I am "Lost" and other thoughts about TV land

First, it appears that the ball washer aka Dirty Sanchez and the gas man are deemed the biggest idiots and get the Dumb White Guy seal of approval. This Bud's for you.

Second, I have been trying to conceal my TV obsession for some time but alas I can no longer hide it. Television is my mistress, I must heed her sweet call.

Warning: The next paragraph is a rant on the television drama, "Lost." If you do not watch this show or have not seen last night's episode, please move on to the next paragraph.

Now on to more pressing matters, I really enjoy "Lost" but my patience is running thin. The office was buzzing with how good the episode, but a co-worker and I seemed to be the only ones miffed at the first 30 minutes of the show. It just felt like an extended recap of last week's episode and they could have added the Sawyer and Micheal stuff in that premiere episode. And I didn't need Michael's flashback, I don't have "Spider-Man" senses but I am well aware that he cares deeply for Walt and will do anything for him. And was it me or did Michelle Rodriguez look pretty good for being on the island 44 days?

Bad news "Arrested Development" fans, only 4 million people watched last Monday's episode. I do believe this show's days are numbered. "My Name is Earl" lost about 4 million viewers from its premiere, but it still got almost 12 million folks to watch it. The episode was solid but not as good as the first one. God, when did I become such a TV geek.

Fox ordered more episodes of "Prison Break" and NBC did the same for "The Office," and there will be 13 new episodes of "The 4400."

Any other "Battlestar Galatica" fans out there? I was seriously depressed over the season finale. Not because it sucked, but because I have to wait until January to find out who wins the battle betweeen Cain and Adama.

Funny parody of Anna Nicole Smith's old show on E!. It's the Smurfette Show.


  1. Hmmmmm, I watch none of these shows. I'm intrigued by "Battlestar Gallactica," though, because I LOVED the original series when it was running. I was what..10? I can never seem to catch this new series, it must be on opposite something else that I watch more regularly. Anyway, have they made Starbuck's character female for this? Oddly intriguing, since he was my favorite character in the original series. Dirk Benedict and his cigar...to a 10 year old girl...hot, hot, hot.

  2. I am with you on Lost and Earl, Vince.

    Andraste -- Battlestar is on Fridays which is usually a bad night for me to watch TV since I am usually out thinning the herd. But thanks to TiVo it is there waiting for me Saturday.
    The new Starbuck is a female and she is a bad ass. I have fond memories of the first one and that is why I think I like the new one so much. You should check it out. The first season is out on DVD right now.

  3. Anonymous9/29/2005

    This will make you more depressed

    I guess the show is scheduled to run 6 more years so they have a lot of air time to fill.

  4. I will do my part, my good man.

  5. I thought Battlestar Gallactica went off the air in the 80's?

    I never get to watch TV, but when I get the chance I am a reality TV whore. I am so ashamed.

  6. Seriously, Michelle Rodriguez? She's not that great. Even potentially, dare I say it, manish. I mean, if you really want some cheesecake, you have Evangeline Lilly, bound in ropes, then crawling cleavtastically through the vents. What more do you want, man?

  7. I did not mean to imply that I found her attractive. I just meant that she looked she just stepped off the plane not like she had been trapped in a pit for 44 days.

  8. For the sake of my marriage, I will have to keep my comments about Kate to myself. But she did show off the rack. Hello Count Rackula.
    Oops. Sorry, Mrs. Shife.

  9. I was just talking to my dad about Lost. Very frustrating. They show the same stuff so often that I don't know if I'm watching a repeat again. It's like they showed the last 15 minutes of the last show....arrghhh. No wonder I quit watching half way thru the last season. Thats gonna be my stratedgy. I will watch the next season finale and probably will not have missed a thing.

  10. I love all those famous people they interview on tv who say, oh well, the children and I just don't watch tv.

    Oh really? Well that is ever so enlightened of you.

    But we'll be lightin' up the boob tube every 24 hours in our house. You know, just to make up for you.

  11. Yo. Its me.

    Yes, BSG is awesome. I download the episodes every week, sad I know.

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