The yellow-bellied beast strikes again

We have a large, yellow leather sectional couch that can suck your will to be conscious and motivated. Last night the wife and I were both pulled into this diablocial furniture's plans of becoming senior members of slug nation. OK, enough of that, but I did watch a new show on Fox called "Prison Break." It has an absurd plot about a guy who gets himself thrown in prison so he can help his brother escape, and there are a few other plot points that require you to turn off the grey matter. But that being said, it is still a good show. I don't know how the show is going to evolve once they break out of prison but I liked it and it is at least worth a couple of more viewings.
Between naps and vegetative states I was fooling around with Mr. TiVo and they had a 22-minute season recap of "Lost" and a 30-second promo for the second season. It looks like they are going to explore the other side of the island and they kept saying everything happens for a reason. Well, thank you marketing geniuses at ABC. All I know is they better explain a lot of shit real soon and pick up the pace a little bit, and no more waiting a month for a new episode because that is seriously bull shit.
Finally after much though about P. Diddy becoming just Diddy I have a perfect venture for the man formerly known as Puffy. He should come up with pregnancy tests and he can call them Diddy or Didn't He Early Pregnancy Tests.


  1. Anonymous8/30/2005

    I had to take a pass on Prison Break. Besides the fact I watch way too much sports, I just couldn't think of a way this show would work after the break as you had mentioned.

  2. speaking of tv shows about prison breaks, i'm still waiting for the reality tv version of the schwartzeneggar movie "running man". i think the time is right for it. they could have sadaam, the btk guy, and maybe osama bin laden (if and when we ever catch him.)

    as for the spam preventer, i had no choice- spammed 6 times in one post sort of forced my hand. i got the shoutbox at it is easily customizable, although i didn't really add much to mine.


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