Gimme Seven -- The Final Episode

Well, at least, that is what I am telling the press. Never say never right. So week 1 was 7 favorite comedies, week 2 was 7 favorite other movies besides comedies, and today will be your 7 favorite movies starring Jean Claude Van Damme. So, bring it on.

OK, I don't even think I have seen one JCVD movie that I would admit freely to enjoying. No, today will be your 7 favorite TV shows of all-time. It may be tough for some of you since you don't watch a lot of TV so just play along if you can.

Have a good weekend, and remember, win or lose, we still booze.

So here is my list in no particular order.

  1. "Arrested Developement"
  2. "24"
  3. "Rescue Me"
  4. "Sanford & Son"
  5. "Seinfeld"
  6. "Family Guy"
  7. "X-Files" -- The early years, I personally think it turned to crap the last 2 seasons.

P.S. Quincy my basset hound just called to tell me what he wants for Christmas. Now he will officially have cash and prizes.


sc said…
Family Guy
and last but certainly not least...
Parker Lewis Can't Lose :)
T. Leach said…
Brady Bunch
Chico & The Man
Happy Days
Mork & Mindy
mrshife said…
SC, dropping the Parker Lewis show reminded me of a show I loved as kid, "It's Your Move." It was with Jason Bateman and I barely remember it but I do remember it made me laugh a lot.
mrshife said…
Here's a link if anyone cares to talk a walk down memory lane.

Check it out!
cher said…
such an important post i see you decided to put it out there twice...
*Saved by the Bell
*Knight Rider
*Jem (she's truly outrageous)
*DeGrassi Jr.High
*Facts of Life
*Perfect Strangers
*Charles in Charge

ok, more seriously, these are the shows I miss not having TV
*Nanny 911
*Wheel of Fortune
*King of Queens
*Will and Grace
mrshife said…
I guess I was bit overzealous this morning when I clicked publish post. I had a multiple blogasm.
Anyway, I fixed it.
Jon said…
Once again... no particular order
1. The Simpsons
2. CSI
3. The Critic
4. Sanford and Son
5. Oz
6. South Park
7. Beavis and Butthead

Honorable Mention (or #8): The State
cher said…
multiple blogasm! ah hahaha!!
cher said…
multiple blogasm! ah hahaha!!
Beo said…
Ha ha ha. Yeah we still booze. I got Goddang Bio every Friday night. So, I'll miss this game too. Maybe it's for the better. I'll tell the stutterer you said hir mrshife.

1.Star Trek/Next Generation
(I am not a trekie)
4.Rescue Me
6.Hill Street Blues
7.The A-Team

*2 bounus
mrshife said…
Cher -- I like you more and more every day.
And Beo, I finally found another Rescue Me fan. Sweet.
I have heard good things about House. I am waiting for the first season to arrive from Netflix.
Fiona said…
Sesame Street
Mr Rogers Neighborhood
Family Guy
Brady Bunch
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Fiona said…
Good God, I forgot South Park.
Dirk the Feeble said…
1. The Daily Show
2. Everybody Loves Raymond
3. Southpark
4. Friends

Okay, I don't really ever watch TV, so I'm out.
Phats said…
I can only pick 7?! geesh!
American Idol
the amazing race
Will and Grace
90210(yes I admit this!!)

this was hard I have so many haha.
totolehero said…
-family guy
(i sound like sc.... damn !!!)
shit .. i'm blocked..
- oh oh.... the tonight show
- saturday night live (does this count??)
well.. i haven't watched tv for a very long while.. can you tell ??

sorry 5 is all i can find
Anonymous said…
You have a great blog!!! I thought I might post my favs,

1. Rescue Me
2. Nip Tuck
3. The Shield
4. Friends
5. ER
6. House
7. CSI
mrshife said…
OK I am revising my list. Yes, I have the power.

"Arrested Development"
"Rescue Me"
"The Daily Show"
"Family Guy"
"The X-Files"

Thanks Armaedes for reminding about The Daily Show. I should get kicked in the nuts for forgetting that.
So for those of you keeping score at home Jon Stewart is in, Lamont and Fred Sanford are out.
Andraste said…
In no particular order, my all-time favorite TV shows:

1. S.W.A.T.
2. Starsky & Hutch
3. The Nightstalker
4. House
5. Battlestar Gallactica (the original)
6. The Odd Couple
7. Charmed (pre-2003)

Christ, I'm an odd 'un.
Piper said…
I think Fiona is a 4th grader that knows how to spell "Neighborhood"
:-)love ya Meg!
Here is mine...
1) Law & Order (Tuesday nights)
2) Friends reruns
3) 70's show
4) Simpsons
5) Most Extreme Elimination
6) Felicity
7) Fame
cher said…
that's very mutual...
LBseahag said…
Golden Girls
Married...With Children
Designing Women
Dick Van Dyke
I Love Lucy...

mrshife said…
What can I say lbseahag, I am a sci-fi nerd. Further proof that I am one of Snoop Dogg's illegitimate children.
Sydney said…
Desperate Housewives (guilty)
The Office
I Love Lucy

Ok I gotta Say this

Wheel of fucking fortune? Really?
Sydney said…
oh wait wait. I drop quincy, i spit on quincy in favor of...

the sonny and cher show. I cried. yes cried when i was a kid and it went off the air.
Vince said…
crap, how did i miss this one, all the good ones are already claimed...

quantum leap
family guy
battlestar galactica
babylon 5
gilligan's island

Good luck to your Cards in CS, Shife. Should be a pretty good series... look for me at Game Five!
tough choice:

South Park
Bevis and Butthead
Happy Days
Family Ties
I dream of Jeannie(Why does Major Nelson insist on not using her powers ?)
X Files (early years)
Mork and Mindy(which believe it or not, was a spinoff from Happy Days)
Anonymous said…
Sorry I missed this when it was first posted - but here goes:

Desperate Housewives
Gilmore Girls
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (#1)
Party of Five
Knots Landing