Gimme Seven -- The Sequel

It is the end of another work week for me so the hamsters that are spinning the wheels are a little tired. So here is another fun list, at least I hope so. Last Friday we did 7 comedies, so this time it will be 7 others. They can be horror films, sci-fi, action, drama or porn for all I care, but just give your 7 favorite films that aren't designated as comedies.
I'll go first.
  1. "Casablanca"
  2. "Infernal Affairs" -- not a typo, it is infernal. It is a Hong Kong cop/action/thriller.
  3. "American Psycho"
  4. "Four Feathers"
  5. "Master and Commander"
  6. "Whale Rider"
  7. "Batman Begins"

Have a great weekend.


Vince said…
it's like picking which of your children you would save from a burning building...

back to the future
the empire strikes back
king kong
superman 2
wrath of khan
dawn of the dead (romero)
Police Academy 1
Police Academy 2
Police Academy 3
Police Academy 4
Cocoon: The Return
Short Circuit
mrshife said…
Dammit Steve, I said no comedies. Comedies were last Friday. It is this kind of attention to detail that gets you really bad movies and lands your career in the toilet.
Now shape up Mahoney!
totolehero said…
@vince.. this for me feels like "if you were to go live on a deserted island forever and you could only bring 7 films, what would they be ??"

- mulholland drive
- full metal jacket
- godfather 2
- me and you and everyone we know (new)
- alien (1&2, can these count for 1?)
- in the mood for love
- the bad education (or any other almodovar films)

@mrshife, can't you make the list 10 films ?? why is it 7 ??? it's just not enough for the rest of my life on a deserted island man !!!
mrshife said…
Ha, because I am a cruel man.
I really don't have any concrete reason. I just want to be different. At least I didn't pick six.

I guees it's like the scene from "There's Something About Mary" and the 8-minute abs. Why 8 minutes, why not 7-minute abs?

So I have no reason and I hope I haven't caused too much hardship to my dear bloggers.
Anonymous said…
About a Boy
Love Acutally
Moulin Rouge
The Truman Show
Unbearable Lightness of Being
Breakfast Club

God this is hard...only 7? By the way Mrshife, don't say such mean things to steve guttenberg! The man deserves respect - he was in 3 Men & a Baby & 3 Men & a Little Lady! Those were quality shows!
Max said…
These seven jump immediately to mind.

1. Aliens
2. Fight Club
3. American Psycho
4. Equilibrium
5. Se7en
6. Memento
7. Mulholland Drive

Apparently I have a thing for Brad Bitt and Christian Bale.
cher said…
*Fight Club
*Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
*American Beauty
*12 Monkeys
*Good Will Hunting
*The birth of my son-homemovie, but TRUST me, it's NO comedy!!

If you saw my movie collection, you would know how hard these kind of lists are
totolehero said…
@ anonymous,

what did you like about the "unbearable lightness of being"??? the book was great !!, the acting was great (i have to say), but the movie as a whole was shite (to my eyes..)
Repip said…
These movies pass through my mind on a rainy day...
And yes I am female!
*Pulp Fiction
*Good Will Hunting
*Princess Bride
*The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
*Lord of the Rings (all of them)
Jon said…
No particular order...
1. Donnie Darko
2. Cast Away
3. Hellraiser
4. The entire Terminator series
5. The entire Alien series
6. The Godfather
7. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
mrshife said…
I really like Donnie Darko, Seven and Fight Club so those two were on the fringe but are definitely top 10 material.

Christian Bale is currently my favorite actor after his roles in "Batman Begins" and "The Machinist." He leapfrogged Brad Pitt. That is probably somebody's fantasy, Brad and Christian playing leapfrog.
OK, why did I just type that?
LBseahag said…
1)Irreconsilable Differences
4)Milo and Otis
5)Hambone and Hillie
6)Radio Flyer
7)Old Yeller
Vince said…
i don't know shife, but i just got really excited when i read it...

that ambiguously gay comment reminded me of an ambiguously gay movie that is close to making the list... amelie
sc said…
American History X
Sin City
Big Fish
The Fifth Element
The Boondock Saints
Back to the Future 2
Anonymous said…
@ toloehero

Well, if you thought the book was great & the acting was great, then I don't know why you didn't like the movie. If I watch a movie that I haven't seen in a long time & it still affects me as if I am watching it for the first time, then, to me, that is a good movie.

I also have to recognize great movies that I forgot -

Fight Club
American Beauty

I forgot I loved those too...I have to add those to my list & take off Unbearable Lightness of Being & Beethoven.
Father of 3 said…
Captain's Courageous
White Heat (not the porn, the "Look Ma top of the world!" one)
Life is Beautiful
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Back To The Future
The Full Monty (comedy, I know)
T. Leach said…
Sorry it's taken so long. Jeez. Fucking work. Oh ... hey ... sorry, Vince. I see you've brought your kid with you. Please pardon my language.

Usual Suspects
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrells.
Pulp Fiction
Back to the Future
Godfather 2
Drop Dead Gorgeous
mrshife said…
Oh Mr. Leach, you are a very funny man.
Beo said…
1. Taxidriver
2. Basketball Diaries
3. Pulp Fiction
4. The Door on the Floor
5. Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas
6. Jacob's Ladder
7. Fight Club
Bonus *
Deep Throat-(first girfriend)
Never forget Linda.
dashababy said…
Oooh, this is fun and simple. I hate those hard ones that make you have to think.

From Dusk till Dawn
A Time to Kill
The Green Mile
Kill Bill Vol. 2
Enemy Mine
Phats said…
1. Silence of the lambs
1a Hoosiers(best sports movie of all time!!
3. Hannibal
4. Misery
5. The Shining (old version not new!_
6. Air Force 1
7. footloose (oh ya baby!)
Dirk the Feeble said…
Um, Casablanca is TOTALLY a comedy!

1. Unforgiven
2. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
3. Citizen Kane
4. Psycho
5. All About Eve
6. Lawrence Of Arabia
7. Star Wars - A New Hope
Sydney said…
Ok, lessee...

1) The Accidental Tourist
2) The Hunger (hey it combines so many of my favorite things, Bowie, two talented and gorgeous women together-you know, in THAT way, beautiful music & cinemetography, Willem Defoe in a cameo, vampires, HauHaus)
3) Pulp Fiction
4) Glengarry Glen Ross
5) Full Metal Jacket
6) Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
7) Vamp - stupid film, but its funny. :X oops That was last week.
Sydney said…
Fuck. I spelled that cinema word wrong. Well anyway.

Sorry, I just left a gratuitous fuck on your blog.
Sydney said…
HauHaus? Shit, and I haven't even taken the serious drugs yet tonight. I meant BauHaus. Uggh! I'm getting off your blog now. I promise.
hmm, tough question since I'm biased towards comedies.

(1) The Believers
(2) Godfather
(3) Star Wars (ep 4-6)
(4) Star Trek 2- Khan was a bad ass.
(5) Total Recall
(6) Pulp Fiction
(7) Crimson Tide
Phats said…
GO IDAHO!! Mighty Vandals with a BIG win saturday. Unfortunately, Purdue wasn't as lucky.
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