl's forehead...

    that first picture, a little lower and it wouldve been like an ET heart light...

    in the middle of a young boy's dream...

  4. Ha my sister's dog is named quincy.


  5. magic? in a single bed??

  6. the duck kills me...and he's a subgenius, like me..

  7. welcome back, shife.

    looks like you had a good time. i need to get down to mexico one of these days.

  8. Well, nuttyblonde, since Americans blend in so well in Mexico we needed something more to differentiate us from the locals. So everyone wears a cowboy hat.

    And Armaedes, Whose In Your Mouth is game developed by comedian Dane Cook. He always asks his audiences if they they want to turn down the lights and play Whose In Your Mouth. He is quite the funny fellow and I highly recommend his comedic musings.

  9. No cowboy hat for me. I just stick with my Cardinal hat (St. Louis or Arizona) or my UNC hat.

  10. Ok, I'm over the cowboy hat now.
    That Jesus eye comment had me cracking up. Never heard that one before. Eye fucking, hmmm. Learn somethin new everyday.

  11. That shit is too funny with the 40 hat dude. That is a sick expression.

    What the hell could possibly make him look at someone like that, other than the fact that maybe somebody in the crowd had intercouse with his entire family. Ha ha ha ha.:)


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