Weekend recap

I watched a lot of football and drank too much beer. I am running at 75% today so be gentle on me if this post kind of sucks. Well, my college team, the University of Idaho Vandals, lost another tough game against UNLV. The Rebels kicked a field goal as time expired to win the game 34-31. I was watching over at my friend's house so Quincy was in no immediate danger of receiveing rib shots but I punished my liver by slamming about a million beers.
Sunday marked the first day of the NFL season for my professional team, the Arizona Cardinals, and they played pretty good for the first half, but unfortunately the NFL requires that you play four full quarters and they got pounded in the second half to lose 42-19.
So I am trying to decide which is a worse torture method, a) Having to sit through a heartbreaking Vandal loss and watch the Cardinals get thumped or b) have my butt cheeks super glued together and pulled apart with a rusty butter knife.
I am leaning towards the super glue.


  1. Matt, new here...ran across your blog. I've waited for SEC football and it's finally here! As far as the pro teams---well, Archie Manning he a "hometown" boy, so I will have to yell for the Manning boys. The Giant vs Colts game should be a good one, will be played in Indy.

  2. Anonymous9/13/2005

    I've tried the whole superglue thing. It's actually quite pleasant if you can find your happy place.

  3. One of the resaons I stopped following pro football religiously was it got too depressing on those weekends the Doplphins and Hurricanes both lost. I feel your pain, though. 2 wins out of 2 is always sweet. 1 for 2 makes the weekend the equivalent of kissing your cousin. And 0 for 2 truly sucks.

  4. Hi Matt,

    Glad your weekend was great, gonna reply to an earlier post here:

    You know 'the outback' down here in Ozzieland is actually a damn tough place. The 4runner is a good choice, all Toyota's are REALLY good. If the parts are cheap enough for you, I'd recommend a Toyota Landcruiser. May not be the most sylish, but that puppy will pull you out of any sticky situation.

    Secondly, you seen 'Serenity' yet? it's opening down here in Oz on the 29th. I'd take you as a Joss Whedon 'Firefly' fan since your a 'Tivo' fan, I've seen the trailers and it looks great! All the original cast, kick-ass intelligent plot plus 50 mil budget.

    'Take my life, take my land, take me where I cannot stand
    I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take the stars from me..

    Yeeeeeee ha! Long live the Brownshirts of Boise and Perth!!

    PS England won the Ashes after 18 years (see my blog), so I'm kinda struttin around work at the mo'

    Your mate


  5. How do guys pick pro teams? Just out of curiousity. Are you originally from Arizona or...

  6. I was born in St. Louis so I am fan of all their sports teams except for the football team, the Rams. The reason is because the Cardinals left St. Louis and moved to Arizona so out of stupidity I still follow them even though they have sucked forever. I am loyal and I hope I will be rewarded someday.


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