Labor Day weekend summary

It was a great weekend. Sarah and I did pretty much what we wanted. We will be taking our act on the road for weddings and what not for the next five weekends so we took full advantage of the holiday by doing nothing. So look for the Shifley tour at a metropolitan statistical area near you in the immediate future. I don't have too many observations from the three days off but here is the best of the best.

  • I must be getting older because I actually played golf again this weekend.
  • Quincy got really drunk.

  • What an ironic ending for the Miami-Florida State game. I was pulling for the 'Canes but apparently Karma had a one-night stand with the Seminoles.
  • I have been owned by Quincy for nearly six years and he still does stuff that makes me laugh out loud. We took him to a park to run around and send some pee-mails to his buddies. Anyway we get there and he is gallivanting and there is another lady at the park with a couple of dogs. So I called Quincy over to put his leash on him and to avoid a three-dog pileup, and much to my surprise the fat basset came running over to me. I leaned down to grab his collar and put on his leash when Quincy, as graceful as an overweight hound dog could, gave me a head fake and turned around to head towards the lady with two dogs. Sarah doubled over with laughter and I had to run down the pooch before he could sniff some butts.
  • Went to the local comedy club and have an image of a raccoon and a dog having sex that will be hard to erase for quite some time.
  • I saw "Ong Bak: Thai Warrior" this weekend. The movie had a lot of buzz so I checked out the DVD. The main character does all of his own stunts and there are no special effects so the action scenes were amazing but the movie itself was kind of a letdown.
  • I watched "Road House" last night and it is funny to see how much our culture has changed in 15 years.
  • I think I watched about 20 hours of college football, and the biggest surprise was Oklahoma getting beat at home by TCU. I have never been a big fan of Bob Stoops so it was nice to see them lose especially at home.
  • Flirted with the idea of buying a new to us car. We test drove a Toyota Highlander and a 4Runner but couldn't pull the trigger on the deal. Sarah really likes the 4Runner so if anyone has some advice on these cars please pass it along.
  • Also flirted with the idea of getting a new TV. But still not ready to pull the trigger on this deal either. What is holding me up is that I need to get a new receiver from DirectTV if I get an HDTV but I also need to keep my good friend, TiVo. Unfortunately the only HD receiver with TiVo costs about $700 right now and I am going to continue to wait.
  • Baked spaghetti is really, really good.


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  6. I was hoping I wasn't going to have to do this but I am putting up the word to your mother verification system because I just got spammed.

  7. lol. it was inevitable, matt. if you blog, they will come...

    the whole miami/fsu series is sort of like an epic drama. i've tried to be philosophical about the loss- it's hard to beat a powerhouse program 7 times in a row.

  8. Frakkers!!!

    I suggest we 'ante-up' and kill them!!

    I'll bring up the post-apocalypse road warrior types (aka Mad Max)from down here from Oz (remember, us Southern Hemisphere types will provide half the grunts or more for the coming 'War Against The Machines'so we gotta get into practice). I'll load us up on a couple of ocean liners, we'll dock at your nearest port (where is that Shife??), grab us some school buses (plus a load of willing nubile 20 to 25 year old out-of-their-minds college chicks - I'll keep a couple of blondes aside for you mate - shhhhh, don't tell the wives!!), ten tonne of kegs of beer and haul ass inland to your house.

    After we Party!

    Then we'll go hunt down dem spamming SOB's

    Asta la frikkin vista spammers

    Yours in fraternal mayhem


  9. Anonymous9/07/2005

    Spam spam spam spam... I love spam. Wonderful spam!

    Spam aside, I wanna party with Quincy!

  10. He is a wild man. You better bring your A game if you want to party with Quincarelli. He learned from the best.


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