College football is back baby!!

Again I am pretty busy so I have to keep this short and sweet.
I am graduate of the University of Idaho and the football team starts their season tonight against one of our rivals, Washington State. Both schools are separated by 8 miles, but Wazzu thinks they are vastly superior because they are bigger and in the PAC-10. Idaho is 29 point underdogs so it is not looking good for the Vandals, but the sun shines on a dog's ass every now and then. Anyway I will be in full on Tourette's Syndorome mode tonight when I watch the game and our dog Quincy had better have his radar up and running tonight because there will other things flying aroung besides curse words.

Also sports fans I am no longer on my self-imposed baseball strike. Every year I take about a month off from watching my team, St. Louis Cardinals, because I get too worked up and all bent out of shape if they are playing not up to my expectations. Basically, I am just weird. Anyway I am back watching and they did alright without me as they are in first place by 14 games and have the best record in the game.


  1. Anonymous9/01/2005

    Yeah, I am so jacked for football! Baseball season has been over for me for way too long.

  2. There is always room on the Cardinals bandwagon. Speaking of that, have you noticed the increase in so-called Boston Red Sox fan after they won the World Series. That stuff pisses me off. I got fed up with it one time mostly because I was drunk and confronted this big time Sox fan, and I knew more about the effin' team than he did.

  3. Anonymous9/01/2005

    To bad for the cards their is this awsome team in the windy city called the White sox (only real baseball team in chicago) that is bring home the Championship to the side side for the first time since 1917...As for Idaho football i hope they win and get a little love on sportscenter...

  4. Anonymous9/01/2005

    Oh yeah, I sure noticed the infestation of Red Sox fans... I get really pissed off at bandwagon jumpers myself. There is no place in my demented little world for bandwagons jumpers and they should be lined up and shot!

  5. i am so pumped up for this football season, even though this is possibly the first time in many, many years that I might not be able to see a 'cane game live. Maybe I'll fly down there some weekend this season.

    looks like Idaho is keeping it relatively close.

    Poor UCF (my alma mater). Can't get a break, Good thing I never switched my allegiance to them- I'd have to remove the Ibis tattoo off my arm.


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