Break out the map

you are going to need it because I am going to be all over the place with this one.
  • OK, first off, at the gym last night I noticed the music they play more than I usually do not because it was loud because it was so horrible. This is what was played in order until I kindly asked them to change it. First it was YMCA, then Love Shack, followed by Macarena, and then as my motivation is slowly dying, Mickey. These songs really don't belong in the gym unless Richard Simmons is teaching swim aerobics to all the fat ladies from the old country or there is rave going on for 35-year-old men who still live at home and still think the Commodore 64 kicks ass.
  • Next on the agenda, Cross Canadian Ragweed is playing at club here in Boise for Halloween and me and Mrs. Shife got our tickets so now we just need some costume ideas. Last year I was Fat Elvis and she was a hot vampire. I am leaning towards going as Slutajawea the Indian hooker or a as GLOW, Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling. Do you notice a trend there? Yes it is the only time of the year I can dress like a woman and not feel ashamed.
  • We are test driving another 4Runner tonight so if anyone has any advice on this particular brand of vehicle please feel free to share.
  • The Daily Show has been absolutely amazing this week. Jon Stewart is a funny and intelligent man. Loved the clip last night of somebody off camera telling Vice President Cheney to go fuck himself.
  • The NFL season got started and it looks like I already made a bad fantasy football decision by not starting Deion Branch as my third receiver.
  • Here are a couple of blurbs from the latest Newsweek. Regarding Homeland Security, "Four years after 9/11, what happens in an emergency? No food, no medical aid, no law. Do you feel safer?"
    And regarding Congress, "After cutting funds pre-Katrina to fix N.O. levees, it's set to pass another huge tax cut for the superrich. Typical."
  • Finally I want to end this week on a positive note and I saw this letter in the latest issue of Men's Fitness and I thought it was a great piece of literature.
    "When I find it hard to drag my tired ass off the sofa after a long day at work, I think about my hereos: My sister, who was lost to cancer; my mother, a three-time cancer survivor; and Lance Armstong. I know that sooner or later death will catch up to me, but I'm going to do my best to ensure that when he does, the son of a bitch is sweating, panting, and clutching his chest."
    Bruce Cluck, Gettysburg, PA


  1. I hear ya man. I am starting Darrell Jackson, Andre Johnson and Jimmy Smith. Smith scares me because he had a bad preseason so I hope he actually catches the ball in the regular season.

  2. Why do gyms always play sucky music ? Maybe it's just the coed ones. Whenever I get motivated to workout, I like looking at the ladies, 'cause for me that's added motivation, but the music is usually geared towards them.

  3. You're right, that was a bizarre and stupid set of gym music. Of course, I've got to stop here and hand it to you for even bothering to get DOWN to the gym in the FIRST DAMN place. As long as I look good, fuck the health benefits. LOL

    Nah, its not so much that, I'm always just too freakin tired.

  4. I've heard there are people out there who have built a TCP/IP stack for the ol' Commode 64 and actually use it to access the internet. Even heard of one guy who was trying to adapt it to work on the even more obsolete VIC 20. Don't these people have a life to live ?

  5. Anonymous9/12/2005

    That list of songs should not only be banned from the gym, they should be banned from being played period!

  6. New Orleans has a storied history misappropriating funds earmarked for levee repair, so some of that finger pointing needs to be done while into a mirror.

    Aw, fuck that noise. Let's talk football! I think the Cards are going to do well this year. If the first game is any indication, they'll have to shore up the special teams unit.

    Andre Johnson is a stud. But he's got David Carr throwing him the ball, so some weeks he's going to look like Andre 3000 out there. Hey, ya!

    Thanks for stopping by.


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