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I was going to let sleeping dogs lie but I have been accused of stealing or blogarism. I am not going to mention any names but here is what happened. On Wednesday, I posted a blog with 2 interesting photos and asked whoever stopped by to post some funny captions. Those of you who know what I am talking about also know that I began this very blog by stating that I had seen this idea by several other bloggers and thought it was a cool idea and wanted to give it a try. That's it -- nothing fancy. I never took credit for the idea. Well today someone accused me of stealing their idea. I kindly apologized and said I was inspired and didn't steal their idea. The accuser would have nothing of it. I even removed the so-called offensive blogarism from my blog as a peace offering, but they were steadfast in their conviction. I tried to take the high road but I have been fuming about this more and more this evening.
I guess the accuser must feel like Al Gore when he invented the Internet.
The accuser seems to think this is an original idea. I guess kind of like when I thought I discovered an awesome new trick in the 6th grade when I learned that my penis could spit stuff out after I rubbed it a few times. Or when my wife and I went to an exotic location after we got married for a week to relax after the wedding. People should really do this and if the travel agency started marketing it right with a clever name they could really make a fortune.
I guess I am disappointed because I found the accusers blog entertaining and amusing but I can't see a reason to visit the blog anymore because the accuser got so pissed off about something so petty. If I went on the accusers blog and stole their post word for word then you would have a reason to be mad but come on you are not the inventor of the caption contest. Maybe I am wrong, if so, then you better fire off a cease and desist letter to the fine folks at Maxim because they have stolen the idea as well. You might want to send one off to these fellas too because they even use the same day as you.
So in honor of Jayson Blair, Hollywood, boob jobs, reality tv, the New England Patriots, parents who name their kids Emily, people who watched "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" on July 30, 2003, this jerkoff in North Providence, Rhode Island, these dudes and Jason Lee, I proudly present this completely unoriginal, stolen and totally ripped off idea. I shall call you, the day wedged between Thursday and Saturday funny caption day. Enjoy yourself.

"You should see what I can shoot out of my ass!"


  1. Yes, I know it is only Thursday when I posted this so the official title is not quite accurate but work with me.

  2. I had your back, dude. I think I'd like to start a blog, written by a female, that details sexual exploits. Sort of Sex in the City--in cyberspace. Cuz, you know, you don't see too many of those.

  3. I appreciated your support. I tried not to be a dick but I think the accuser was so full of shit. Plus I didn't want to start a flame war on the accuser's turf. Anyway I think I got my point across and I feel much better about the situation.

  4. LOL...I for starters, I told you that you didn't have to take the post down, if you recall. Secondly, I never said I was the first person EVER to think up something like that and put it in my blog. I am, however, the only person of the blogs that I read that does so and therefore it is original to my little part of the blog world. I don't appreciate someone reading my blog for all of a week, thinking I'm cool and then deciding they want to be cool too so they do something EXACTLY the way I do that. I think that's bogus. If that makes me petty, so be it. This is absolute needless blog drama that needs to be kept to the playground. If you feel wronged in some way, then by all means continue to bitch about me in your blog and don't visit mine. I'll do my own bitchy post and leave it at that. Have a good one

    And blog is soooo sex and the City. I drink martinis with my friends and travel in packs of fours. Give me a break. You're all about my blog, kissing my ass and telling me how cool and funny I am until I bust one of your friends. Then suddenly it's highschool shit. Funny stuff.

  5. Yes, but you are not the only person in my blogging kingdom that does funny captions so for you to think I got the idea just from you blog alone is very egotistical of you and completely misguided.

  6. You JUST started reading my blog and then suddenly decided to do your own caption thing. I'd say that doesn't seem too misguided to me. Afterall, I'd think if you thought it was such a winning idea when your other blog buddies did it I'd think you would have welcomed it to your own blog then. Not directly after you start reading mine and see how well received it is. In any event, I suppose I am petty. I devoted an entire blog post to this issue that wasn't that big of a deal to me...oh wait...that wasn't me. Well, it is now. ;) Anyway, chin up kiddo.

  7. Hey shife! That caption contest idea of yours is funny stuff! Fark has been doing it for awhile too, but whatever. Drew probably won't throw a shit fit if you decide to have one of your own, since a lot of sites have been doing it for years. Keep 'em comin, buddy!

  8. Ummm, I might talk about bowling, making out with dudes on my front porch or Mexicans tomorrow so do I need to clear this with you?

    It was just coincidence.
    Fark and nicolemart have been doing captions on their sites and I have had their links up way longer than yours. You also talked about football on your blog Monday as well, and holy crap, I talked about football on Tuesday.
    I am pretty sure someone inspired you to start blogging and you probably did some blog surfing to get some inspiration for how you wanted your site to look.

    You have a great blog and it helped inspire me, but too give yourself all the credit is crazy.

  9. Dude, let it go. You say she's petty but you are the one who decided to devote an entire blog post about it in the aftermath. We're not talking about talking about the same subject matter. Being a smart ass like that only makes you look bitter. We're talking about someone doing something cool and funny on their blog and other people deciding to rip it off and do it on their blog too. Regardless whether or not other people on your list do something similar she didn't know that and you didn't decide to rip the idea off until you started reading HER journal. I can see why that would piss someone off especially if they don't make a habit of going through every journal on your list to see what other of your friends might do the same thing.
    I don't know you and I'm probably overstepping my bounds here, but you're acting like the bigger baby by stretching this thing out. I see where she's coming from. And even YOU said you saw where she was coming from. Now all of a sudden when one person had your back you decided to make a post about it? Are you normally a follower or is this just a Sept. 22nd thing? Maybe she got a little too pissed but who cares. She told you it was lame and let it at that. It was you who had to whine about it a step further most likely in the hopes of getting some support for your side.

    Don't read her blog anymore if she has offended you and disrupted your life that much. You have a bitch post about her, she has one about you. It's over. Find something else to talk about.

  10. I am Norway...
    I think both of you guys are funny...

    Let's go sing kum-bay-a...

  11. And T. Leach is God. I bow to this master of humor..

  12. dude, just let it go...

    "can't we all just get along??"

  13. Hey, thanks LB. You're not so unfunny yourself. ;)

  14. alright children... i know that you guys are doing this to purposefully draw attention to your blogs, but you don't need that.. cuz both your blogs are uber cool, funny and very different... there are already too many wars going on in the world... let's be peaceful yo !!!!
    so whatever.. keep doing what you were doing and let's all move on, shall we ?


  15. You're right, toto.

    Steph, I'm sorry about the Sex and the City thing. You're better looking than those hags.

  16. I am biting my tongue at Justice's comments and just letting things go. It's a wide, wide, blog world out there and plenty of room for both of us.

  17. Anonymous9/23/2005

    dude, the "caption this picture" has been public domain for like 400 years now. what a lame-o.

  18. "original to my part of the blogging world ?"-steph

    lol !!!

    Alright now, I've got Colorado and Florida- any of you f#ckers go there, it means war !!!


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